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Voters Rush for Sanders' Political Revolution In Final Sprint Before Iowa


Voters Rush for Sanders' Political Revolution In Final Sprint Before Iowa

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With wall-to-wall crowds, climbing poll numbers, and a wave of critical new endorsements, less than one week before the primary contests officially commence, Bernie Sanders is riding high.

Two new polls out on Wednesday show that the senator from Vermont is not only holding fast on his lead in Iowa, but also continues to gain against frontrunner Hillary Clinton nationally.


This is the political version of Occupy Wall Street. The question is, with so many crowds roused up, will the elites be able to put out the fire of "The Mr. Sanders Goes to Washington Effect"?

The DLC never expected THIS to happen!


I do hope the Sanders campaign will be diligent in their oversight when these votes tallied. Those that cast their ballots for a particular candidate are not the people(otr machines) that will be counting the same.


I was wrong! I admit it. I never expected Bernie to make it this far or to rouse the people as he has done.

My doubt had nothing to do with the progressive ideals he is promoting, but rather the viciousness and mendacity of the MSM and party election machines, and the suggestibility of the electorate.

But maybe the MSM ignoring him turned out to be the best thing that could've happened. It allowed him to build up a lot of momentum and get his campaign rolling without interference.

A president Sanders is now a distinct possibility.


I have always supported third party peace candidates in the past, because both parties, with very few exceptions, are the corrupt, war parties, for the Amerikan Empire.

But this year, if Bernie beats the odds and gets the Democratic nomination for POTUS I will support Bernie. I know, I know, Bernie will not be able to implement everything he wants to and his foreign policy is suspect, but the good thing is: he means what he says about Wall Street and that is good enough for me to support Bernie. If Bernie does get a chance to run for POTUS there is no doubt in my mind, Bernie will bury anyone that the Republicans nominate.


Viva Bernie Sanders! Viva all people who see the truth and seize this critical moment! Viva La Sanders Revolucion!


My personal sniff test says that Hillary Clinton needs more than money at this point. She needs a Watergate and a half to pull this one out. Maybe she has one, maybe not.

Otherwise, Bernie clobbers her in Iowa by a "going away" extrapolation of his rise in the polls. Bernie flattens Hillary in New Hampshire by a similar extrapolation. By then the rest of the country is abandoning Hillary. Bernie picks up Nevada. Even if Hillary holds on by maybe 5% in South Carolina (or not!), the rest of the party insiders are seeing the handwriting on the wall. Some will run to the Trump/Bloomberg billionaires ticket and some will take their chances with the Democratic Party. However, Hillary won't get a dime more.


If she has a watergate coming, it's going to be her own, not anyone else's. those emails are fixing to bite her. She'd better hope Obama doesn't hate her guts, because it'll be his decision on whether or not to unleash the dogs.


I can't help but love the heat Sanders is putting on Clinton.

That said, those national numbers have to change soonest or Sanders is finished. That is a huge margin. However, I'm hoping that if he scores a win or two this coming week that this might close up that margin a little.

It's taken over 4 months for Sanders to close the gap with Clinton in Iowa and that's with virtually non stop campaigning focusing on a relatively small, white state.

Somehow he's got to do the same thing for about 8 states in about half that time.

Don't care how he does it, but, as Yoda might say, 'stop Hillary he must'.


There's something very strange going on in the national polls, because two weeks ago, the latest NY Times / CBS poll had Hillary ahead by only SEVEN points. NBC then immediately came out with a different poll showing about a 25 point lead, way outside the first poll's margin of error. Somebody is taking (deliberately?) faulty polls by "filtering out" "unlikely" voters ...


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yes, yes, yes! just made a small contribution that i hope will help put him over the top in Iowa.


That's a very good observation. Another factor in Bernie's momentum, is that there have been two primary ways the campaign has been covered: one through corporate media and the other through social media. Last I looked, Bernie's "30 years of Speeches" video had over 5 million views on Facebook.

Also, if you read through the comments sections of the Washington Post, New York Times, or The Guardian, you'll notice that viewpoints expressed there are overwhelmingly in favor of Sanders. This shows that even within corporate media outlets social media has found a way to influence the discussion.

The popularity of social media channels also likely explains why Bernie polls so far ahead with those under 45 years old, something like 60 (!) points higher than Hillary.

An good example of how social media channels are covering the campaign is the below critique on The Young Turk's channel of CNN's Town Hall, which I thought was a transparent and blatant attempt by CNN to shore up Hillary's flagging campaign:


Joining Ms. Sarandon.


Polls from Iowa show seniors for Hillary rather than Sanders - this must change! Are seniors just ill-informed or frightened or too susceptible to political lies and deceit to grasp who is really in their corner and who is just using them only to screw them later? I am a senior and feel qualified to comment on this. Fear generated by corrupt media is a terrible thing.

It seems the young "get it" even though it remains to be seen if they will tear themselves from their technology afflictions to actually get out and vote. Women seem dazzled and influenced by Hillary's gender and give her a free pass on the issues, her record as corporate cheerleader, and her deceit, hopefully that too will change and more and more will see the light......


Go Bernie! But how will you wrest money-power from oligarchs and their political hacks and give it back to the people? By having the people hit the streets every time Congress blocks your countless necessary initiatives, only to be ignored by the oligarchy's media? By writing to our Congressman without including a six figure campaign donation? How can you have a revolution without involving all the people directly to circumvent oligarchy manipulation?

Use the referendum Bernie! Have them frequently, not just a couple of garbled propositions to vote on every four years. Encrypted online voting is safer than any other voting method, including easily discarded paper ballots and corrupt voting machines. Snowden recommends encryption for safe communications. If we can bank online, we can vote online. Encrypted online voting, coupled with automatic voter registration would increase voter turnout astronomically and provide a copy of your vote.

Democracy means all the people voting, not a scant voter turnout consisting of those scared to death by MSM propaganda.

Direct democracy NOW!


The Clintons have always been Obama's mentor, so there is no way he "hates her guts". The two issues Hillary and Obama didn't agree on in the 2008 primary was Iraq invasion and the individual mandate, and we saw how long Obama stuck to his guns on them.

Obama will continue to suck up to the Clintons and their corporate paymasters so he can hop on the corporate "speaking fee" gravy train and collect an 8 figure annual income for selling the 99% down the river, just like the Clintons do.