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Voter Outraged as Media Accused of Falsely, Preemptively Nominating Clinton


Voter Outraged as Media Accused of Falsely, Preemptively Nominating Clinton

Jon Queally, staff writer

The Bernie Sanders campaign and progressives across the nation expressed frustration and contempt late Monday night after major news outlets—following declarations by the Associated Press and NBC News—ignored the explicit instructions about how primary delegates should be tallied and declared that Hillary Clinton has won th


US news outlets are corrupt. Boycott them. Avoid bias, get your news from the web instead.

Bernie or bust!


For anyone who still had any illusions that this is not a rigged election, this blatant media conspiracy seals it.

The Clintons and their supporters would do well to remember what became of Richard Nixon after a GENUINE landslide win on 11/7/1972. For those who don't remember, Nixon was considered to be the absolutely invincible victor the next day. But justice will be served ...



The duplicity of MSM has never been more apparent. This is nothing more than baldfaced attempt to suppress the vote tomorrow in California.

MSM: The voice of the Oligarchs 24/7


Come to think of it, the Clinton supporters are the ones watching MSM. This could backfire. :tv:


DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN! (An historical reference the editors of CD failed to understand.)


Question for Associated Press and all new media that parroted their announcement:

How would you like your eggs? Raw, Soft or Hard Boiled?

Expect Egg on your faces tomorrow night after the California Polls close.


I suppose soon after the conventions but long before November, the AP will announce that Trump is the "Presumptive President-Elect" and drop all news coverage of Hillary. Hillary who?



We knew this was coming. Now it's war. Let's pull out the Trump Doomsday Weapon and unleash it on all the Left sites:

Dear Superdelegates:

It's Bernie or Trump!
Under no circumstances will we ever vote for War-Clinton! We are going to defect to the only anti-establishment candidate left: Trump.

SuperDNCers, are you prepared to lose another branch of government to the Repukes?

Maybe you don't know that the Titanic Clinton is going to hit the Trump iceberg and sink? Many Sandman Supporters are going to jump off onto the iceberg before you drown us all in a nasty fight for survival.

The Sandman Supporters

I want you guys to fan out to the Daily Kos, Truthdig, Counterpunch, Mother Jones, Huff Post and any other Dem/Left sites you can think of and spread that message. You have my permission to use my posts as your own writing and take credit for it. Click on my Avatar to read my diatribes and cut and paste the parts you like for yourselves!

We are not going to take this lying down!



Waiting to vote in the D primary here in Cali and the mass media, likely with the collusion of the DNC and Clinton camp, comes out with blatant propaganda that obviously intends to influence the vote here in California. Completely outrageous on the part of all actors involved with this piece of $hit propaganda! I will absolutely not be voting for HC in November even if Trump may win.


This is an obvious anti-democratic act of voter suppression undertaken on the part of the Associated Press and should be investigated. Boycott all mass media propaganda.


I am so sick of this crap. Does the AP have a license that could be revoked? Of course not!


Hillary and Bill, Bill and Hillary (Bonnie and Clyde) are probably picking out colors and ordering new drapes for their favorite residence, deciding which Wall Street Big Wigs will get which cabinet positions. The only thing Hillary hasn't done yet is declare Bill her running mate. Wouldn't it be a real topsy-turvy event if the DNC held their rigged election cycle and nobody showed up. What would they do then? They would have to find a new country to take over and destroy, just pick a nation with a democratically elected leader and boot them out and take it over.


Backfire, or provide another excuse: "Well after the media declared Clinton the winner, only the Sanders voters voted, so his wins don't really count..."



I hope you are right!!!!!!!!! This dirty pool game might explode right in their faces!

"Whew, Clinton has clinched it! Now I can go to my second job instead of voting and try to keep the wolf from the door."


Again, the Clinton campaign showing off its own desperation and terror of disintegration.

So many of their moves toward "inevitability," only make sense in light of their own terror.


According to polls Trump can beat Hillary but not Bernie! Independent studies reveal that Hillary does not have but 30 to 35% of the vote nationally. It is very sad and shameful when the younger generation have to continually watch and call out unfair tactics. Senator Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader and public servant including honesty, humility, intelligence, experience, authenticity, energy, fairness, kindness, and he is passionate about helping all children succeed, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations. Bernie received 86% of the vote in his home state due to his character, competence, and integrity. Vote smart. Vote Bernie! Go to Berniesanders.com to pass out fliers, make calls, and/or donate!


NEVER Clinton !!!!!


And don't forget those $120,000 prices for a night's stay in the White House (White House Hotel?) and $30,000 (??) to just talk with the pres one on one that Bill Clinton had going in the 1990's.


There is an entire large segment of the public left out of the business of nominating people for the White House, and other offices. The two political parties get the control but those who are independent get shafted via closed primaries. Closing primaries means that nominations are not democratic and therefore the election is not democratic (and don't get me started on losing control over voting via proprietary software on voting machines and, more importantly, on the servers to which the votes are reported after which they can be switched).


MSM is a disgusting tool, we won't be fooled. Vote!