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Visits and Conversations in a Kabul Winter


Visits and Conversations in a Kabul Winter

Kathy Kelly

Here in Kabul, last week, at the Afghan Peace Volunteer (APV) community home that hosts me, I watched Abdulhai and visiting activist Aaron Hughes work out ways to secure the greenhouse which they had partially assembled that morning. Warmed by the effort and with the sun beaming down on all of us, they sat on the garden ledge in their shirtsleeves although it is a quite cold winter here, talking about the greenhouse perched on an uneven garden plot before them.


Kathy Kelly, an earth angel who is completely ignored by the corporate media. If Kathy was given a fraction of the time as that demagogue Trump and the other war mongers like McCain and General John Campbell maybe more people would contribute to her work for peace in Afghanistan.


It's amazing that teaching children art or working to pass warm duvet-blankets around can make some small difference in strained, impoverished lives. I just sent a donation, and I recommend that others do, as well.