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'Vital Democracy Reform' Takes Hit in Oregon After US Supreme Court Undermines Another State Ballot Initiative

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/12/vital-democracy-reform-takes-hit-oregon-after-us-supreme-court-undermines-another

Another definitive example of how the United States of America has become the most murderous atrocity-vector on this planet – exactly as its slavemaster-founders intended, and as our Masters today are imposing, effectively (given lifetime federal judiciary terms) forever.

This on a planet already so conquered and subjugated no one – say again NO ONE – dares (effectively) challenge the cabal of Democrat and Republican Ted Bundys that now jeopardize and terrify the entire world from their thermonuclear apocalypse throne in Washington D.C.


Top U.S. Infectious Disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has [held] his post as director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, has previously [cautioned] about the possibility and probability of Covid-19 transmission via aerosol droplets. If confirmed, the initial findings of the University of Florida study would bolster his concerns, and indicate the virus can survive greater distances than once thought.

“We know that indoors, those distance rules don’t matter anymore,” Dr. Robyn Schofield, an atmospheric chemist at Melbourne University in Australia, who measures aerosols over the ocean [told] the the Times . “It takes about five minutes for small aerosols to traverse the room even in still air.”

The Supreme Court can’t be ignored either as part of our fascist system now –


Unfortunately, Greenwich, only one SCOTUS justice has ever been impeached. And I doubt any prosecutor could make a case under present-day USian law that merely being a Nazi – let’s stop mincing words and start calling the Republicans and their Democratic (sic) Fifth Columnists what they truly are – is an impeachable offense.

Thus history strongly suggests – as I have said many times – the only way the Robbers’ Court can ever be overthrown is by revolution, and we both know that will never happen. The Moronic Majority is far too obsessively selfish (and therefore too cowardly) to ever rise up against our Masters. Indeed, far too many still hope instead to rise enough to gain such murderous omnipotence for themselves.

Which “American Dream” – unequivocally proven by history – is precisely why the United States is (and always has been) the most malignant vector of death, torture and enslavement in our species’ entire history.

In other words, when the corporate Neoliberals of either party say “Let’s Make America Great Again,” what they are really saying is they not only want to resume the “Indian Wars” – already the deadliest genocide ever – but to expand it to murder all peoples of color. Ultimately world-wide.

(Which is precisely why I am thankful I am 80 years old and will probably not live long enough to witness the now-inevitable Last Roundup.)

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