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'Visa War': EU Votes to Bar Visa-Free Travel for American Citizens


'Visa War': EU Votes to Bar Visa-Free Travel for American Citizens

Nika Knight, staff writer

United States citizens traveling to Europe will soon have to pay for a visa to enter the continental bloc, thanks to an escalating "visa war," as the Telegraph puts it, between the U.S. and the European Union.


Its a big world where tourists have a lot of choices outside the US where they can travel.

Just as Trump’s travel ban and other fascist actions are chasing many high paying jobs out of US urban areas, Trumpaphobia will cut many urban and rural jobs dependent on tourism.

Trump will need to create millions of manufacturing and coal mining jobs (that pay half of what they did in the 20th century) to offset the jobs he is chasing out of the US.

When factoring in net present value, the average income for Murkin males today is lower than it has been since LBJ was POTUS. Anybody who believes Trump can create enough of the kind of jobs that will improve this statistic needs to “roll another one, just like the other one”.


Actually I think this is a very good thing

For once the rest of the world is awakening to the fact that they can send the Ugly American packing.

For too long the bulk of the US actions abroad have been mired in self serving endeavors, instead
of Leading the Free World in practicing those virtues of a growing Democracy.

Keep it up Trump and Vichy Supporters you will unite the Compassionate World.


Electing an ignorant TV reality star who seems to model himself after Mussolini has its consequences. And he may be taking his orders from Moscow, we are not sure but need to find out what is what.


EU first requested reciprocity in 2014, acc. to article. This has been on the table for several years.


This is getting like two toddlers who keep slapping each other. “You did it to me, so I do it to you, too.” Frankly, though, I don’t blame them for doing this.


Well-said, Rolson. I agree with you.


Agreed. The isolation of the US from the world community - sending the US to “timeout” in its bedroom until it learns to play nice - will be a good thing.

Hopefully the Trump-ass-kissing pipeline-loving Trudeau who has been appealing to the Europeans to “get on with Trump, he isn’t so bad” will realize the error of his ways. Contrary to Trudeau’s remarks at his recent audience with the Trump, a great majority of Canadians want their country to stand up to Trump even if it means a trade war.


The Obama administration should have done something about this in 2014. At least now Trump & Co. are so out of control that the rest of the world is getting ticked off enough to find the strength to just go ahead and do what needs to be done, which is what is going to have to happen since every day we have fewer and fewer effective checks and balances remaining here in the U.S.


I’ve been waiting for push-back from the EU for a long time; the bully on the block is being called out.


Trade wars, further buildup of the U.S. military as a solution to dire economic, social, and ecological problems, the increasing Democratic party capitulation to Trump in all matters that benefit corporate and military-industrial complex issues, etc. …we are seeing the build up towards a nuclear WWIII.

The globalized capitalist economic system, with it’s barbaric economic inequality, unending wars for profit, with the destruction of the global ecology that will end human civilization, can only begin to be solved by ending the capitalist economic system in the U.S. and globally.

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This won’t affect me.
I use Master Card


…and make that roll a Big Blunt, please!


Thanks for the laugh…much needed and appreciated! Did the emperor tweet that or what???


There are now already more that 30 countries avoiding the USD as the trading currency.
Even Canada has an agreement with China to direct trade between their currencies.
I can see Trumps obstinacy leading to an acceleration of avoidance of the US$ and it losing its status as the world’s #1 trading coinage. That would throw a lot of unwanted Greenbacks on the market and undermine their value big time.

Trump, in his ignorance, may well bring the whole already rotten structure of our economy crashing down.


And now we see how Daddy Trump punishes us 'Merican children, i mean citizens. This is only going to get worse. One tging that most people might not think about is who will end up disappearing when they travel abroad. There is a movie called “Hostel”. I know it’s a movie, BUT, my brother and several other troops I’ve known that where stationed over seas said that particular concept is absolutely real. And with the deep web being unearthed over the past years supporting that same concept, it might be wise for travelers to stay home for quite some time. Noone is going to prevent an arogant 'Merican from being snatched without doubt. Our bodies have parts and pieces that others need and apparently sell well from the historical evidence of it happening. In America, we live in a very small bubble. How many people know that with all the offices of DHS we still lose about 250000 people to sex slavery EVERY year. Amy Goodman did a piece on this several years ago. It’s similar to Trump lying about stopping drugs flowing into this country. If anyone knew anything about this, they would know that the CIA really has been the key to drug trafficking in our country and that they were the main group pushing crack and PCP into black communities. Guess those darned 'ole black folk were tellin the truth afterall. This visa crap is only the beginning of our punishment by Daddy Trump. I highly suggest staying in the western EU states and staying as far away from Eastern Europe as humanly possible. And whatever anyone does, DON’T TRAVEL ALONE. That’s advice from veterans.
Prediction: Next we will see a race war/conflict between police and our citizens of African heritage, most likely by the end of this year.


wish the grown ups would show up. Europe is getting in a fight they cannot win.


Why would you write something to try to protect a white nationalist? There are too many things indicating a connection between Trump an Russia and that Russia hacked the election to ignore. I have not been watching MSNBC or CNN but they are part of the free press and not the enemy of the people as Trump insinuated copying petty much the words of Joseph Stalin. This is still a democracy. So let’s gets an impartial investigation to find out the truth. Let’s get subpoenas out there and see what people have to say or whether they will take the Fifth Amendment and not say anything…


I also think that diplomatic immunity( and all its perquisites) rescinsion/withdrawal might be in order by EU and non-EU nations while the US emperor is on his throne. I would love to see T-dump and his entourage detained and thoroughly searched by any EU or non-EU country’s immigration authorities for several hours upon entry and exit. Watch the emperor’s head explode…


How so? The empire, they are “fighting” is crumbling rapidly. It was on shaky feet prior to Trump with an incredibly huge mountain of debt and losing status all around the planet.
Now Trump is accelerating the process.