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Voice For the Voiceless


Voice For the Voiceless

A small feel-good sliver in a feel-bad framework: Pihcintu, a sweet-voiced, multicultural chorus of refugee girls and women here in Portland, sang today at the U.N. to celebrate a new Global Compact on Refugees aimed at supporting the largely poor countries that host the world's 25-million-plus refugees. The compact, which will help the U.N give food, shelter and succor like that once accorded Pihcintu members, was approved by all but two countries; the U.S. was one.


The US and Hungry declined to join the human race. : (


As I get older and witness the decline of civilization, I become less and less fearful of leaving this life.
I’m tired of seeing dying children.
I get an ache in my chest and it’s not from blocked arteries.
I’m crying more.
I desperately need to rage against the machine.
This is mass insanity.
We do not deserve to survive.
I live in the lap of luxury compared to 90% of the rest of humanity. Why should that be so?
The only thing that keeps me going anymore is my desire to care for my loving family.