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Voter Rights Win Big as Florida Court Rules Against GOP Gerrymandering


Voter Rights Win Big as Florida Court Rules Against GOP Gerrymandering

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the state legislature's redistricting plans ahead of next year's U.S. presidential election are tainted by "unconstitutional intent to favor the Republican Party and its incumbents" and ordered new congressional districts to be redrawn within 100 days.


Curiously enough one of the most egregious examples of gerrymandering in FL belongs to the district of a Democratic representative, Corine Brown and not a Republican. (Republicans hold the overwhelming majority of elected offices in FL. and do benefit most from the gerrymandered districts they draw). Ms Brown’s district as presently constituted, meanders, like a trail of doggy drippings, from Jacksonville to Orlando and is overwhelmingly African American in its constituency.

See map here:

It will be a pleasure to see her and other beneficiaries of gerrymandered districts have to run in districts that are drawn to reflect reality and not as tokens of patronage.


I live in a Republican heavily gerrymandered state similar to Florida. Some Democratic districts must be created, but the goal is to limit them. The creation of the fifth district in Florida as a democratic stronghold likely eliminated at least one other Democratic leaning district, or created multiple strong Republican districts surrounding it. That said, Democratic states practice gerrymandering in the same way Republican states do–take a look at California’s districts. No matter how you slice it, the two-party system adds up to a monopoly on our elections. Proportional Representation is the way to go.


Did you read the article?

“The trial court identified two districts as unconstitutional, including the 5th Congressional District, which snakes nearly 200 miles from Jacksonville to Orlando. This district captures and packs far flung African-American communities to limit those communities’ influence on surrounding districts.”

The intent of the 5th District gerrymander is to corral all the African American voters together TO LIMIT THEIR INFLUENCE. A party crams all the supporters of the other party into a single district, removing those votes from the surrounding districts. Ensuring 1 vote in Congress for the other party, and multiple votes in Congress for the gerrymandering party, despite fairly evenly balanced total numbers of voters.


Yes and that was the point of my comment and the link I posted to give further clarity to the issue. As Lobo4justice above said, it’s not just a Republican thing, it’s a politician thing. Democracy Now! has its limitations no matter which party rules.


CA uses an independent commission to redraw election boundaries, not its legislature…
If the GOP doesn’t gain many seats, maybe it’s because their policies & track records don’t appeal to the voters of that state!!


Of course we have to restore and protect the right to vote, but I have an additional question: For whom could our masses of poor vote, when no candidate, no party, represents them? They voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legit discussion about our poverty crisis. He did raise the issue a few times, Dems and libs aren’t interested. Although Obama presented some of the most progressive policies we’ve seen in decades, Dems in Congress have rejected many of those proposals.We have watched as Democrats resumed targeting Social Security, with hardly a mention of it in lib media.

This year alone, Democrats agreed to virtually wipe out food stamps for the disabled. I can’t support that. Voters can choose from among the array of third parties, but to my knowledge, all have erased America’s poverty crisis from their platforms. Another decade of merely calling for job creation (while jobs continue to be shipped out) isn’t going to change anything. People need food and shelter right now. The longer we have ignored our poverty crisis, the wider and deeper it has grown, and it is taking a very heavy toll on the whole of the economy. Still, the middle class would rather spend $10 to put someone in prison than 10 cents for aid for our poor.


All districts should be equally mapped out carved out in rectangles no Ziggy zags all squares or rectangles…This would incorporate all parties fairly…All these horseshoe zig zagged lines are nothing but but pure fraud…The GOP is the worst offenders…Look at NC they got into power fair and square and then did a massive gerrymander to insure they would stay in power especially once the public saw how corrupt they are and now they cant be voted out…Criminals all of them…The lessor of two evils is not the GOP.


True…Politicians should run on issues not corporate sponsorship and gerrymandering to insure corporate control.