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Vote as if the Climate and the Future of Humanity Depend on It—Because They Do

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/22/vote-if-climate-and-future-humanity-depend-it-because-they-do


Vote for who? Corporate candidate 1 or corporate candidate 2?

As far as I know, biden’s brand of corporatism has nothing going FOR it at all.

I call foul.


You have to be willfully stupid or ignorant to not vote for Biden. Period. It’s all about the SCOTUS and the lower courts, that should be obvious by now. Ginsburg and Breyer were appointed by Bill Clinton with all his failings, warts and cysts. I have no f****** use for the ideological purists who will vote 3rd party or not at all when we have an outright fascist in the White House who is stacking the SCOTUS and the lower courts with right wingers. He has appointed over 200 right wingers to the federal courts.


The far left, like the far right, seems to have totally lost its faculty for analytical thought. And with this film, it turned them into useful idiot stooges for global warming inaction.

The environmental impacts of the mining, manufacturing and construction activity for developing wind, solar, hydropower, (and in my opinion, nuclear) are miniscule compared to the globally catastrophic impacts from burning the fossil fuels that those energy sources are replacing. And yes, detailed life-cycle CO2 emissions studies of renewable energy (and nuclear) make this very clear.

And did that guy who made the movie even know that that wood being burned for the biomass generation plant he looked through the fence at is being replaced by at least as much new tree growth? That is the whole point of biomass!

This movie was made from this utterly disordered confused perspective whereby a project that replaces the emissions of tens of millions of tons of CO2 per year is totally unacceptable if it requires clearing a few dozen acres of forest and some earth moving or some metal and sand mines.

And it was oh-so brilliant of that guy to go to film those wind turbine sites onto that Vermont mountain on such a gloomy cold foggy day - not only did it press all the proper emotional buttons (depression and inaction) in the audience, but the fog also made those little 1-acre clearings for the wind turbines look like huge strip mines!

And the way the movie demonized everyone from McKibben to Josh Fox to Michael Mann to James Hansen was absolutely brilliant! it was such a psy-op coup in the way it was designed to send into disarray ANY effective action on the left against global warming, that it MUST have come from the Putin’s psychological manipulation troll labs in St. Petersburg. Putin, after all, is the most powerful global warming denialist on the planet right now…


Once again, no Biden-related reason is provided.

Not only “ideological purists” vote third party, and the insult machine has worn thin.


Biden acknowledges that global warming is a very serious problem, and proposes and will implement action to address it, even if it is understood that stronger action than what he is currently proposing will be needed.

Trump and his powerful business interests totally deny that the problem of global warming even exists - considering it just a “Marxist agenda” - and is pushing headlong to ramp up oil, gas and coal production without limit.




Trade deals are taking all power away from elected officials, and executives all around the world. We’re leading that cult like movement.

People here are being deliberately myopic. Whoever nominated Biden it wasnt anybody with any kind of brain, uless they wanted global capture.

Biden makes all these various promises 100% secure in the knowledge that the trade deals we created will almost certainly prevent him from keeping any of them.

Not only that, he and Trump - both are laying a groundwork for total corporate capture.

Why did the Democratic Party use Sanders as a means of deceiving the young people so shamelessly?

Thats the worst, these tactics which are being used.

And I hope people realize that Biden recently announced he was going to destroy, not help Medicare.


That’s why he’s not getting my vote, he’s a really shameless sneaky liar.

I will vote for other Democrats, unless they also turn out to be creeps. Ive been totally burned out on this.


It might be useful to compare this with the Medea Benjamin article also featured here, “Will Michelle Flournoy be the Angel of Death for the American Empire?”

For whatever convenience, people tend to act and write as though empire and economics were not intimately involved with our ecological problems. Maybe that is convenient for the focus of somebody’s work, but it fails to take into account how those ecological problems occur: they are overwhelmingly the results of empire and economics.

Because this is true, one can look at certain aspects of a candidate’s policy and determine reliably what many other aspects will be. Joe Biden’s team is gearing up to expand war efforts in at least Asia, and probably also Africa and South America. These efforts include an attempted encirclement of the BRICs countries, particularly Russia and China, principally by a cascade of destabilization and violence among more easily targeted countries around them.

These actions are utterly consistent with Joe Biden’s career to this point–consistent with his opposition to gender and racial equality and his opposition to domestic social programs, consistent with his opposition to transparency in government, consistent with his favoritism towards large business, draconian secret “trade agreements” that are neither agreements nor matters of trade, consistent with universal surveillance and the release of habeas corpus and Bill of Rights protections against search and seizure, consistent with the persecution of whistleblowers and journalists foreign and domestic, consistent with war war war all the time. They are directly contradictory to all ecological concerns, certainly including concerns about climate.

The point does not suffer from being made more bluntly: Biden’s backers are betting heavily against ecology and against any reasonable climate control. They are betting that violent control of hydrocarbon and radioactive resources will pay off big, principally in the form of more extensive control over human populations–not over population growth, please understand, but over human autonomy and access to basic resources.

McGibbon writes as though Biden were to support opposition to those interests as self-perceived by his funders. He will not, he cannot, and he has never shown any sign of being tempted towards the attempt. Seldom in politics can one observe an open-and-shut, lead-pipe cinch matter, but this comes awfully close.

This election can have very little effect on the future of humanity, whether McGibben is writing about something nearer or farther away. The reason is not because the American government could not help things were it inclined, only that neither candidate here can or will do so.

Sadly, this sort of thing cuts McGibben’s credibility.


Unless of course… IF for the second time in a row, Biden’s candidacy is another cynical protection scam to raise many billions of terrified, life-long Democrats’ contributions, along with corporate money-laundering, simply to… OMG, jeepers? Trump’s STILL in, Senate & Judiciary, cops & military raring to “enforce order” & they need somebody to blame, again? BP, Monsanto/Bayer, Halliburton, Exxon HAD to win, last time. ISDS panels (not Putin) need us to bail out our various planet destroying, extractive pyramid schemes. Constantly pulling the exact same blatantly obvious BS scam has not actually mitigated API’s 1965 or Exxon’s 1982 horrifying AGW predictions. The two scariest points in Josh’s second “Gasland” movie were first mentioned on C&L & NC around 2009, by a life-long Keynesian Democrat (not even a little bit interested in “ideological purity” or strawman obfuscation).



I was very critical of planet of the humans and thought some of their statements on solar were so far off as to seriously damage the film’s credibility. But as I understand it, biomass has so far not worked out very well at all and many environmentalists mostly agree with the films assessment. Here is the NRDC’s take: ~https://www.nrdc.org/experts/sasha-stashwick/how-biomass-industry-sent-sustainability-smoke.

I’m with you on the wind also. The film’s take wasn’t very useful, except I would like to see some thought given to recycling building materials so if a composite (fiberglass) structure is the only thing that is going to work well for the blades - then some research into new methods of recycling is still required - I don’t want a bunch of graveyards for old windmill blades they didn’t figure out how to handle in advance.


So McKibben is saying the same thing he’s said heading into every election?

Well, at this point if something impedes the destruction of humanity, I’m against it.
We had a good run, couldn’t rein ourselves in and think long term, then caused an extinction event.

Now we pay the piper. Spoiler alert: Mass death of unprecedented proportion coming soon.

Thats their deepest wish that we will all die. But it wont be so easy for them. They will all fall into a deep depression at what they did and the malaise will sink more deeply leading them all to drown themselves like lemmings.

The difference is that one will lead to the end of civilization and the extinction of millions of species (most life on Earth) within a century or so. The other will lead to the end of civilization and the extinction of millions of species within a century or so. See the sameness?

Yes, Trump is worse. We all know that. Believe, me, EVERYONE criticizing Biden here knows that. But if either one is selected president it will lead to increasing inequality and fascism, the end of civilization and the extinction of millions of species within a century or so. If we expect civilization to survive, we have to prevent both from becoming president. That will take a massive immediate peaceful revolution.

You can tell me that’s unlikely, and I won’t disagree; the people who keep saying it can’t happen and have thus done nothing to make it happen have pretty much made it impossible for it to happen in the time we have. But it remains fact that if we expect civilization to survive, neither of these empty men or their vice presidents or the speaker of the house or anyone else in the line of succession or the duopoly can rule. If we don’t get someone else to be president, and replace a supermajority of the corporate tools in both other houses, civilization and millions of species will almost certainly end within a century or so.

What everybody does with that knowledge is up to them, but that there’s so much denial about it even on the left is discouraging, to say the least. It means almost everyone will go back to sleep as they did after Obama was elected, and we will drift instead of drive into catastrophic ecological, social, and political collapse.


It’s based on lies, distortions, straw people, and manipulation.
And more than a little weaponized paranoia. It, and apparently the people who have been bamboozled and hypnotized by it, don’t seem to be able or willing to understand the difference between garbage put out by politicians and corporations, and the good and necessary programs advocated by intelligent, mature ecologically concerned people. They all get an equally dishonest slime job.

So, no, it’s not actually inexplicable. It’s quite explicced by the ideology that drives it.

As much as I admire McKibben (and have since The End of Nature was published in 1989) this article takes the same tack as all the other Democratic attempts to get peoplle to vote for Biden. It lies.

“Perhaps most important, they’ve pledged to try to lead the rest of the world in the climate fight. The United States has never really done this.”
It’s correct that the US has never led on climate, except to lead into dead ends and sabotage of international negotiations. Almost certainly, that’s exactly where Biden and the other corporate Democrats are going to “lead”. It’s not correct that it hasn’t promised to lead or claim it was leading; it’s done that constantly. Bush the Incomprehensible, Bush the Lesser, Obama, and probably several other presidents going back to Johnson have said the same. Biden is far less credible than Obama or H. Clinton on this and everything else.

“it will soon be cheaper to build solar and wind farms than to operate the fossil fuel power stations we’ve already built.”
No, it already is, almost everywhere in the world. Batteries included.

"Joe Biden and Kamala Harris haven’t pledged to move that quickly, but their climate plan is the farthest-reaching of any presidential ticket in history. "

Well, that’s half right, sorta. Maybe an eighth. They haven’t pledged to move much of anywhere, except, as pointed out, with the standard wink and nod of the promise and platform, but since we understand so much more than we have before, and the crisis has continued to worsen exponentially, (yet we’ve done almost nothing to stop it) one could say Biden and the corporate duopoly are the farthest behind scientific knowledge of any climate proposal ever conceived—at least by anyone who doesn’t outright deny the existence of climate catastrophe.

“it’s possible that the hammerlock on policy exercised by this reckless industry will loosen if Trump is beaten.
But only if he’s beaten.”
This reckless multi-industr[ial complex] will continue to collapse, whether Trump is beaten or not. Soon it will be a shadow of the shadow it is now. The Democrats have once again denounced their denouncing of campaign contributions from the fossil fuel psycho-industrial complex, so not only are they actually, incredibly, flabbergastingly, moving backwards!.. they aren’t responding to climate-wise pressure in any meaningful way even before the election. (Contradictory campaign promises and the party platform? Seriously? That’s what you’re basing your trust on?)

Given that they’ve rejected all pressure from the left while trying their utmost to defeat, silence, and ridicule all progressives, even at the expense of losing to the right (as they did in 2016 and may do again in any or all 3 houses), what’s most likely: that they’ll be more responsive or less responsive after the election (assuming they win, which is far from certain with their Republican-lite positions on everything)? Given that Satan is in the White House now, and that the Democrats—Satan’s slightly less evil twin Stan—will never even adopt the progressive positions of the Roosevelt years, let alone the radical positions and programs needed for survival now, I can understand people trying to convince others to vote for Stan. What I can’t abide is people doing it with deception, trying to sell us on the pig by trying to convince us it’s a race horse. What absolutely floors me is that so many people here are wiling to pretend it’s Secretariat.

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says the man green washing for bio-fuels(that is cutting down our forests to make wood chips to burn for power generation)

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and the Democrats dutifully voted to seat them–why don’t you go after the real scuts–the Democrats who negligently and with great hubris --DID NOT FIGHT tooth and nail for their nominee–used Republican tactics to deny the progressive , and then ran the most pathetic campaign I have ever witnessed–until the current one --how dumb do you have to be to run on a campaign that promises to deny health care to millions in a time of the worst pandemic in decades and allows the Republicans to run all over them at every turn

instead of trashing people with an agenda that could save our sorry asses why don’t you go after the idiots who have betrayed trust for about the 50 years it has been since they sold their souls to the corporations and their money–the agenda that has left America twisting in the wind of hate,poverty, and corporate domination(think wages-working conditions and climate collapse)----FOR THE MONEY

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Only one Democrat voted for Kavanaugh and 3 voted for Gorsuch. Yes, there are conservo-Dems who come from conservative states. In any case, it doesn’t matter what the Democrats do in the Senate since the GOP controls everything, they have the votes. Biden won the primaries, the people voted for him, I voted for Bernie but he lost and now Bernie is telling us to support and vote for Biden. Here’s the reality, it’s going to be Biden or Trump. Biden may be a scraped knee but Trump is cancer. We should have universal health care but the GOP is against that and even the ACA. If Trump wins, the ACA will be killed off and Trump has said that he’s going to cut/decimate Medicare and Social Security. As Cornel West said, he will vote for Biden but he will not endorse him.

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From truthout: As the Green Party fights in court to stay on the ballot in key swing states less than 50 days before the election, many veteran environmental activists and climate scientists are taking an unprecedented step — pleading to a constituency that has long been key to the party’s electoral efforts to eschew casting a “protest vote” for the Greens this year and instead cast their ballots for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

top environmental leaders, including the founder of Earth Day and other longtime activists, [signed a letter] arguing that the planetary stakes are simply too high to risk a third-party vote that could tip the presidential election in President Trump’s favor. They argue that it happened in 2000 and 2016, and say “pious gestures” at the polls this year could have “catastrophic results.” end quote

check the voting record on the other courts the ones most of us are screwed by way before it ever gets to SCOTUS-especially the Appeals level of judges-about 200 hundred very right wing judges --many of whom will end up on higher courts soon---- were passed through with virtually no fight and many many Democrats votes–Schumer even made a deal with McConnell to pass on many of them–