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Voters Delivered a Progressive Mandate. Now Joe Biden Must Deliver

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/23/voters-delivered-progressive-mandate-now-joe-biden-must-deliver

Biden, “Paygo” Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrat misleadership are crippled and deluded by their belief in the Deficit Myth, which will prevent them from taking the 2021 version of FDR’s New Deal steps needed now.

They will disappoint and betray the 95% of us just as Obama did, and that will, as with Obama’s first term, result in a RethugliKKKan House and Senate in 2022 and 2024.


Mandate schmandate!

Biden doesn’t give a damn about what progressives want.

He wants war, corporate domination, and militaristic policing.


Let the gaslighting begin.

Did Robert Reich completely miss the 100% neoliberals appointed to Biden’s cabinet?

Is Reich trying to fool progressives into believing in “hope” and “change” … Obama redux?

Didn’t Biden say, “Nothing will fundamentally change”?

All this gaslighting is to prevent progressive Democrats from finding a new progressive Democrat leader who can win or switching to the Green party.


Darn. I lost the bet with myself. I peeked at the article just to see who wrote it, expecting Norm Soloman. But it was the other neo-lib who preaches progressive ideas at us, whenever there is no election coming up.


The Dems must not blow this chance. After the plethora of hope vs the dearth of audacity of the Obama years, the worst Biden can do is be Obama 3. That would convict the Dems as the “GOP enabler party”, and setup a progressive revolt that could split the left, dispirit the center, and easily swing the US back to the Trumpublican insanity in four years (or even two). Time for some real audacity: UBI, public-ensured health/housing/food/jobs/education, green economy, elimination of dark money, … so many opportunities, Dems! This may be your last chance.

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This water carrier for the worst of neoliberalism has zero credibility anymore.


Damn Robert, what the hell are you smoking? Can I have a hit on that bad boy?

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