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Visiting Parkland, Betsy DeVos Interacts More With Comfort Dog Than Students, Who God Love 'Em Are Some Pissed


Visiting Parkland, Betsy DeVos Interacts More With Comfort Dog Than Students, Who God Love 'Em Are Some Pissed

A visit to Stoneman Douglas by Betsy DeVos, an oblivious grifter who always underestimates her audience, went about as well as any sentient being would expect: She walked around with three student journalists, ignored the other 2,99, talked up guns, babbled through an 8-minute press conference and got shredded by students who saw through the hollow photo op. Aping a DeVos adage to "Be bold. Do something unexpected," one enraged student wrote, “Do something unexpected: Answer our questions.”


Sez Betsy “Bullshit” DeVos.


The most wonderful thing that has come out of this horror is the articulate student speakers who have learned how to speak and argue. My good friend, another public school teacher from Naples, took our debate club to Douglas High every year for ten years. They were and are hard to beat. Some of them actually read the hard stuff like, “I know, Ma. I’m a-tryin’. But them deputies- Did you ever see a deputy that didn’t have a fat ass? An’ they waggle their ass an’ flop their gun aroun’. Ma", he said, "if it was the law they was workin’ with, why we could take it. But it ain’t the law. They’re a-working away at our spirits. They’re a-tryin’ to make us cringe an’ crawl like a whipped bitch. They’re tryin’ to break us. Why, Jesus Christ, Ma, they comes a time when the on’y way a fella can keep his decency is by takin’ a sock at a cop” (Steinbeck, Tom Joad, Grapes of Wrath). Betsy DeVos is merely a very rich cop.


What a useless piece of flesh she is. And a perfect example of why rich people have no business in politics, governing the vast majority of Americans, who are NOT rich. Rich people - and especially uber-rich billionaires like this witch - live in a different world, a bubble completely set apart from everyday Americans. Nothing exemplifies this more than this &$%@# and her complete cluelessness when interacting (or rather her failure to interact) with them. Remember Bush Sr, and how he didn’t even know what a barcode scanner was? Because he has never been through a grocery store line in his life, and has never had to watch as his purchases are scanned by the minimum-wage clerk at the register. Some peon is paid to do that for rich people. Interacting with the scummy, unwashed poor masses is just SO beneath them.

Remove $ from politics, change the laws to not allow politicians to work for lobbying firms after they leave office (and vice versa), and to not allow people to be appointed to government positions overseeing industries that they were formerly making money off, etc, and slimebags like DeVos would no longer have any incentive to run (actually buy) for office. When average, everyday Americans represent average, everyday Americans, then change will happen. As long as uber-rich, corrupt elite fucks are elected, completely disconnected to average, everyday Americans, they are only going to represent their own kind.


Batty DeVos also works…or perhaps Batsy DeVos?


DeVos and the other Trump appointee’s have proven how bad it can be.The kids of today, all over the country, are politically smart beyond their years. Much more than my generation at their age. They are going to be a force to be reckoned with as they become voters. We need to educate them now about the pitfalls of the political process. A major issue I can think of (there are many more), is the need to switch to paper ballots, from the easily hackable voting machines. When they realize their vote can be stolen on these machines, it could be the end of them.


This is just a small smattering of their generation. I think though that these kids are acting more adult than the adults! Let’s call them young adults. Unfortunately not all of their generation acts like this. Many could care less unless they have their cell phones taken, and many do not vote. For millenials their rate was only 29% in the last election ( 2016) while seniors were at something like 65%.
This Betsy Wetsy is a pox on our ed system.


The sister of a corrupt blood-stained monster is talking about how to handle violence in schools. The irony is almost overwhelming.


You’re right, my mistake. I guess I’m showing my age.


She is precisely what is wrong with American education: people who know absolutely nothing about pedagogy–a word with which she would be very unfamiliar,–are the ones making policy about it. (One of several reasons why I became a teacher). No one should be surprised that Ms. DeVoid came merely to use a tragedy as a photo op, which was made abundantly clear by her insipid responses afterward. “The kids are alright” as the lyric goes and they will be the ones to change things as long as we progressive adults get off our fat asses and support them. If we care, they will too.


"A much-touted trip by alleged Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos"
ha ha this says it all Shame on congress for allowing her to be in government !

“Others explained “she needs to see a check in your hand” for her to answer any questions, and proposed that bringing a grizzly would help get her attention”

At least we can get a chuckle here. But the state of this country is so far in disrepair it will take several generations to fix.


It have been wonderful to hand out an egg to each student at the beginning of the assembly and have they all throw it at her at some assigned signal.


Thanks for the Tom Joad rant! It was true then, it is true now.


well - the hint is probably ‘pet a doggy’. Gotta admit, sher sowndz like it!


They should have shut off the water and locked BVS in the bathroom for about 6 hours. BVS–Bull (V) Shitter.


Join the club about age!