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'Visa War': EU Votes to Bar Visa-Free Travel for American Citizens


Everybody’s empire must fall.


My only concern with that is that it might cause the U.S. to lash out in tantrum in dangerous ways. We currently have a manchild in chief keep in mind.


Also, why would you write something trying to protect Trump’s multi-billionare criminal gangster thug friends whose racket extends from Kaliningrad to Moscow and on eastward to Washington DC?


Thanks. You are the first commenter here who has framed the issues in economic-systemic terms in a long time. I’m a long time Monthly Review subscriber and I give the WSWS an occasional look, although I am not a Fourth Internationalist (Trot) and Trots don’t like libertarian socialists so my comments often get deleted.

I’ll look more into Dr. Wolff’s stuff.


Wait until the offspring, spouses, and mistresses of Dump’s uber-rich supporters start complaining about taking time out of their hectic days to suffer the ‘indignity’ of applying for a visa for their shopping trips to Paris & Milan…The Horror!


There will probably be an exemption for those whose income exceeds $?


I am an independent travel agent who runs my own small business specializing in international travel. While we await there revised immigration executive order, what I feared has occurred. The EU’s latest vote is in retaliation for the President’s draconian immigration policy which will directly impact all US citizens travelling abroad for business and pleasure travel to EU nations.

According to the Telegraph article , we have let signing the EU/US reciprocity agreement lapse. As a result of this action or non-action, we have opened the door for the possibility that US nationals will require visas or an equivalent document to travel to EU countries unless we are willing to negotiate on reciprocity for five EU countries which currently require US visas to enter the US.

I cannot tell you how devastating and onerous requiring US nationals and EU nationals to have visas to enter each other’s countries will have on travel. The financial cost for creating and staffing visa processing centers would be prohibitive as well.
Such visa requirements would also create a dangerous precedent , giving way to other countries rescinding their reciprocity agreements. I do not see this as a policy that will “keep Americans/America safe.”
On the contrary, US passports would suddenly move from one of the most coveted passports to one of the most restrictive passports.
Travel expands our understanding of the world and its people which in my humble opinion is the best way to promote and foster a safe and peaceful America. We are all ambassadors of our great nation, and the freedom to travel overseas is important to our nation’s security.


One of the main reasons for the invasion of Iraq and the invasion of Libya was that their leaders had announced that they would start selling oil for Euros rather than Dollars. Requiring oil to be traded in dollars artificially props up the dollar and it will be a major hit to the US economy when the dollar is removed from the equation.


you’ll be waiting awhile. there’s not many left in positions of power almost anywhere. it’s like the planet is ruled by a gaggle of malevolent 12 year olds.


Man child: T-dump is still an 8-year old bully/rich kid…and this has been corroborated by a former childhood friend (from a PBS special: The Choice 2016 … http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/the-choice-2016/ ) who also attended the same military academy for rebellious teens (all boys) from very wealthy families. Tantrums and toys (his cell phone/computer) are his priorities.


I agree that it is annoying, and sometimes very expensive to have to apply for visas and I wonder if it would be country by country or just one for EU in general, including the five the US requires visas from. For the visas that are already expensive, the price may increase to the point that ordinary US citizens may be priced out of going there.

As for the staffing cost issue, which is less important to travelers, it is possible to get visas for some countries by applying online. This is a less expensive staffing alternative to the traditional consulates. The cost for the visas I applied for ranged from a low of US$8 to about US$35 as opposed to the ones where one must to go to the consulate to get them. Those ranged from US$50) - US$350.


I’m so sorry about this! We have two adult children and one grandson living in Switzerland and have been able to visit them without any problem. Thanks for the info concerning costs, 4thefuture.


Saw that coming. Trumps policies will have serious blow back for American citizens who he wants to lock in. That wall is for keeping Americans in when the boot falls.

Everyone but Americans also see the EO for what it is, an attack on anyone not a citizen entering or residing in the US, not just illegals. Who wants to spend thousands to risk detention, denied entry or being deported for some minor offense.

Of course, the EU is putting fuel on the fire. It gives those countries not in the EU an advantage, and makes a better case for leaving the EU for the French and Germans

That said, the vote is non binding and its doubtful the EC actually enforces this out of self interest. Perhaps using it as leverage in trade discussions


I am reminded now of something Senator Angus King Republican from Maine said on the Bill Maher show last week, and at the time it made me wonder if maybe the target of the travel ban was not much broader. If you look at that EO it does not limit itself to those 7 countries and calls on recipricocity and sharing of information from all countries whose citizens wish to travel to the US.

Anyways King said the bigger threat was those who enter the US w/o a visa, some 70 million a year. I suspect He spilled the beans. Trump wants to end all visa free travel. EU may be playing along. Prison Planet Lockdown coming? Maybe not but its something to keep an eye on

I also note the MSM in US has been a bit slow to play this news up which seems rather telling


There is no bottom to the stupidity/evil plans of our government. Can’t decide which it is. Incredibly stupid or brilliantly evil.


I thought the same damn thing.


Only Clintonoids are fooled by the Russian crap. This is all out of the Deep State. Trump, like Sanders, is a non establishment politico. Both establishments got burned last November. And now they are all running around like chickens without heads looking for someone to blame.


Free press. Hah. I just threw up in my mouth laughing.


How bizarre. To prove yourself a good democrat, you must now profess to believe in the wickedness of Russia and the evil of Putin. The rest of the world knows that the US can do wickendness and evil all by itself, but “progressives” prefer to work hand in glove with the spies and torturers and murderers and pretend otherwise, rather than admit they lost the election because they weren’t progressive enough.


Well…obviously EU can do whatever they want…but it’s ridiculous. Americans aren’t going to Europe to live. We aren’t coming there in the millions to live off of European welfare. We aren’t sneaking into your countries and causing crime. We come there as tourists spend our money and then we come back home.

What a bunch of petulant little tyrants.