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Voters to Rise Up Across US for "People's Filibuster" of Gorsuch


Voters to Rise Up Across US for "People's Filibuster" of Gorsuch

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With Democratic Party resistance to President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch still in flux, American voters are taking to the streets on Saturday to stage a "People's Filibuster" against the conservative judge.

Organized by a coalition of pro-democracy and civil rights groups under the umbrella of The People's Defense, rallies are being held in 14 cities across the country, from Las Vegas to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Portland, Maine.


From what I've read this man won't explicably give firm answers as the senate asks key questions. This man is relatively young so he would tilt the bench for many years. Also he strikes me as an extremely arrogant, above others, as*h**e. I've written both of my senators who are both democrats expressing what a mistake this man would be on the bench. People with GOP senators need to email them right away. This man would be a big mistake for many years to come. I'm disabled so I can't go out and protest because I would if I could. Everybody write and protest if you're able.


I have too. Solidarity!


Neil Gorsuch should be given the same consideration that Merrick Garland was given.



That's an impressive list of supporters! The bankster-financed GOP are not rational players here. They will let no one get between them and their "legal" right to mine obscene sums of profit. Their next guy will be better schooled in lying. We'll see for sure! Didn't the Romans entertain their citizens in a similar circus fashion during the later years of their decline? But they didn't have our worries either: nukes, runaway climate change disasters and all the rest. I really think that with all these groups pulling together into a Grand Movement, we just might, just really might actually - intimidate these self-righteous psycho-bullies and their hirelings into retreat - "hissing and spitting" their dislike for our ability to fight back and stand tall.


Proof that checks and balances on government are but bank euphemisms for "justice".


I'll be attacked by the Democratic Party apolgencia, but I'll point out anyway, that the Democrats half-heartedly whined for 290 days as Judge Garland's nomination languished on a shelf.

Whining was the best they could muster, for all the world to see, because they were banking on a Hilary win and taking back the Senate, plus, really, when do they ever actually fight for anything?

Meanwhile, the Republicans played hardball, stalled Garland, and came out looking tough, ruthless, and loyal to their base of Christian xenophobes and willful know-nothings. Because they actually do fight for their hate-inspired agenda.

A willingness to fight for things. Hmmm? How does that play out?

In virtually total control of government, now soon to include the Supreme Court for years to come, that's how.

There's a lesson to be learned about fighting for things that matter to average Americans, and what used to be your base. A lesson about having a backbone. But as I live and breathe, I'll stand behind this prediction: the D-Party is too beholden to corporate benefactors to bother rethinking a damn thing.


Not to mention that the Dim Party failed to filibuster Samuel Alito's confirmation.

Ever since the 1985 DLC formation swing voters have been admonished by the Dims to vote Dim, if for no other reason, that Dims give us better SCOTUS justices.

Considering that pundits across the political spectrum concurred that when Republican POTUS Gerald Ford's appointee John Paul Stevens retired from SCOTUS in 2010 he was the most left leaning (further left than Clinton and Obama appointees) of all SCOTUS justices at the time, "better" hasn't meant much since LBJ was POTUS. In all fairness, please note that POTUS Carter was the only full term POTUS in history to never have an opportunity to nominate a SCOTUS justice.

Looking aghast at the outcome of Alito, Garland and Gorsuch, in 2018 and beyond do the Dims have ANY carrots left to hang in front of swing voters ?


Resist. We should have enough residual energy to impeach a Supreme Court justice for the first time in history.


The Dim Party isn't about resistance. It's about acquiescence, accommodation, and corporate fealty.

Gorsuch on the SC, Trump win, take it to the bank.


Don't give Trump all the credit, this is what the republicans have been working to accomplish for the last 40 years. Trump is the stooge. McConnell, Ryan, Walker, Kochs and Freedom Cacus and many more of them. Place blame where it belongs, in districts across the country and states who elected these vile men. Blaming Trump, blame each district rep and senators all across the US of A.


Aside from all his other disqualifications, It should be enough that the Republicons who boycotted Garland got a dose of their own medicine.

Gorsuch could keep us in the Dark Ages after Trump is long gone.

And of course, wannabe President Biden said we should vote for him anyway. Boohoo meaning screw you.


I give Trump none of the credit on Gorsuch being confirmed. That all goes to McConnell stalling Garland.

Trump will, however get the credit from his base, and the media will spin it that way, and in the final analysis, holding his base together for the mid-terms--when D-Party turnout is low--is all that matters.