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Visit Beautiful Apartheid-Free Spain


Visit Beautiful Apartheid-Free Spain

The provincial capital Cadiz has become the latest of over 50 municipalities across Spain to pass a motion declaring itself an Israeli “Apartheid Free Zone” in support of the BDS movement. Despite ongoing legal challenges led by a Madrid-based, pro-Israel lobbying group, the movement to create "islands of political consciousness" - which include outreach for Palestinian rights and boycotts of companies complicit with the Israeli Occupation - is growing.


Ecstatic to hear that the Spanish people have denounced as "intolerable" the Israeli strong-arming of their governments in 'preventing our institutions from being committed to human rights'.
What an advance in human dignity and integrity it would be were the rest of the globe to follow suit. And while we're at it, we could add corporations to the list.


Come and see the beautiful buildings financed by gold from the New World.


Funny how the Spanish institutions committed to human rights are silent on the Muslim ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria and all the rest of the Middle Eastern countries. They are also silent on the Palestinian aim of total ethnic cleansing of all Jews from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.


Interesting to see the trolls jump on this Statement for Human Dignity.

Quick ignore this, look over here, look at this failure and blame all Palestinians,
heck let's blame everyone else all the way back to the New World.

Man some folks need to get a life that encompasses Compassion for your fellow beings.

BDS will grow, just like Apartheid will ultimately fail.
Kinda know the outcome if you read the history on South Africa.

Of course why read, when one already has the right answers implanted by your favorite government.


I don't like wasting my time w' trolls but...

  1. Quoting a Wikileaks definition of what constitutes racism in Israel is not the same as listing facts.2. You did not address a single issue I mentioned. The Palestinian goals certainly qualify as racism and ethnic cleansing. For example, Hamas calls for the expulsion of all Jews and their descendants who came to the area after 1917, before modern Israel existed. They don't call for the same expulsion of Muslims and Christians.3. People who do not agree with you are not trolls. Everything I said is a fact.