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Voters Face a Simple Choice: Expand Social Security and Medicare, or Watch GOP Eviscerate Them Both

Voters Face a Simple Choice: Expand Social Security and Medicare, or Watch GOP Eviscerate Them Both

Max Richtman

Do older Americans want bigger Social Security checks and expanded Medicare coverage – or do they want their benefits cut?


Voters Face A Simple Choice:

"Fight Facsism Any Way Possible Or Be Enslaved."

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"Look At The Big Brain On Kristin_Lee!"


Even if dems take back the house and/or senate, with neoliberals still in control of the party neither of these bills are going anywhere. Don’t forget, Obama and the dem party were willing to slash social security, instead of raising the ridiculously low limit on the rich.

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It seems only DN is reporting on the attack of a US base in Florida??? US Tyndall AFB was destroyed by hurricane Michael ------17 jets taken out-----these jets cost over 300 million each. Trump just tearing up a missile treaty with Russia said “we have plenty of money for a build up” because they just increased the military budget to over 700 B.

There needs to be a real conversation about priorities. I disagree with the idea that we can spend to infinity-----debt has a real effect on economic health.

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Obama and the Republican leadership were willing to cut Social Security via chained CPI as part of a larger deal to raise taxes on the wealthy, but Democrats on Capital Hill were never into it. It is simply untrue to assert the party was. Powerful Senators like Tom Harkin hated the proposal. The Freedom Caucus was partly credited with killing the deal, but they would not have mattered if the President had even close-to a majority of the Democratic caucus. Instead, the caucus opposed it massively in both houses and his proposal didn’t really even get off the ground, aside from his immediately rejected budget proposals.

According to Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, “The tea party was more useful than Democratic leadership when it came to killing a grand bargain that would have cut Social Security benefits”.
I did like Harkin though.

More useful in what way? Factually, the vast majority of the Democratic causus in both houses were not with the president. He never had the votes in his own caucus for it (137 no votes straight up in the House), and the leadership told him so multiple times. Guys like Sherrod Brown and Harkin told the president straight-up it was not going to happen. The president’s budget is just a proposal and it was pretty much rejected outright and never came close.

Had Obama had his caucus behind him, things would have been different. The Republican leadership in the House may have siphoned off enough votes to move it through. However, the Freedom caucus plus Democratic disapproval made it a non-starter. In fact, the idea that the Freedom caucus did something magical totally misses the story: the much larger democratic caucus was against it. Without Democratic votes, the idea simply could not pass.

That the shrinking and/or privatizing of Social Security and Medicare is taken seriously is a sign of how far we’ve allowed ourselves to be fooled…by the $editious and sadistic Republican Party.

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