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'Vote These Monsters Out': Trump Officials Weigh Deep Funding Cuts to Covid-19 Relief, Newborn Screenings in Democrat-Led Cities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/vote-these-monsters-out-trump-officials-weigh-deep-funding-cuts-covid-19-relief


Pure political vindictiveness from the mind of a psychopath.


Genocide against American citizens, including newborns.
Not surprised.
Getting rid of political opponents and “the other” are classic dictator tactics.
His herd immunity is a cull the herd strategy, betting on COVID killing mostly blacks, poor people, old people, sick people.
Donald Trump is emulating the people he admires most: Putin, MBS, Duterte, Bolsonaro, Kim Jong Un, et al.


Millions of us are intending to and have already done so: And the media, for the most part, has been complicit in elevating this moral monster.

“We’re Not a Democracy”

Four years ago, the nation tumbled down the Trump rabbit hole. We’ve been lost in the dark so long it‘s hard to know which way is up.


The most hopeless journalists in Washington are the “fact-checkers” who count Trump’s lies, when nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.


Vote these monsters out? They are monsters all right, but the only way to destroy a monster is to kill it!


This pattern of extreme revenge is a red thread through Trump’s life, even as a child. Alas, our culture praises such behavior, which made him even more dangerous. Dr. Justin Franks’s book, Trump on the Couch, has an entire chapter devoted to Trump’s lust for extreme vengeance. As an example, he was playing with his younger brother Robert, when Robert offered to share some blocks with Donnie. Donnie took them and then glued them together so Robert couldn’t use them again. But then, neither could Donnie, but he didn’t think about that consequence. Quote from Trump-I believe in the law of an eye for an eye…I believe if someone did me wrong, I will push him up against the wall and screw him twice as bad.
Notice the sexual language. Also, the other night, at a rally in Muskegon, Michigan(infrared country), he said, 'Lock 'em up! Lock “em ALL up” referring to anyone who opposed him.
Dangerous times ahead, one that probably result in the demise of the United states of America and a formation of biozones and cultural enclaves.


The US has had “biozones and cultural enclaves” for decades.

No need for “the demise of the United States”, considering that Stockholm Syndrome is epidemic in more than half the states that are dialed into fascism and oligarchy they should be allowed to choose a festering future…just don’t take the rest of us down.

Seeing how the subject “Democrat-led cities” and in many cases their respective states for decades have sent the feds way more money than they get back, secession from the US is way overdue for the west coast states and several others.


Yes, Vote these monsters out! Vote now to save our country from these Nazi Republicans! Peace


For the damage they have done, and continue to do, voting them out is insufficient.

They do not belong in America.


They DO "belong INCARCERATED “in America”.

A Nuremberg style trial needs to launch in January to bring Trump, his appointees, Moscow Mitch, and other Trump enables to justice.


Based upon the way we let CheneyCo skate, that’s unlikely.


I agree, they do not deserve to be called an American, legitimate, Party anymore. They demonize all that is good in America and are now the Trump Party. The whole Republican Party needs to be impeached!


They do not deserve to be called human. Or any kind of life form.


Gotta agree with you there Giovanna - a complete disconnect - like the churches - complicit - handmaidens to evil, bringing shame upon themselves - infamy.


That’s ambitious. Just who or what would impeach the entire party?

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If you’ve ever watched “Mongol”, the story of Genghis Khan’s rise to power - it starts to make sense.

A people, in the case of these steppe pastoralists, deprived of simple life guidelines - disintegrate and war endlessly amongst themselves.

An extremely sobering look at the way we tribal humans really operate.

Huntington may have been too generous - not the ‘clash of civilizations’ - rather the clash of the tribes.

Civilized - a word without meaning.


Carries dubya’s ‘with us or against us’ to a new level, ‘either you’re for me or against me.’


Trump is already under investigation in the state of New York.




Good argument for making the DOJ independent from political appointments, we vote to elect our State AG, Fed AG should be the same. And as far as that goes, scotus justices too!