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'Voters Will Know Who to Blame': Poll Shows Nearly 7 in 10 Americans Support $1 Trillion State and Local Aid GOP Refuse to Provide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/28/voters-will-know-who-blame-poll-shows-nearly-7-10-americans-support-1-trillion-state

MORE CORROBORATION! Of what I have posted many times; if we Progressives do not destroy the GOP; THEY WILL SURELY DESTROY US ALL!



They don’t need no stinkin’ voters. Not under the rule of Neoliberal Fascism.


The only way this makes sense is if this particular group of Drumpf sycophants is planning some sort of coup and installing ( a coronation?) a Dictator of Freedom for life.

Occam’s Razor.


I’ve known whom to blame for several decades:  the turds floating in the former swamp – now cesspool – that is Washington, D.C.   And yes, the biggest of them are 99.44% pure feces — they have floated to the top.

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That happened a long time ago! From my perspective, ever since the Coup D’ Etat on 11/22/63…


Five of the seven states polled are low population.

“Senators can no longer ignore the calls of voters, local elected officials, and economists who have repeatedly called for this relief.”

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Dear Eoin,
Yes they will. ain’t no lifeboat available for us. Loot will go to
airlines, military contractors, wall street and even banks.

we watch and listen. The DC senators are enjoying the suspense.
Enjoying the reporters questions. Enjoying the attention from back home.
Enjoying the incoming campaign donations. Because RNC is not sending
them any money. It all belongs to trump family.

Your headline is wrong = 7 divided by 50 = 14% proven at 70%.


They treat us like children. “We know what’s best for you, Elroy! No more bags of blood for your IV. You’ve had more than enough. Besides, we have fighter planes we have to build, and things you wouldn’t understand, like giving money to Uncle Pfizer and Auntie GM. Now go to bed. We’ll see you tomorrow, if you’re still alive.”


Does anybody not see really bad things coming down the pipe, very soon?
This will get worse before it gets better, if it ever gets better again.


…and Hospitals, Drug and insurance companies. Regardless of who ‘wins’ in November.

’History Will Not Judge This Kindly’: DNC Platform Committee Votes Down Medicare for All Amendment

"Nothing will fundamentally Change"


Where’s my guillotine? That glasses-adjusting bastard in the front of those dead geese needs to have his collar adjusted.


That’s a big ask, there Sparky. Things getting better? Really.

I’ve been told I’m a bit of a delusional old hippy.
I’m sure there’s some medicine that can take care of that;)

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Don’t worry Brian. Godzilla will save the day.

Right. They look dead. And i’ve commented before about people in the background (next to dump etc) who look perplexed, fearful, astounded, mesmerized and i don’t know what.

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Well, thank god Joe’s the other party’s nominee. Ran the most issue-centered campaign in history, totally on the ball mentally, never sold out to corporate interests, spotless record, totally in touch with poor and working people, not at all surrounded by careerist, sociopath assholes. Man am I excited about the choices these parties have given us in November. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, if only the tunnel would stop extending off into the distance, I could eventually reach the light. Oh well, at least I can say there is a light, however faint. There just enough to be utterly depressing.

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Capitol furniture, they are.

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Right there with ya.

So far today, on the radio.
No money directly to states or cities.
Money to education for those opening up to students as a reward from DC.
{I do not know who or how these grants will be handed out.}
Traditional republicans hate trump but are not happy with Biden either.
Reps and dems are only two trillion dollars apart with their gifts to donors.

On TV, Delta airlines president said he will be at zero dollar losses by New Years eve.
Expects to use 60% of seats as maximum passenger load.
Leisure trips will return long before business travel.

Last week, british petroleum purchased the 2nd largest wind driven generator farm north
of Purdue University in Indiana. The largest is in Texas. Four weeks ago they were being
hunted as a bankruptcy candidate. Hmmm, queen opened her purse a tiny bit?

Easiest medical = all prenatal and all children through age 15 are medicaid. NO private insurance or cash needed. Can do two pilot programs for six months. A midwest state, such as Michigan and a western state such as New Mexico. Have daily results posted on internet to assist folks understanding the total society money costs. For example, a business cannot deduct their contribution to employees health insurance when they save loot galore on premiums that now decrease.

No, voters will continue to be confused about who is to blame, as long as media continues to ignore or obfuscate the complicity of Democrats. This is pure bipartisan shitfuckery.

If there’s anyone who reads the comments and is not already aware, please, please watch this video of Nick Brana being interviewed on The Jimmy Dore Show the other day. Even so-called “progressive” Democrats have sold out.

For those who are already aware, you still might enjoy the video for Nick Brana’s ideas on systemic change.

“Protest The Establishment At Their Homes!”

The interview starts at 6:20, if you want to skip the introductory rant. The whole video is 37 minutes. At 14:00 Nick describes how fake progressive Pramila Jayapal said she wouldn’t challenge her party.

Did you know there was a major protest July 11, in which 30 politicians were protested at their homes by car caravans? No one covered it. Did you know some Democrats basically said fuck off to the protesters, and others claimed to agree with the demands, but refused to use their power to respond to them? That’s the “progressive” way to say fuck off.

Nick Brana founded Movement for a People’s Party after experiencing the betrayal and heartbreak of the 2016 Sanders campaign. He was personally at Steny Hoyer’s house. What were the demands?

  1. Defund police and divert funds back to schools and social services
  2. Medicare for all
  3. Monthly $2,000 cash payments for all
  4. Cover payroll to protect small business jobs
  5. Suspend rent and mortgage payments
  6. Suspend student and credit card loan payments

Here is the page from Movement for a People’s Party that includes the demands: