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Virginia Online Registration Portal Left Unworkable—Just Hours Before Deadline—After Cable 'Accidentally Cut'

Whatever it takes…like here in CA, where Rethuglican Party has installed illegal, NOT OFFICIAL, ballot boxes at various locations in the State! Now, eho do you suppose would empty them & take the ballots? Plenty of opportunity to cross-reference names with THEIR VOTERS & wuickly BURN THE REST, eh?! They’re trying some piss-poor BS excuse to claim that it’s legal for them to put up their own ballot drop-off boxes, labeled “official” of course, & empty them thrmselves…doing “whatever” with ballots inside…but it’s a load of horse manure!!
Now, just PRETEND (cuz would never happen) that Dems did that bullshit… How do you think Rethugs would respond? Would thry leave them in placr & give 'em a couple days to remocve

…remove those illegal ballot boxes? Trust them to turn in ALL the ballots for proper countong at elections offices? HELL NO! Because THAT ISN’T WHY THEY PUT THEM OUT THERE IN 1ST PLACE, IS IT. “Duh!” But, that is what’s happening right now, in this case. So stupid!
Ya’ know ~ MAYBE if the damn Rethugs ever had real consequences to the election/voter fraud they spend so much effort perpetrating, they would not be so inclined to keep doing this shit!!?!! We will never know tho, cuz’ Dems don’t play hardball!! Therr are NO legal or “bad” consequences when Rethugs do this shit & I for one, am sick of it!!!

This just shows me how desperate the Fascist, Party is to stay in political power! We Progressives need to destroy this cult of organized criminals; otherwise, they will certainly…DESTROY US!

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Indeed that is true!

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