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Vote NO On CA Prop 22: Reject This Corporate Power Grab

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/17/vote-no-ca-prop-22-reject-corporate-power-grab

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Not sure how much this vote is going to matter. Trumps cabinet members are as we speak rushing through regulatory changes that would lower standards across a wide range of topics, including when workers can be classified as independent contractors.


With respect to working in the gig economy I think Glenn Quagmire summed it up quite nicely:

“Giggity - Giggity - Goo.”

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Looks like the corporations followed the Dodd/Frank template wherein the corporations write the legislation 95% beneficial to them with a 5% sweetener for the 99%.

Noticed how Trump tasked Kathy Kraninger to dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB) component of Dodd/Frank while leaving all the corporate friendly provisions intact ?

Dropped my ballot in the county registrar’s box here in CA last week
#14 - Yes
#15 - Yes
#16 - No
#17 - Yes
#18 - Yes
#19 - Yes
#20 - No
#21 - No
#22 - No
#23 - Yes
#24 - Yes
#25 - Yes
These were my positions on these measures, I’m not saying that these are necessarily the best choices for everyone, but they are the decisions I made.