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'Visit the Camps Yet?' Campaign Urges Pelosi to See for Herself the Horrific Conditions at Trump Detention Centers

Probably you missed it, but the treatment of families at the border is the issue. I hope the reason you missed it isn’t because you don’t see any problem with it.

Criticizing the actions of Democrats isn’t criticizing them just for the point of criticizing. The idea is to get the best people in Congress as possible. Lieberman and Manchin have shown us that we can’t just support someone because they have a D after their name.

No I get it Rizzler… . But you’d think old Nan would be better at pretending by now… at least she should be able to be better at faking it when kids are involved…

Look, they are BOTH culpable in taking bribes then backing the oligarchs instead of their constituents so why back off Pelosi just because the senate republicans suck as well? We need to be gunning for BOTH of them!!!

To be honest there are a lot of issues at the border and there are a lot of accounts of those issues. The issue here is how funding will affect those being detained with the highest priority being unaccompanied children. So, what is the issue with families that you are referring to? The separation? Because that isn’t just a border issue, it is much larger and exists throughout the immigration system.

Where’s the evidence that Pelosi has taken bribes and only supports the oligarchs? Take a look at her history as Speaker of the House under Obama and now under tRump. The only place you can “gun” for Pelosi is if you’re in her district to vote her out of office or if you are in the House to vote against her as Speaker. They just tried to remove her as Speaker and it failed miserably because she’s been one of the best Speakers of the modern era and passed many a progressive bill. Why would you want to remove that? She plans to turn over the speakership before too long. Meanwhile she’s the best there is. And attacking her now just empowers tRump. Whose side are you on?

MS. Pelosi is worth seventy two million dollars. She really cares about the people. Brother Malcolm X had name for the dems and republicans. Thumbs high to the artist decorating D.C. Revolution! Real revolution!

" > If a white man wants to lynch me, that’s his problem. If he’s got the power to lynch me, that’s my problem. Racism is not a question of attitude; it’s a question of power. Racism gets its power from capitalism. Thus, if you’re anti-racist, whether you know it or not, you must be anti-capitalist. The power for racism, the power for sexism, comes from capitalism, not an attitude."

Stokely Carmichael

What about the odd sum of something like 37 congressman in Texas, where are they at on this?

Excuse me, but we have decades of stagnating wages, massive inequality, an infrastructure that has a D minus grade from the American Society of Engineers and a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure gap. We have systematic corruption, and countless studies show a large gap on public policy versus what the state does. Many other studies show that the rich get what they want on policy. If you want me to spoon feed you these studies, I can. Pelosi wants that to continue, she not only takes bribes from corporate interests and the rich, she brags about.

Wage growth has not only stagnated, but the costs of healthcare, education and housing have been outpacing wage growth for decades. Our healthcare system is not only the most inefficient system in the world, tens of thousands will die in the next 365 days because of this system, and we will see massive amounts of bankruptcies and job lock as well. This is not found in single payer systems and the policy alternatives corrupt people like Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer, racist police lapdog Pete and the rest are not only less popular, they are less efficient and would do little about the social costs of the system.

Then, there is the environmental crisis. I have a background in ecological economics, have been hired to use that knowledge. Let me fill you in, we have reached the limits of growth, the environmental crisis is largely a non-market affair (most environmental and social impacts have no market values) and there is no realistic way to deal with the crisis without a comprehensive form of economic planning. If any politician is opposed to radical changes and dismisses that out of hand, realize what that means.

What exactly is your argument? That we should all just accept this state of affairs? That the corruption of people like Pelosi is okay? Are you arguing that we should all just accept that our largest problems should continue to be unaddressed? Should we ignore, like you do, macroeconomic and microeconomic trends, going back decades? Should we ignore the well grounded critiques that the left has been articulating against the particular ways the international economy has been constructed (the left, through the alter-globalization movement called it decades ago, accurately predicted the impacts of the system and provided clear alternatives) and who has and hasn’t been at the table when the WTO was created, when deals like NAFTA were created, when issues come up at the WTO or the IMF? Should we ignore the people that will die because of this healthcare system, how much waste there is, the bankruptcies and job lock? Should we ignore the horrific state of the poor, communities of color and working people? Should we ignore the records of the people you provide cover for, their corruption or how little they offer on policy to address these things? As a former union rep, an economist with lots of knowledgeof the data, studies, economic history and alternatives, as an activist, as someone that has lived in poor countries and as someone that has worked with undocumented youth, my goal is to take on those taking bribes so the system doesn’t change and to actually address these issues. What is your motivation? Apparently to provide pathetic cover for one of the people most responsible in the Democratic Party for this not happening. When we need structural change in healthcare, she sends her adviser out to assure lobbyists that nothing will change. When we want leaders to put in place popular and needed structural changes, she meets with others to undermine Bernie, uses the DCCC to counter the left and attacks people on her left like AOC. When people want public spending to go towards various projects and programs we need to address these things, she pushes for pay go and austerity. When people want politicians to stop being corrupt, she not only rakes in tons of bribes, she brags about it, on national TV. And you are here providing cover for it and want to pretend you are the one in the right. Get the hell out of here with that. Are you connected to party higher ups? You a staffer, do you work for a think tank? Are you a consultant, or are you economically privileged enough that these obvious things aren’t obvious to you?

You know that turnout for elections is horribly low. Most people now do not identify with either party. Do you know that black people vote in much lower numbers than white people. The poor vote in much lower numbers than the middle and upper classes. Why do think that is? Try to come up with an explanation that doesn’t place the blame on voters and at the same time doesn’t implicate politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Perez, Brock, Tanden, all the Republicans and the donors that control them all.

Where is the evidence?! SHE brags about it. She, in the meeting recently, turned to AOC and said that every time she attacks her, she gets more money! Okay, from who? What the hell? Have you paid attention to how she has used the DCCC? Her pushing for austerity and pay go? Her undermining single payer? Her dismissing the Green New Deal out of hand? When she gets together with racist police lapdog Pete, Neera Tanden, David Brock and Schumer to undermine Bernie, what do you think they are doing? Same as what she does with the DCCC, beating back people that want structural changes. She defends an establishment that has been in power for decades and the country is crumbling under their watch, not that you care or notice.

I wish we knew who you are, cause there is a reason you say these tone deaf and absurd things. Obviously economically privileged, but also liked tied to the party. Hey, Trump is defending her too from the left’s critiques. Wonderful company you are in there.

Here are her own largest donors: https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/contributors?cid=N00007360&cycle=2014

There’s no use discussing anything with you. It’s called the “Gish Gallop” - cram so much BS in conflating everything with everything else and wasting type space. Dominate the discussion with misrepresentation of facts. Talk over everyone else and accuse those who disagree with you of nefarious intent. No objectivity. These are the tactics of the extremes in our country and they are NOT aimed at making any real improvements for real people. You claim to have a lot of experience in these things, but it’s not clear that you learned from the experience you had.

When you post an article about a petition, maybe you could also post a link to that petition, so people can find it?

In other words, you have no real response to what I said. You know how you know you have been beaten in a debate? You ignore the argument and focus your response on the person. Do Pelosi and those like her a favor; stop trying to defend them. You aren’t good at this. You could focus on a few things I said, since you won’t really address my overall argument, but you again have nothing of substance to say. Hey, there is a thread about Trump defending her. See you there, mkay?

Expiration dates are the very least of it. How about known carcinogens like BPA in food cans and jars?

Even Mike the Pence has gone there.