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Virtual Poor People’s Campaign Rally Draws Crowd of More Than a Million

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/22/virtual-poor-peoples-campaign-rally-draws-crowd-more-million


And reverse SCOTUS decision on ‘CITIZENS UNITED’


Or better yet, Move to Amend to end corporate personhood.


1Hi po!iticscorner:
YES! However, if the corporations rea!!y are " people," then I suppose that the CEO is the person! So… hmmm too bad the draft isn’t around or they could draft the CEO. And too, the would get just the ONE vote and could only donate to po!itica! organizations what a PERSON could !ega!!y donate . And such a “person,” has no need of a huge sa!ary either. Then if a corporation’s huge numbers of lawyers couldn’t get the CEO off—I would rea!!y !ike to see the CEO person representing a!! the horrors that PG&E caused in the CA fires, that person needs to go to jai! for a very !ong time!

Poor People ROCK!


Agree that the CEO and board hide behind the corporate status to avoid responsibility for the decisions they make. But much easier to just deny the corporation the same status as people. After all, they are pieces of paper; their charter could easily be torn up. Crazy that they have been raised to such status and power. Ending the corporate status suddenly and dramatically reduces the power of the CEO and board in these realms.

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Power to the PEOPLE! This rocks.

I found the broadcast riveting. The people who spoke, the people who selected the voices we heard, and the people who put it all together did an amazing job.