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Viral Video of Hospital Dumping Woman Into Freezing Cold Stirs Demand for 'Medicare for All'


This has been going on for decades. A hospital in Florida dumped my aunt, who was mildly retarded, into the street with a urinary catheter still in place. That was over 40 years ago. My father rescued her.


This occurrence is not new. Michael Moore had a segment of the same thing in his movie “Sicko.”


Unregulated capitalism is the problem.


Gotta give the people against single payer credit because it actually did turn out to be single payer to the insurance companies. Get insurance out of health care. National healthcare and no need for insurance companies giving us our healthcare plans.





For being caught


Yes, this woman needs love…love will not ‘fix’ her situation though…she needs the country that she lives in (US) to support her medical needs like ALL other 1st world nations do. So, she does NEED the U$A.


“single payer to the insurance companies.” Single Payer Medical is not paid to insurance ‘companies’. The company for Single Payer is the government, just like other countries that successfully facilitate medical coverage. We already have ‘Single Payer’, it’s called Medicare and it should be extended to everyone.


This video represents absolutely clear and incontrovertible proof ipso facto that the University Of Maryland Hospital is practicing medicine on a for-profit basis Therefore the Hospital’s not-for-profit designation should be revoked immediately. But they are not alone. For years in Chicago, the University of Chicago claimed repeatedly that they could not operate an emergency room at their research hospital because of financial constraints. That same school closed and eliminated its undergraduate education major because it was not profitable enough – not enough enrollees. Also in Chicago Northwestern Medical School closed its hospice services because it claimed that there was too much “competition” in the field – that is too much to make a profit. All of these institutions should have their not-for-profit status revoked and be assessed tax as the for-profit companies and real estate development corporations that they really are.


Nope. Please don’t try and correct me. Capitalism is the problem. I stand by that.


Perhaps the hospital would take its responsibilities more earnestly if it’s administration manager were criminally charged with gross negligence causing harm.


That would be A good start…


Damn, you came to that conclusion?

If she attacked staff don’t you think that would already be testified to in the public statement?

Seems to me the Administration of that hospital would be going out of their way to put that forward. I mean, they would have security cameras to prove it.

Sorry, but there is ZERO excuse for this. None.

If she was a danger to staff, then the police should have been called.

No, she was for whatever reason deemed to be too difficult or too expensive to deal with, so she was essentially sentenced to death.

Since you apparently are hip to a hospital setting, you do realize that ALL of the hospital staff, i.e., doctors and nurses absolutely know, as per their training, how quickly a person can be overcome by and die from hypothermia, right?

As such, what was done to this person was criminal.

I do hope some attorney steps forward to assist her in a lawsuit against those responsible.

Again, you have arrived at this conclusion how exactly? That she was abusive to anyone?


Doctors Hippocratic Oath: “Do no harm”…


Yes, and that thing :slight_smile:


I do hope your father helped her sue the hospital. I think it is likely that these days, it happens more frequently, as the culture of non-compassion and greed has increased.

In some circles, that culture is all the rage. It’s trending!!!


What friends on the right? They don’t want us to have any healthcare program from what I can see!


That is what Medicare for All is all about, and it is the referenced by calling it single payer!


Yes, it’s the glory of the “smart” phones that have taken over our citizenry. Everywhere I go, all I see is people with their eyes glued to their phones constantly, which allows them to not see the inhumanity or all of the major problems in this country! Everyone needs to wake up to the deep state depravity all around us, or our republic and democracy will be gone forever!


That would be great if they bothered to listen to anything we say, but sadly they don’t!