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'Volcanic' Porter Ranch Gas Leak May Take Months to Close


'Volcanic' Porter Ranch Gas Leak May Take Months to Close

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The gas leak in Porter Ranch, California that has been pumping tens of thousands of kilograms of methane into the air every hour since October 23 may take months to close up, according to state officials.

Thousands of residents in the San Fernando Valley community, roughly 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, have been forced to relocate due to health problems caused by the fumes—including, in some cases, bleeding eyes and gums.


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So much for environmental safety foresight. I am sure that the homeowners were not told about the well(s) and pipelines underneath their home when they purchased them. And SoCal Gas probably provided the environmental impact report that sanctioned their drilling operations and pipelines, which is common practice across the nation. Put-the-fox-in-charge-of-the-hen-house, as the saying goes. What is dumbfounding is SoCal claiming that the leak was not harmful to humans or other life...so much for integrity.


This localized unintended deleterious consequence of the operation of technological systems is one example of a multitude of cases in what is going wrong around the globe. That does not help the residents of Porter Ranch, just there are many communities that are finding it difficult to cope with what is to them black swan events because of the lack of understanding by the authorities of tangible operations as they focus on intangible economic growth..


This is a land version of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill that destroyed and polluted the Gulf. It shows clearly the corruption of environmental and citizen protections (what little there are) by big-oil & gas with both R's & D's guilty of catering to those interests - the reversal of the 40 year ban on exports of oil by a corrupt Congress tell the tale. Dick Cheney & Co had such a destructive influence on protective laws he should be prosecuted and at least his exemption of fracking, the "Halliburton Amendment", from the Clean Water Act should immediately be rescinded. The corruption of regulations by big-money and political influence makes a mockery of all "regulatory" claims.



When is this Government going to demand that Companies like British Petroleum and Southern California Gas Co. commit to A solid and well documented procedure to correct any and all "mistakes"- Like if they do something and it goes to failure, they have to prove that they can UNDO whatever it is that went to failure!!!!
This is A no-brainer as far as I can see- Are there any responsible adults left in this world????


Pretty ubelievable! Equal to a volcano? Where the regulations not followed or were there not enough regulations? Makes u want to stick your head in a hole somewhere...


While we certainly should be suing as well as pursuing criminal charges, and should probably impeach or at the very least relentlessly picket Governor Brown for this and other climate crimes, it's important to realize that the government of California is way ahead of every other state in the US in terms of helping transform our energy system to one of efficiency and clean safe resilient renewable energy. Boycott California and you have no excuse not to boycott the other 49 states.

Not that I'm arguing against that...