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Visionary Study Shows How 30 Percent of World's Ocean Could Be Made Sanctuaries by 2030


Visionary Study Shows How 30 Percent of World's Ocean Could Be Made Sanctuaries by 2030

Julia Conley, staff writer

The climate action group Greenpeace released a report Thursday which lays out a plan for how world leaders can protect more than 30 percent of the world's oceans in the next decade—as world governments meet at United Nations to create a historic Global Oceans Treaty aimed at strictly regulating activit



"Political Will = Third Party Replacement of Duopoly Stagnation."



In a few years there won’t be any fish to make the Sactuaries for. I’m all for Visionaries, but look at the facts… Many Reefs are dead or dying from warmer water temps and pollution. When someone finally writes Laws to stop the same Corporations that Trump is giving the “ go ahead” to, then we can start cleaning up the Fossil Fuel Mess and hope there is enough sea life to protect.

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It is a good idea and worth pursuing, but common sense says that all areas of the oceans are connected. Protected areas can’t be cooled down, can’t be de-acidified and can’t be spared from plastic pollution. Many species of fish and marine mammals are migratory and can’t be confined to protected areas. It seems to me that protecting a third of the oceans is just not practical, but I’m not an expert.



This article is from last year:

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Good to know but makes little difference in the way planetary conditions are regressing…

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One of the most shameful acts by ocean conservationist organizations was their endorsement of the British government’s declaration of the sea around the Chagos Islands as a marine protected area.

The setting up of the marine reserve larger than California was to prevent any resettlement by the Chagossians who were illegally re-located in the 1960s and 1970s so to permit the creation of the US Diego Garcia military base which, of course, is exempt from environmental restrictions.

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Sounds like this could happen anywhere. Protection from WHAT must be the question.



Conservation has been the excuse for the compulsory location of Bushmen communities in SW Africa and today I read it is used as a tool against Palestinians at Jisr al-Zarqa in Israel.

I wrote a short piece some years ago on this


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