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Voters Urged to "Melt the Phone Lines" to Stop Senate From Passing #GOPTaxScam


Voters Urged to "Melt the Phone Lines" to Stop Senate From Passing #GOPTaxScam

Julia Conley, staff writer

Progressives rally in "People's Filibuster" to stop Republican tax plan as proposal advances toward Senate floor vote


Well this seems to working all lines have been busy today, guess you have to keep trying. Cheers.


If you live in a state that pushes this fraud you need to occupy the halls, the streets the offices now.


I sent an email instead. Wanted it in writing, Thanked mccain for signing my death certificate.


I mostly left messages, CA has been too busy to even to do that. I spoke with someone in Michigan and he was well aware of why i was calling. Remember it is not over till its over. This will hurt a lot of people if this passes so I hope senators are listening. I would be mad too, the ^%##%%.


I called my one republican Senator (Dean Heller). Not that I believe for a moment it will make any difference.


Both of my senators are democrats (for all the good that does). Why should I be calling someone else’s senators especially if they are republicans?


Thanks Fern. I am shifting gears tomorrow, I am going to focus on my site and try very hard not to post here and other sites including f/b. I have enjoyed your constant assistance through these trying times. Be well Fern.


We could call it “Operation Pitchfork”…??


Thanks Ditton. You are one of most genuine people here so don’t stay away to long. I’ll make some more calls tomorrow, not use to speaking with Senator’s aids. Your site is great, can’t wait to see the changes. Not to be too personal but you were really a cute little boy.


I hear you! My senators are both rich white guys who know they won’t be back and they are voting themselves a better retirement plan with this. Shame on McCain. Again!
Shame on Flake.
If this passes, I wish for grievous bodily harm to come to every last yes voter!


Stuck my nose in today after the vote last night. Posted a note under Abby’s “further” page. I worked on my site and got a bunch of ugly stuff posted and then went back and cleaned it up, our focus going forward should be the positive things instead of how ugly things have become. With the Russian investigation moving along and the potential shut-down on the 8th I look forward to collapse by the 9th, we should hit bottom by then. :slight_smile: I was cute, wasn’t I with bright red hair :slight_smile:


Glad you did. Wow, big changes to your site, a nice transition in my opinion. I’m still exploring the journal type entries and the art. Glad to decided to let the ugly stuff go, let them find their karma the hard way.

lol, yes cute. :slight_smile:


I just moved the ugly stuff under the tab Mordor…on to the Second Bill of Rights…


Ok, I was side-tracked by Navajo Radio. A little reluctant to enter Mordor but it is actually very good. Informative. I’ve been researching advocacy on some issues and taking some time to assimilate all this.