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Visit With Egypt's Repressive Ruler Sisi Spotlights Trump's Disregard for Human Rights


Visit With Egypt's Repressive Ruler Sisi Spotlights Trump's Disregard for Human Rights

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump is meeting Monday with Egyptian President General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi—who's overseen a "brutal human rights crackdown"—with the U.S. president telling the autocrat: "You have a great friend and ally in the United States and in me."

Trump's warm reception for Sisi follows chumminess between the two even before the real estate mogul moved into the White House. Trump had praised the "chemistry" between the two and called Sisi "a fantastic guy."


"We agree on so many things.

Abandon all hope all ye who voted for Trump.

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Birds of a feather... Of course Trump likes the guy he wishes he could be just like him and rule this bitch like a king.
Trump is such a punk. He longs for the power to hurt and destroy what he doesn't like. The pesky rules in this country really keep him from being his true authoritarian self, but he's working on it.
When can we impeach his ass and be done with this mess, it's like being in an abusive relationship, getting beat up every other day. Disgusting.


President Sisi is Trump's type of leader. Right up there with Putin and Kim Jong Un. These leaders are good at keeping law and order, often through brutal methods. It should go without saying that it is imperative that Trump be prevented from ever obtaining the type of domestic power that these others leaders have obtained.


Sounds like adulation.

Gee whillikers, Donny, we could be the NEXT Egypt!! How's this: Make America Egypt again!!


You forgot Duterte, who's doing a great job, great job.


1 Autocrat + 1 Kleptocrat = A Pair of Punks

Yeah, they see eye-to-eye...shaking hands, no less. Guess Sisi is more to the demented dimwit's liking...he even looked the autocrat in the eye. When these two look at each other, they only see dollar signs and go no deeper. T-dump could not look Merkel in the eye nor shake her hand because she could see right through his braggadocious facade into his empty interior. She intimidated the heck out of the empty emperor.

Empty suits and evil minds.


I highly recommend today's article by Glenn Greenwald's from The Intercept:


Birds of a feather...


Trump would not shake hands with Angela Merkel


Apologies, Dede, I used the 'birds of a feather', before I read, that you had used that phrase already.


Sorry but unless if we can impeach the rest of his administration along with him, the abuses will keep on coming. Whether it be by Pence, Bannon, etc.


But instead of pyramids built by slaves there will be Trump hotels built by underpaid immigrants.


While we should be working with Egypt you dont have to suck up that hard. Either Trump us a chained autocrat or whimper than I thought, time will tell


If they fear deportation they wont report 3.15 an hour


Maybe our military will reject illegal orders from this jerk and they will orchestrate something like what happened in Egypt. Then we'll see how fun it is to be deposed. (not really suggesting a military coup, just sayin')


The best case scenario is that his administration becomes so fruaght with scandal and unpopularity that the Rs are completely inable to do anything of importance over the next four years. Hopefully his unpopular stances cuases a progressive wave in 2018 and 2020


Not particularly that he is impeached (thats ok too) but that he and any body conected to him cant win in the future.