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Voted Down on Tuesday Night, McConnell Raises Alarm by Forcing Second Vote on 'Unconstitutional' Anti-Boycott Bill


Voted Down on Tuesday Night, McConnell Raises Alarm by Forcing Second Vote on 'Unconstitutional' Anti-Boycott Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than 24 hours after Senate Democrats successfully voted down a motion to proceed to legislation that would give states and localities more power to punish pro-Palestinian boycotts of Israel, rights groups raised alarm and urged Americans to call their senators immediately on Wednesday as Senate Majority Leade

Progressives Slam DCCC for Tapping Only Pro-Business Centrists for Leadership Roles—Ignoring Energy of Left-Wing Movement

OPPOSE this attack on OUR Bill of Rights any way you can!   Don’t just Boycott, Divest (from) and Sanction Israel — Boycott and Divest From all those who support these UNCONSTITUTIONAL attempts to suppress rational thought.   Abrogate Adelson, Ditch Mitch, Punt P’Loser and Shuck Schumer!!

p.s.  Does anyone here have a good photo of a “Honey Wagon” that I can use on a ‘Pump Trump’ poster . . . ?


Bloody hell! Do you believe these scummy buggers?!


Absolutely unsurprising to find Sen. Roberto "Gusano’ Menendez’s name on that list of shame. He had better thank Pwesident Twump personally for being re-elected this time around, since the old grifter has nothing else to run on.


More corroboration that Chomsky was correct when he call the Republican Party: " THE MOST DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD."


All of these actors believe there are no consequences for any of their actions. With McConnell at the top of the list, I give a lot to see psychiatric analyses of the whole lot of them.

as reminder of earlier caveats, there is the Atlantic profile from 2011.

Anyone know what has happened to the Tea Party since then? never a peep anymore


“Close Sailor – but no Cigar.”   There are some religions I can think of that have far worse track records, going back 1,000 years and more . . .


Will someone run over that terrible turtle i think he’s been the biggest asshole in Senate’s history. No wait Nute Gingrich, Pat Buchanan


The treasonous subversion of the pro-Israel lobby - AIPAC to use the USA as a piggy-bank for their racism and crimes against humanity should not be tolerated! The enormity of this bill giving $38 freakin Billion to the apartheid entity when our people are suffering as well as Palestinians, and at the same time to deny Americans their rights to free expression and speech is a treason!

BDS! Smash Israeli subversion of our elections and politics and the treason of traitors like Menendez!


McConnell will do anything for money and we should find out just where he keeps it.


Josh Ruebner sez:
“When was the last time the Senate voted twice in less than 24 hours to consider the same bill?”

McTurtle thinks either he can peel away four more Democrats™, or that he can hang the BDS issue around their collective necks in the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, no vote on reopening government, because it would pin the shutdown on Chump. Party over country; Israel uber alles.


Sen. " Mendacious " Menendez should of been censured and in the Senate doghouse for campaign fundraising in a cathouse. He got the vote of the Soprano Democrats in N.Jersey for the win evidently, and is eternally indebted, I’m sure.
Manchin is another coal-haulin’ ConservaDim beyond help, unless it’s for his daughter Ms. Epi-Pen of The Legal Drug Cartel of W. Virginia. Makes you wonder how much money, in lieu of lumps of coal, he got in this year’s X-mas stocking. Schumer’s little pet, Ol’ Coal-Haulin’ Joe.
Sinema is apparently vying to be the Barry Goldwater of the Dimocratic Party: " Extremism and the squelching of dissent in the defense of Israel is no vice ". The former Green Party activist is now AIPAC’S darling and rumored to have bigger political ambitions. Joe Lieberman’s administrative assistant, perhaps?
And, poor Doug. He still couldn’t beat Nick Saban in a Senatorial campaign, even after what happened Monday night. Right guy in the wrong state, pretty much.


The photo subjects look like the mobsters they are.

There should be a Batman episode where Batman’s foe is Mitch the Turtle…a more nightmarish foe than Batman faced in previous episodes.

The only thing more nightmarish than Mitch are the Murkins who vote for him and his ilk.


A friend of mine gave me a decorative mini guillotine for my birthday. As a symbol of resistance. I like that…


Turtle soup anyone?


Israel and BDS against South Africa:


Vote it down and use some of the 38 billion for border security.


Traitor is the word for those who wants to put billions in the Israeli military and build up the Ukrainian navy while cutting social security, medicare and education.

Mich McConnell is a paid off traitor to the united states.


Israel also helped the terrorist contra forces in Nicaragua.


mrsann, didn’t you whine about about liberals who hadn’t gotten in line behind the very conservative Krysten Sinema when it looked like she was in trouble in her recent election?

You LOTE voters are real laff riot. Enjoy your party.