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Viral Video of Hospital Dumping Woman Into Freezing Cold Stirs Demand for 'Medicare for All'


The hospital issued an apology following the flood of outrage, taking “full responsibility for this failure” to provide “basic humanity and compassion.”

They forgot that lawyers sometimes work pro bono. Especially in high-profile cases.


Capitalism and monetizing everything is turning this country into a inhuman, brutal, unfeeling, impersonal place not fit for humanity. This video is a perfect statement of that. It is past time to change to a political and economic system based on humane principles and caring for all. People matter more than profit, money, soulless corporations and blind political parties that only care for themselves.


My state NPR affiliate had a debate about single-payer not too long ago. The woman opposed to it actually said that if there’s universal health care, there will be more poor people in hospitals and doctor’s offices and it will therefore be harder for a wealthy person to get an appointment.


It appears to me this woman should have been transferred to a Psych facility. Why she was “dumped” on the street, indicates to me, that she either refused treatment, caused a ruckus, attacked staff in some way, or is a chronic repeater in the ER (whose staff btw…usually doesn’t like psych pts.) and riled up the whole place once again. The frustration involved with dealing with this type of person is little understood by the general public. That being said…to just dump her out the door was the wrong move. She should have been secured somewhere safe. The fact that a “good Samaritan” recorded this, bodes poorly for the hospital. It happens all the time. It’s a Catch 22. If the patient won’t talk, won’t sign, verbally and physically attacks staff…hands are tied. This situation goes both ways.


You don’t know any of that. You’re presenting pure speculation.

You could have wondered about this… Where are the clothes she wore before she was admitted and why doesn’t she have them?



NATIONAL - IMPROVED - MEDICARE - for - ALL (House Bill HR 676)

Repeating “Medicare for All” is doing a mis-service to We the Poor People of America! (Sorry, Bernie, But you should know this.) By repeating - WHAT WE DO NOT WANT - will just muddy the waters on this important issue and thus, prolong the fight for N.I.M.A. (or HR 676). Making this SIMPLE ISSUE into a misunderstood political game, is just what the corporate private insurers want!

Same as 450+ nuclear powerplants every efin’ where: here - and the world! Because it’s so damn difficult to understand the science, we’re stuck with these monsters for virtually all time!

NATIONAL - IMPROVED - MEDICARE - for - ALL (House Bill HR 676)

  1. Is Single-payer (our U.S. treasury)
  2. No deductibles
  3. No co-pays
  4. Includes everything: eyes, dental, drugs, nursing homes
  5. Hospital stays
  6. Stipends for long-term recuperation and physical and mental rehabilitation
  7. Saves a & $trillion bucks over ten years.
  8. Frees-up employers from medical costs.
  9. Places the least of Us right next to the most fortunate of US as HUMAN BEINGS!

And We should all be pissed-off about this - until Bernie’s national call-in - Where We will get this aired-out. Many confusing responses in here and in many, many, times of previous mentions and articles. NIMA - HR676 NIMA - HR676 NIMA - HR676 NIMA - HR676

We the Poor People, now, will again be We the People!


I agree, hospitals have requirements about this sort of thing. If she refused treatment then there is not a lot that could be done except referral to see if that is a competent decision. However, homeless people are released everyday in harmful conditions with their only real choice is to go back to the ER. Happens every single day.


Sorry, that is a bandaid, and not a good one at. that. It gives with one hand and takes away with the other. It is like buying a homeless person a pair of Gucci shoes and thinking you done something for them.


Your attempt at racism makes you appear sick.


So you are opposed to universal single-payer too?


I know. Sad situation.


Yes, but HR 676 isn’t good enough for some commenters here, presumably because some Democrats wrote the bill. They only want a British NHS-style system, which would be great, but dragons and unicorns are great too. So for all practical purposes, they wasn’t the awful status quo - though they don’t seem to be aware they do.


Do you know that it was House and Senate Democrats who wrote the only Medicare for all bills - HR676 and S915?


We are Done . .and We took everyone with us.


I didn’t vote for someone who told me that single-payer was “never, ever” going to happen.

You did.


Tens of thousands of poor and disenfranchised people, clergy and moral leaders today announced that we are coming together to launch the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. We will combine direct action with grassroots organizing, voter registration, and power building in the largest wave of nonviolent civil disobedience in U.S. history. Fifty years to the day after Dr. Martin Luther King and others called for the original Poor People’s Campaign, this legislation you are championing makes clear that we need this work now more than ever.

This quote comes from Reverend William Barber’s Open Letter to the Senate Leader: “On Monday, Dec. 4, the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and the Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis led a delegation of moral activists to the U.S. Capitol building to deliver an open letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell”

You are correct. N.I.M.A. or HR 676 is only a “bandaid” in comparison to all of the injustices that have been wrought upon the Poor and the remaining middle-class headed into poverty, (through medical bankruptcies).
The letter:



Nationalize everything after coming after the GOP and all corporate democrats. Socialism or Barbarism and this is clearly what capitalism-barbarism–looks like.


Thank you. There are ways to improve healthcare and access that are much better than this. If people really understood how it works they would start asking better questions.


Here’s an idea. Our politicians don’t get taxpayer funded healthcare until everybody in amerika is guaranteed full comprehensive healthcare. No congress critter, no senator, nor the President gets healthcare until everyone else has guaranteed healthcare! Besides, everyone of those bitchs and bastards are wealthy enough to pay for healthcare themselves!


So, you just joined to post racist crap?