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Virginia—the Nation's "Death Penalty Capital"—Poised to Become First State in South to Ban Capital Punishment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/22/virginia-nations-death-penalty-capital-poised-become-first-state-south-ban-capital


Only 27 more to go.

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Justice is about more than life or death.

I fear there will be more sentences of life without parole, a living death that serves no societal purpose. In the most exceptional cases, parole may never be granted, but it should always be in the realm of possibility.

And given the inherent bias in the “justice” system, whom do you think will be most affected by an increase in that sentence?

End the death penalty, in every sense.


You’re absolutely right that it serves no societal purpose. But it does serve a capitalist purpose in the for profit prison system we currently have. Our prison system should be returned to the control and oversight by the people under law like it was at one time. The cost of the prison system could be the responsibility by the “justice” system (government) in the States that have them and be funded by the Federal government. Hopefully through extra taxes on the ridiculously wealthy.

The cost of prison is measured in more than the money wasted.

As with policing, a fundamental reconsideration of its utility in the
context of a just society is imperative. There are legitimate
questions as to how these iniquitous institutions can be abolished,
and I make no claim to expertise in these areas, but anyone truly
committed to bending the arc of history toward justice has to
acknowledge that the inherent harm of these abominations far outweighs
any benefit to our “peace and security”.