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Voted Down on Tuesday Night, McConnell Raises Alarm by Forcing Second Vote on 'Unconstitutional' Anti-Boycott Bill


Yeah, my wife. A gentle little lady now in her ninth decade goes berserk ever time she sees McConnell on TV. “You turtle neck, screw face sob, I’ll wipe that gd smirk off you gd face”…


Laughable that the Russia, Russia, Russia Democrats do this, and don’t realize the obvious cognitive dissonance. Is Israel a foreign country? Think they are interfering in the internal workings of our democracy?


Yep, and I’m a pacifist. The smug bastards are just itching to have someone go off and bash their brains out. Martin Shkreli, now jailed, is a perfect example.


Yeah, Chomsky’s quote should be edited to the most dangerous non-religious organization in the world.


More money for killing, more money for hate and another vote to take away more of our rights. This is upside down, inside out and backwards, it is irrational and insane. I gotta stop reading this shite, all I do is get depressed. The Doc tried Prozac and my body didn’t handle it well enough to continue. I guess a big bottle of single malt scotch is in order, I’ll just stay drunk until the end, wtf.


Anyone know why McConnell’s name is listed among the Nays?


Here’s my guess, but I admit that I haven’t had time to do the research. IIRC, under Robert’s Rules of Order, when a motion is voted down, a later motion to reconsider must by made by someone from the winning side. Otherwise the losers would keep asking for reconsideration and become pains in the neck. In this case, a “no” vote is on the winning side because winning required 60 votes to pass and the bill got only 56. Thus, McConnell voted on the winning side and could move to reconsider. I assume that the Senate rules are similar to Robert’s, but I don’t know for sure.


Send all of the emails that you want to send to your Senators’ offices, where they’ll be read by a 20-year-old unpaid temporary intern and deleted, but remember that this vote is not about freedom of speech. It’s about what the kids nowadays call “the optics”. Each half of the duopoly is maneuvering to make the other side look bad regarding the government shutdown and the wall. Democrats will soon pass a few bills in the House, knowing that McConnell will block them in the Senate; the Ds think that he’ll look bad for refusing to get some aspect of the government going. McConnell is doing his version of the same thing in the Senate. He’s bringing up legislation that will be blocked on a mostly party-line vote, thinking that the Ds will appear to be blocking governance. Each side wants to claim that the other is willing to hold the government and federal employees hostage until that side gets its wall/no wall way. Once the budget/wall issue is resolved, will this bill sail through Congress? That depends on how many critters are concerned about the Bill of Rights and how many of them take their oath of office seriously. Hahaha! What do you think will happen???


No, it was the GP candidate for Arizona ( another one ? ) who dropped out and endorsed Sinema. And, I applauded her from keeping MickSallie out. The Greens in Arizona need to get back to Sedona and into their sweat lodges, eat more peyote and humm harder.
I’m all in favor of the GP false-flag carriers dropping out of elections, so Democrats can sort out their wheat from their chaff.
Hey, A O-C hasn’t been attacked by a GPer today, what’s with that? R U sweating yet?


How sad ----Kyrsten Sinema------does this go to the House? And now there is a representative of Palestine decent in the House of the people to speak out about the HATE against the Palestine State.


Nice try. You attacked the GP for disrupting the Sinema bandwagon.

But at least you’re a part-time liberal…


Take a picture of it and send it to all who voted yes.


The polling was close in the Duopoly and the GPer knew the woman, Sinema, from their earlier days in activism posing as green progressives. Killing 2 birds with one shot, I merely encouraged one poser to " let it go " and not be blamed for the election of another career militarist.
I was actually looking out for your best interests; ya know, " fool me once fool on you, follow me twice you get trumped, you wouldn’t fool me again, would you? Let’s roll".


What happened with the second vote? I thought it was yesterday. I’ve seen nothing about it.


Its clear the republicans have no interest in freedom and liberty. Otherwise, they’d let people not buy stuff from whoever they don’t want to buy stuff from. Punishing people for not wanting to buy stuff from Isreal or for not wanting to give/sell arms to Isreal? That’s tyranny!!


What’s the point of psychiatric treatment when the real problem is external? I can put a smile on my face only to walk out of my house and get clobbered by the nastiness of the humans around me. How real is that smile after all?


I keep waiting for the Southern Poverty Law Center to declare the Republican Party a hate group.


You have touched my very soul Dadster3…if there is anything you’d like to add to this page feel free to contact me.


You are of course correct but when it is 24/7/365 it just gets to be too much without some sort of release valve, At almost 68 I’ve pretty much worn out sex, drugs and rock&roll :-)))


More likely that the Republican Party and F NEWS will call the Poverty Law Center a hate group!