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Virtually No Wage Growth, Surge in Stock Buybacks: Study Offers More Proof Trump Tax Cuts Were 'Designed to Put a Big Windfall in Oligarch Pockets'

Virtually No Wage Growth, Surge in Stock Buybacks: Study Offers More Proof Trump Tax Cuts Were 'Designed to Put a Big Windfall in Oligarch Pockets'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite lofty promises from President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that went into effect last year have done little—if anything—to raise workers' wages, boost economic growth, or spur business investment.

"The GOP's latest massive tax cut for the wealthy didn't pay for itself, didn't boost growth, didn't raise wages... it was garbage policy transparently designed to put a big windfall in oligarch pockets."
—David Roberts, Vox

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Wow. What a surprise.


Obama made Bush’s outrageous tax giveaways permanent, which Democrat will step up and let these become the new normal?

When do the People get a turn at government.


Lies from Democrats and Republicans cost them nothing.


The Bank Bail out and Monetary Easement sure did not put anything in my pocket --Bush, at least - sent me a couple of checks

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When the people do get a turn at governing those “permanent” cuts for the wealthiest/greediest and corporate pirates/parasites need to be restored to levels that do not steal from the 99% to feed the 1% - WTF is “permanent” anyway? For all time? For every dollar of those tax-cuts for the richest, a dollar is taken-out of the pockets of the used-to-be- middle-class and poor!

I get infuriated every time I hear that phrase, “permanent” tax cuts; if tax rates can be lowered, they can, and should, be raised on the wealthiest to give-back to the “little-people”! Lijke back to the days of Eisenhower progressive tax brackets!

If we had anywhere near a true representative government the burden would be on those making the big-bucks, not those struggling just to survive! Neither “party” represents the people, just different styles of empowering obscene wealth for some and wage-slavery poverty for the vast majority!

“Permanent” tax cuts for the wealthiest and most powerful is a criminal corruption of our republic and government and theft from the people! - IMO…


Well, of course trumps regime has served only the richest and most powerful! We desperately need non-partisan government not the criminal hyper-partisan current cluster-farce!

" The former White House adviser Steve Bannon has described the Trump Organization as a criminal entity and predicted that investigations into the president’s finances will lead to his political downfall, when he is revealed to be “not the billionaire he said he was, just another scumbag”."

“Trump’s financial history will provide proof of the underlying criminality of his eponymous company.”

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Took the words right outa my mouth! As if we needed more “proof”…


Excellent point. Rule of thumb for all politicians is never to play the villain and advocate for more taxes. Given that the Democratic party sucks the corporate teat, just like the Republicans, don’t hold your breath about Democrats revising this odious tax law anytime, soon.


Thank god the Dems went to the mat and blocked the giveaway!
Without their massive “resistance” Trump would have rammed it through.
Oh wait…


…We got our check and we also got endless war…such a great trade off…Phk Bush and all his phkn cronies…


…If every Dem had voted against it, it would have still passed, don’t you get that?..

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Now, if only we could get a study proving water is wet i may actually get to go swimming some day.


Did every one of them vote against the bill?
Did they filibuster the bill?
Did they protest en masse?
Did they blanket the MSM shows?


It’s not that I don’t appreciate the report, lets keep it safe, and bring it out in a major way about 2-3 months before the 2020 election. If this is not done, the short attention span of the American people will render it useless.

Nothing illustrates the disarray on the left more than the most prominent critic of Trump being a full-blown international neofascist.

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Every Democratic House member (save for 2 abstentions), and every Democratic Senator DID vote against the Trump Tax bill!

The sheer ignorance often shown in these comments as to how representative democratic legislative bodies work never fails to amaze me.

We never needed a study to know that the Tax Scam Bill was just that…a scam. We have also known for years, nay decades, that trickle down is a fraud too. That has always been obvious and people were kicking and screaming when this Tax Scam Bill passed that it was a “dud” only to be ignored. As usual.

It pisses me off to see these posthumous analyses telling us what we already know and have been saying for decades and like it fucking matters. I mean who is gonna do anything about it? Tallying up all the crimes is one thing, finding someone who does something about it something else. It’s all just salt in the wound. Democrats cant even impeach an open, criminal POTUS. They would never go for reversing this, let alone increasing taxes on the rich. Remember they had that window from 2008-2010 when they had congressional super majority and could have reversed the Bush era tax cuts but wouldnt because Democrats are part of the problem.

Bottom line: most Americans don’t have representation in Congress. It appears that way but we really don’t. I mean good luck getting a live person on the phone when you, as a voter and citizen, want to talk to your reps and senators. If you are lucky you get a bored assistant who jots down what you say and moves on to the next call. Most of the time, though, you are going to get a voicemail with 30 seconds time to leave a “message” that will be summarized and given to the Congressional goon at the end of the day and which he or she will ignore cause they are on the phone all day talking to millionaire donors. They dont give a shit about you as a voter or your feedback, their corporate overlords are their true masters.

Congressional members are beholden to the donor class, which is not us, and to some extent to some special interest groups. And for every piece of puny, watered-down-to-the-lowest-common-denominator, ineffective piece of shit legislation they enact for the middle class, they have enacted dozens of pieces of legislation aimed at benefiting the rich and powerful and thus themselves. Anyone who thinks that a congress that consists of mostly millionaires and one that benefits from the system, is going to enact legislation to undo what benefits them is a damn fool.

The only candidates who right now are promising to take aggressive action against the wealthy parasites in this country are Warren and Sanders (the others are just pretending). Together with a handful of Reps we got a tiny progressive coalition that could seriously make that happen. But watch the Establishment quash them too. As Pelosi said mockingly “there are only 5 of them in Congress.”

  1. Yes they did.

  2. The Republicans used an arcane procedure to shield it from a filibuster.

  3. Most certainly did - did you visit your Democratic reps web page? But if you mean some kind of constitution-defying civil disobedient sit-in? Well no, thankfully. Such a thing would have simply resulted in the ejection of all the protestors from their house or senate seats for violation of their oath.

  4. The media - corporate or otherwise, not any congressperson, controls what they broadcast (save for paid ads). This is a good thing actually.

What is it about the word “minority”, and “ruling party” don’t you understand? If you think things are so bad here, you should see how things work in parliamentary systems like the UK or Canada and its provincial governments. There, the ruling party has absolute power over the agenda, and the opposition is totally powerless.

And the Great Recession. that didn’t cost a thing?