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Voters Keep Investing in Sanders' Revolution, Making Clinton Nervous



The difference, for me, between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is the difference between a productive model and a derivative model.

Who supports Bernie? People who have invested their lives in PRODUCING what is essential to life to the individual and community as essential to society.

Who supports Hillary Clinton? People whose career lives are dependent on the model that has led to the collapsing DERIVATIVE(S) model.

Bernie Sanders in 1988


I think some Sanders supporters are like me and send money whenever Clinton says something so outrageously untrue about Sanders it motivates me to contribute.

But if I did that every time Clinton or her surrogates lied about Bernie I'd be broke.


Arizona saw voter suppression and now there are reports the same "problems"--or is it deliberate hacking?--are happening in NY. :


How about this?

"In 2016, Bernie Sanders will have the Democratic nomination handed to him by the FBI, despite a DNC beholden to Hillary Clinton and her political allies."


I'm already broke. I've contributed as much to the Sanders campaign (repeatedly) as I could. Most of my contribution comes as a writer in my area pushing reasons people need to back Sanders. Also, the newest issue of the journal of progressive poetry I edit and publish is strong on Bernie. Samples from the newest issue are online now.


From that same Hill article, re: Sanders: "He has almost no institutional support and the liberal donor class, for the most part, are not fond of what they see as his divisive class warfare rhetoric."
As been said before, 'It's only class warfare when you fight back'


Thanks for the link/update Giovanna. Hacking could have transferred AZ voters registration info, etc, but not the number of polling locations. Arizonans are demanding a re-vote, and rightly so! Hope their demands are met!

NY should be on the lookout for any frauds - Clinton thinks/claims NY is "Clinton Country", but that's her ego & arrogance talking - NY is open for a "Sanders Surprise"!
AZ would have been but for electoral suppression and fraud! Its possible the other close states for Clinton were also frauds!


Thank you so much for that interview! Just imagine if Bernie Sanders magically could have won the presidency in 1992.


Thanks for your response and insights into this.
I had those thoughts (re: Obama/fix in) as well after reading the article (which I initially thought was an April 1 prank!).

Completely agree with your last sentence. And yes, I have followed HRC's felonious lawbreaking. It literally sickens me.

The denial of HRC's (and DNC) corruption by those that support her and even some who call themselves "progressives" is as mind boggling to me as those that still deny human induced climate change/disruption.


Someone should shadow Bill Clinton and monitor his behavior, on camera, all the time, on election day.


The Sandman is making Hillary nervous.


Those are some good poems. I was expecting bombast and proselytizing, instead I saw straightforward slices of experience from a working class (aka 'human') perspective.

Good selection. Thanks for editing it and for posting the link.


Emphyrio: Nevada was also stolen with the help of that little worm, Harry Reid. (I can't believe that little turd ever was a boxer., but I digress)....
Also we have to demand that Bernie be put back on the ballot in the DC primary, after he was
"accidentally" left off .
and I say again, as a native New Yorker now living in Jersey City (right across the water from Manhattan),
New York is BERNIE's home state. He is our HOME BOY, as they say. Hillary only used New York for her own presidential ambitions, like Bobby Kennedy, besides which she was MEDIOCRE as a Senator. I don't recall any great groundswell of love towards her while she was here.. .so for her & her media cronys to think New York is Clinton county is delusional. I'm volunteering, besides the phone banking I've done and will do, to physically get out the vote for Bernie in New York and New Jersey....GO BERNIE GO!
& say hello to Birdie for me....


Jaded Prole: Thanks for your money contributions. I too am thinning out in terms of how much I can give. Don't make much money. But I am going to delve into my lunch money for work, and brown bag it....Therefore I can continue to give between $5.00 to $10.00 a week.


Hadn't noticed this. For anyone who's wondering ....


I thought I was a registered,Democrat in NY, but was told that I was unaffiliated which I really am because I think both major parties are equally corrupt. I was told that to vote in the primary, I would have had to register as a Democrat last October. I wasn't thinking about voting in the primary last October and I wasn't aware that NY is a "closed" primary state. When I finally smartened up, it was too late and I'm a die-hard Bernie supporter. I feel terrible for letting Bernie down and hope my fellow New Yorkers will make up for my shortsightedness.


Enter Sandman: Theme song for the DNC?


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