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Voters Wanted a Revolution. How'd They Get Stuck With Corrupt Bob Menendez?


Voters Wanted a Revolution. How'd They Get Stuck With Corrupt Bob Menendez?

Will Bunch

You say you want a revolution? Then you definitely want to see more candidates like Michael Starr Hopkins, a 31-year-old public defender and occasional TV political pundit who — for a brief month or two in late 2017 — toyed with throwing a large wrench into the creaky, oil-leaking machine that is New Jersey’s Democratic Party.


From the article:

"Cue the Larry David music, because the message from entrenched Democratic leaders to the grassroots that was energized both by the shock of Trump’s election and by modern progressive ideas like universal health care and college opportunity has mostly been, ‘Curb your enthusiasm.’”

Similarly, back in November 2008, in the afterglow of electing our first president who was not entirely white—but before he was even inaugurated—Barack Hussein Obama advised the electorate to “Lower your expectations.” Same shyte, different day; the modern D party is all about managing our expectations on behalf of the donor class.

But it’s pedal to the metal over at Brand R, where the wackier the expectation, the more funding is lavished on it. Thus the “center” is ratcheted ever rightward, and grifters like Roberto “Gusano” Menendez are as much “opposition” as Brand D is willing to put up.


But no matter what happens, the sheep always line up at the ballet box convinced that this time will be different despite all the evidence to the contrary. Just like a gambling addict at a casino.

People talk of movements and resisting and revolution but I see none of that. I see a few…a very few with vision being drown in a sea of ignorance and social control. I read an article the other day that compared the American people to a person who was the victim of domestic abuse, too beaten down mentally to be able to fight back. That I believe is certainly part of the equation. But I believe the majority are simply so socially programmed, that they have given up the ability for any kind of rational thought. They are zombies living a life of wage/debt slavery, never once realizing they are even victims.


’ Many bigger Democratic donors told him they feared “retribution” if they bucked the establishment and gave Hopkins any money.’

And from whom does the establishment itself fear retribution, other than the Israeli lobby? Is there anyone so powerful other than that parasitic (for Israel) lobby, with an interest in forcing this foul Netanyahu puppet on us?


Bottom line, Menendez is a POS as are Manchin, Kaine, Warner, McCaskill, Carper, Coons, Schumer, Gillibrand, Booker, et al. They’re all fucking elitist, money grubbing ass holes.


Let’s not forget that as a nation, our social constructs are firmly rooted in materialism, greed, self-interest, disparaging education, clawing our way to the “top,” avarice, and cupidity. Our representatives are just that–they represent the values of the majority, and so the majority see nothing wrong with them. Same with Trump voters: they appreciate being represented by a decrepit velociraptor, because they themselves function at that level. It’s disheartening for the minority who actually have a vision that surpasses this average perspective.


Exactly so Swagmn…and lets not forget, today is the anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty June 8, 1967, killing and wounding over 200 sailors! A date that will live in infamy!

The Israeli extremist, terrorist, racist, mindset will do, say, or commit any spying, subversion, atrocity or crime…even on its craven lap-dog puppet US…our weak politicians, Congress and WH, to further Israel’s fantasy mythology and supremacist racism!

The number and enormity of false flag ops by their criminal regimes have not been fully exposed! From the Marne Barracks bombing in Beirut (see V. Ostrovsky’s book) where 241 Marines were killed, to our September Reichstag Fire, the Mossad has been involved in and/or knew far more than they acknowledged or US spook agencies have exposed!!

The US politicians who step out of line are targeted for defeat…blatant subversion of our politics, foreign policy, and sovereignty, but the DC sheep are so buffaloed with heads up their own asses, by Israeli threats and political power they will crawl on their bellies for the zionist entity! …and don’t get me started on the evangelical “religious” nutters who support Israel so Jesus will come back…

.BDS! USS Liberty attack NEVER FORGET!!


Continuing proof that the Democrats give no more of a damn about their voters than the Republicans do. And then they wonder why they lose elections…


I often wonder what is worse, republican voters who aren’t smart enough to figure out their party hates them, or democratic voters, who know their party hates them but still vote for them anyway?
Ah 21st century American politics. A lethal combination of having Stockholm syndrome and low expectations.


Dan, there are movements happening across the USA where people believe that that they can get together and get something done for the benefit of the people, other living things, and the environment upon which all life depends. That means learning to work together (on all sides of the political spectrum) in the communities where we live. We have to learn, face to face, to work together and build trust before we jump headlong into State or National arenas where we always get wiped out immediately if not before by the existing power structure.

We don’t live in a Democracy. If it ever really existed, it was subsumed by the wealthy white, male property owners and captains of industry. We now live in a Capitalist Corporatocracy run by global oligarchs. The only place we can reclaim our right to governance of, by, and for the people is right where we live.

I’ve been working with the Oregon Community Rights Network for over 6 years. We have gotten 6 counties to organize peoples initiatives, gotten 3 to the ballot, and won 1. Last year Lincoln County won their aerial pesticide spray ban. They won with only 67 votes to spare after a long hard fight against their own local government and corporate actors with lots of money. But they won and there has not been any aerial spraying at all this year! Of course there will be court battles over this new law, but for now it is holding because the people continue to fight for the law they passed and intend to enforce.

People get discouraged fighting within the current corrupt/rigged system. They have “been down so long it looks like up to me”. And on top of that, like you said, they have been pre-programed to believe in TINA (Margaret Thatcher - There is no alternative). I don’t think they are zombies. I believe that many have given up hope and are just trying to keep their heads above water. But they might reach out and fight if they are hurled a life preserver from people in their own community with an idea about how to seize their power - together- and fight for what is right in their own communities. It’s all about organizing to build our own power where we stand.


More evidence of the totally corrupted, and unreformable Democratic Party. Yet every time I point out that there is a viable alternative already on the ballot in many states that is run by The People, cannot be bought, does not take big money, has no super delegates, and has a truly progressive agenda - the Green Party - all I get back is lies about only being there to elect Republicans every four years, and that I’m either a plant or bot for the Republicans, or we’re not serious, and you need to start with local races only. Well all of those things are not true, both ideologically and practically (due to the way corrupt election and ballot rules are written by the two major parties). We have to run candidates at the top of the ballot to keep ballot access in a lot of states, and get percentages of the vote in many that neither of the “permanent” parties have to, to stay on the ballot, all the while being at the mercy of Boards of Elections that are captive of those two corrupt, entrenched parties for honest and fair practices and results that are often anything but transparent.

It is true that the way our elections are structured there is only room for two viable major parties. So, the only real goal for a party of the people to gain traction is to take down and destroy the broken party that was never really for the common people - the Democrats. That’s right. Ending the Democratic Party is really the only way to achieve reform that will benefit the majority. They can’t be reformed, this article is great evidence that I’m right about that. The establishment only cares about covering their own a$$es and positions, and to hell with the rest of the populace. They deserve to die, and I, and millions of other progressives had enough after the revelations of 2016, and what the Clintons and their ilk did to our best hope for defeating Donnie Tiny Hands, namely Bernie Sanders. I really don’t care if it was Russians, insiders, or little green men who put out the Podesta emails. They were true and damning, and nobody has denied that.

Yes it is a long slog and a process that will have ups and downs, but I finally understand what pundits like Mark Twain and George Carlin have been saying for over 100 years - that politics in this country is a private club, and we’re not invited to be members. We have to take it over for ourselves. Come join us and help remake the political landscape.


Do you need anymore evidence that I’m right since it’s just been announced that for 2020 the Democratic Party has passed a preemptive rule to keep Bernie Sanders from running again that a Democratic candidate for President has to already be a member of the Democratic Party. Please run, don’t walk, away from the totally effed-up Democratic Party and be welcomed with open arms by the Green Party!


The only way to turn these neolib right wingers out is to not vote for them and yes we will lose some elections but what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger for we cam no longer to carry the dead weight of blue dogs. Even with a new Democratic president and majorities in both chambers the best these Republican lites could manage was to pass the flawed ACA instead of the single payer we needed. Blue dogs and neoliberals are the garbage we must deal with to pretend to have a majority…


I don’t know, but at the rate the NOTA vote keeps increasing, I’d say the sheep are starting to wake up.



Unfortunately, None Of The Above doesn’t appear on ballots out here in the wild west.  As noted previously, I wrote in “J. Fred Muggs” for all offices where there wasn’t a Green on the ballot, but it’s not the same. “NOTA” should be a choice, and if “NOTA” wins then the election should be re-done — and with none of the previous candidates eligible to try again.


Sitting on your couch on election day is a NOTA vote.


Voters in Wisconsin had two recall attempts of Scott Walker; nonetheless, there he is.


Sitting on your couch on election day is NOT a NOTA vote — it is a surrender to the status quo:  rigged elections and an utterly corrupt government.


When a Democratic or Republican candidate become totally discredited the other side wins even where the other party never won before.

In New Jersey anti Bob Mendendez ads dift across the airways into Philadelphia where I live. “Mendendez thinks voters are stupid and will vote for any crook as long as he is a Democrat”. This pro-choice, pro-marriage equality candidate “ Bob Hugin” happened to be a Trump Delegate and financial supported who raised the price of a cancer drug 20%. Overwhelmingly Jersey voters are so disgusted with the NJ Senate race that they plan to stay home that is unless they can be reminded that Third Party’s are on the ballot.

Voters wanted a revolution. How’d they get stuck with corrupt Bob Menendez?
Menendez-vs-Hugin corrupt-Senator vs greedy-Pharmaceutical-Exec

Third Party Miracle may be pending in New Jersey