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Voters Should be Wary of USA Today’s False Balance on Election 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/18/voters-should-be-wary-usa-todays-false-balance-election-2020

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I would never defend the mainstream media. Discernment is advised.

That said, choosing between a wig or plugs is a complicated decision.

Is it reporters’ judgment that’s clouded

Or an concerted attempt by the corpress to cloud ours?


How can we lend any credibility to a mainstream media that labels Sanders “far left” when his platform differs little from mid-century centrists platforms ?


Once more we are presented with a carefully crafted essay that intends to ensure that the lesser evil prevails over the greater evil - and in this election the media is determined that the public is told by it who is the lesser evil despite the fact that Biden is a proven evil and also has a history of failed policies and verifiable falsehoods as much as Trump. Arsenic or Strychnine - Your choice of political poison



Trump has never polled above 50%--------I know people who watch just local news and they think Trump is way out ahead??? I am talking to one guy who votes and thinks Trump had to of won a majority in 2016—??? What happens when you elect another minority elected President???

And now Ruth Ginsberg dead-----This is going to be one crazy election—but then look at all the people voting right now-------Calif should send out ballots NOW----and they should start the count ahead of the election.

Trump just freed up money for the grid in PR----he has been holding it for two yrs----this is to curry favor with PR elite in Florida.

And how much has Trump handed to the farmers in states like Iowa???

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The willingness to tell lies in support of the most corrupt Resident of the White House reminds me of the story of the day Jesus was nailed to the cross.

As Jesus was dying, he looked out and said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Betrayal is a weakness of the human spirit.

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You forgot the choice of a razor. Baldness is quite beautiful.

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If razor was on the ballot, I would give her serious consideration.

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Its a moving the Goalposts analogy. It like being on a football field standing 25 yards from the posts on your right and saying the Goalposts on the left are “far to the left”.

40 years later the goalposts are now 5 years apart and you are one yard away from the ones on your right and you still call those on the left “far left”.

The genuine left , as far as the media is concerned, has been erased.

Those who live outside the country are worried about US military terrorism no matter which party wins the presidential media contest.

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Very,very true! If your post was not true, Biden would have never been allowed any where near the nomination for POTUS. Biden compared to Trump, is the LOTE…but let me ask: Who wouldn’t be!