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Visions of War and Wealth in the Middle East


Visions of War and Wealth in the Middle East

Edward Hunt

At a recent security conference, a panel of current and former U.S. officials discussed the possibility of extending the U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan for years into the future and considered the potential to more effectively tap into the natural resources in both countries.


“At a recent security conference…”

Now back to the real world:



Current and former US officials meet rope. Rope meet lamp post. End the wars.


Patriotism for Parasitism, ain’t it grand.


Hunt brings some real insight to bear here, but he is overcautious in doing so:

  • Lancet put deaths in Iraq at over a million in the first few years of war. It’s amazing to hear that so many have un-died.
  • Zarate is being utterly ridiculous in pretending that business was not a primary reason for war.
  • The language “not a mercenary country” is bizarre: the US is the #1 payer of mercenaries in the world since at least 1945, particularly if one counts black ops and trafficking deals that are harder to track and quantify. Furthermore, to whatever extent the US military serves the interests of financial cabals and foreign nations that have now been very clearly shown paying into campaign funds for American presidential candidates, the US is also a country that hires itself out to foreign interest. Given the funders of the Clinton campaign in the '16 election, one can conclude that there was at least an attempt to hire the US to prosecute further wars. If anyone sees any reason to doubt that Donald Trump would by now have received his price and cut his deal, I’d love to be enlightened.


The total avoidable Afghan deaths since 2001 under ongoing war and occupation-imposed deprivation are grossly misreported. These amount to around three million people, about 900,000 of whom are infants under the age of five (see Professor Gideon Polya at La Trobe University in Melbourne book, ‘ Body Count: Global Avoidable Mortality Since 1950 ’ and also the report published by the Washington DC-based Physicians for Social Responsibility.last year).

A study carried out by a team of epidemiologists from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in September 2006 has put the figure at 654,950 excess Iraqi deaths in the preceding three and half years. These do not include the deaths caused by the 1991 war on Iraq and the U.N. sanctions that followed.


Good to have the moderating wisdom of Schiff (D. Cal.), one of, if not the, Democrats’ leading voices on foreign policy and other security issues, involved in these important discussions.

And we should simply pull the D lever and all will be well again?

J. W. Fulbright must turn over in his grave every time he hears Schiff’s name.


Bullshit! That is precisely what we are.