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Vote as if the Climate and the Future of Humanity Depend on It—Because They Do

It’s Trump or death the way I see it .

One denies the problem, the other acknowledges it.

Then they both DO pretty much the same thing. I don’t feel the least bit better if the person killing my planet admits that the planet is dying.

If you really want to vote like the future of humanity depends on it, vote for the only one that has even a slight chance of doing anything good. Vote Green.

We need to stop burning fossil fuel and cut way down on burning other carbon based fuel in the hope of slowing global warming enough to at least give the children already at least conceived a good chance to live out normal lifespans and enjoy their lives. A normal lifespans is close to 70 years now. T he lives of those born by end of 2021 would bring us to hear the end of this century.