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Voting for Biden Without Lying to Yourself

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/26/voting-biden-without-lying-yourself


So yeah, vote for the guy, and for his cop VP Kamala Harris, who’s also pretty terrible.

And keep in mind that he’s shit, and his party is shit, and the rising stars the shit party’s shit big donors have waiting in the wings—the Eric Swalwells and Pete Buttigiegs and that one Kennedy boy—are all shit.

You simply must stay with your abusive, rapist husband! Because… that guy down the street? He’s even worse.

I’ve seldom read more-honest advocacy for evil.

“The DNC didn’t hit me officer. I fell.”


It is amazing how a progressive website moves further to the right the closer we get to the November elections…


Spot on! Tails they win, heads you lose.

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I enjoyed this article, and I still won’t vote for Biden or Trump. I’m with Eugene Debs: “I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it.”

So I’ll vote for the Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins.


Good article----thank you Ira Allen. Pretty much sums it up.

And this portion of your article resonated with me as I am a fellow Biden hater who agrees with this quote from Nathan Robinson:

“I am not Team Joe. I will never be Team Joe. I do not Vote Blue No Matter Who. I vote blue when the consequences of not voting blue are worse than the consequences of voting blue. This election must be thought of as a war to stop an authoritarian government from consolidating power. We must assume we are likely to lose that war until we are certain we have won it. Otherwise, we will look back in a few years and wonder why the hell we let our hatred of Joe Biden lead us to an immediate, outright slide into fascism.”

I would add that it is not just the hatred of Joe Biden the puppet but understandable hatred of what he represents (which again, has been beaten into the ground here at CD’s). Ira does detail all of that quite well in his article.

It is my belief that given climate chaos (hello possible category 4 hurricane happening right now in addition to wildfires, arctic in meltdown, methane being released etc.), income inequality, the pandemic etc.--------people are exhausted and many are just struggling to survive.

The level of exhaustion (sprinkled with denial, apathy and increasing levels of depression/anxiety) in this severely ill, corrupt country will easily allow for trump, et al to quickly solidify this country into fascism/brutal authoritarianism and ultimately rapid annihilation. And yes, we can thank neoliberal dems for playing a huge role in this.

If we were not immersed in climate chaos and ecosystems collapse we might be able to pull together enough people to bring down both systems as suggested by many commenters here that are “hashtag never Biden”. I don’t see that happening.

There are no clear leaders right now to do this.

There are no other countries who will come and “save us”.

There is climate and social breakdown in most of the world.

There is a pandemic perhaps another one right around the corner.

Trump will expedite the demise of the u.s. and the few true progressives here will go down in a nightmare that to most is unimaginable.

People: we have run out of time (see methane release, climate disasters all over the world and arctic sea ice thickness —or lack there of)

I believe it is too late on all levels in this country to “fight for a 3rd party” in the midst of fascist trump coupled with climate and social chaos for another 4 years. I do believe that could (minuscule chance) happen (if there isn’t mass extinction first) under shitty dems.

But that is a Hail Mary. I hope for a Hail Mary as I have a young daughter. If it were just me at this point I would “compassionately detach” from everything.

The first step would be detaching from CD’s as there are so many haters here who lay into me for expressing these feelings. I am not shame voting you.

I think under another 4 years of trump people will not be able to leave this country. That is most likely the case right now. And really, with climate breakdown/chaos----where to go?

There probably is not an answer as I do agree (partially) with Morris Berman who has predicted quite accurately the demise of the u.s. and said recently in his rather smug, haughty manner (which I find very irritating yet admittedly, he has been right much of the time) the quote below (my bold):

Preface to M.B. quote: I think his figure of 99 + % is a bit high in his summary below----I know a lot of people who truly care about all life on earth/social/racial justice who are stuck here in the utterly despicable u.s. I think I would say . . . . . 90 %? Maybe that is giving people in the u.s. too much credit . .

Morris Berman:

The real issue, however, is not Trumpo per se. The man is merely an icon for the rest of the country. Whether progs or bubbas or Karens, 99+% of the nation believes in the American Dream, and the American Way of Life. Like Trump, they just want to get back to hustling. They just want to make America great again, or save it. Only a few declinists and Native Americans understand that the place was a mistake from the get-go. “Possessions are a disease with them,” said Sitting Bull. How many Americans agree with that ? Left-wing ‘heroes’ certainly don’t, any more than does Trumpalump. The Lump is ridiculous, but he is hardly the cause of the mess we are in. Look to the people, said H.L. Mencken, George Carlin, Gore Vidal. That’s where you’ll find the core of our failure as a nation.


As someone who worked for years with abused women/children and set up 2 domestic violence shelters I can tell you this:

The time women choose to leave their abusers is the most dangerous time-----many murders occur during that time.

It is recommended that a plan be in place prior to leaving.

We do not have a plan right now in this country.

The author of this piece states clearly at the end of the article:

“If you want democracy, you’ll have to make it yourself. So, vote to salvage some of the pieces we’ll need down the way, then do the real work of organizing with comrades”

I do not read the above as “advocating evil”. I see it as the rather dire, depressing truth.

Sometimes women consciously choose to stay until they have a safe place to leave to minimize their risk of being killed. Which of course, is high whether they stay or go.

And yes, as I’ve stated here numerous times, this country is like a massive structural abusive, narcissistic, sociopathic relationship and there is a large amount of learned helplessness.


It is recommended that a plan be in place prior to leaving. We do not have a plan right now in this country.

The only plan which can work is massive, unrelenting nonviolent protest, and national work stoppages.

Such protest will be met by extreme police violence, making the last six months, and the Obama administration’s national police attack on Occupy seem like mere warmup games. But such real resistance will tear asunder the remains of the lie that is Exceptional America, and finally make the misleadership in Washington truly frightened by might come next… for them and theirs.

“If you want democracy, you’ll have to make it yourself. So, vote to salvage some of the pieces we’ll need down the way, then do the real work of organizing with comrades”

This is the old “We must hold their feet to the fire!.. after we give our Team’s sociopathic abusers our support” canard. This has never worked, and the last thirty years are proof positive that it never will…

Well, no more, Never again. The time to resist both wings of the Party of Wall Street and war is now.


I agree—to a point because the time to act was decades ago. We’ve missed that opportunity which is obvious with AGW/climate breakdown.

It will be about mitigation right now. Or annihilation.

The post I edited above was edited because I accidentally wrote “Cat 5” hurricane and changed it to 4. It looks like—now---- it might be a Cat 5. This (cat 5) is most likely due to AGW and extremely high sea surface temperatures—thanks to humans.

I look forward to reading about what you are doing right “now” that will stop fascism and absolute hell and suffering that will ratchet up exponentially under 4 more years of trump.

If Biden gets in you can still start your work NOW and continue after he takes office. But I doubt Biden will be president for a variety of reasons.

I look forward to reading about what others here who comment all day long what they are doing right “now” besides commenting here and doing cyber things.

And that includes looking forward to seeing what the hell Chris Hedges is going to do (besides probably leave this country and continuing his eloquent pontificating from a safe distance).
I’m serious, I heard him joking about being fortunate to be able to leave this country.

So . . . he gets everybody riled about about “resistance and revolution” and then will simply leave?

And no, I am not nor have I ever said to “hold dems feet to the fire”.

What don’t you get about me saying (repeatedly) that dems are pathological?

I’ve commented for YEARS about the stupid, worthless idea that you can “hold dems feet to the fire”. I’ve never voted LOTE. I am going to for the first time this year because I do believe these times are different. YES---- we’ve heard that before too but that doesn’t mean that it really isn’t different this time.

The fire is literally now (no one held their feet to it). It has exploded and is going exponential. I hate that useless, delusional concept/expression and I’ve written here in this comment space for years refuting that notion. The dems in power don’t care about the fire and no one----- to this point----- has even tried to hold their feet to it.

With that said,

I’m not ready for moving full on fascist at the moment.

I live in the midst a bunch of violent, racist trumpeters and they are beyond scary. (yes, dems are too I know, I know, I know . . . they just present more politely!)

If trump secures power they will be emboldened. There is no way around that.

The dems are not going to save us or even mitigate (with compassion) AGW.

You are not getting my point at all------- the statement you re-quoted by this author is in no way suggesting to “hold their feet to the fire”. It is the opposite in fact.

Most here don’t get what I’m trying to convey so I am signing out of CD’s. I actually am busy most days trying to make the little corner of the world where I live a better place for all beings (including nonhuman life).

Good luck and I truly do hope you can get out there and mobilize enough people to tear down the cruel system.


Many good points about vapid Biden and crooked DNC.
We’ve been here before. Multiple times depending on your age. The other side is the worst ever, vote LOTE.

Trump is bad, no doubt. He has not started any new wars. At least there’s that.

One of these parties needs to implode. Completely. I’ve voted Dem many times in the past, but they have shifted to money and corruption much faster than the other side and refuse to look back.

I won’t sit this one out for sure.
I will be voting green. Again. They actually offer policy based on what is right and good. Neither of the other parties even tries.


Cheers to that!
Great quote.


Hilary Clinton has suggested that if Joe Biden loses the election that he not concede. This the very thing Trump was being condemned for a few months back when it looked like the Democrats would win in a cakewalk. As the election nears there suddenly concern that election results will be fraudulent coming from the DNC camp.

In 2018 some 30 ex CIA/Military Intel persons ran under the banner of the Democratic party for the House of Representatives. 11 ended up winning. This time around they will have some 36 running for both the House and Senate targeting Republican seats. The MIC has taken over both parties.


This article reminds me of an old Cheech and Chong skit “Looks like dogshit”. Two guys are wandering in the snow when they see something that looks like dogshit. They wonder what it is. One picks it up. rubs it and says “it feels like dogshit” he then smells it and says “It smells like dogshit”. He then tastes it and says “it tastes like dogshit”.

They conclude it in fact dogshit and drop it.

They leave with one saying “good thing we did not step in it”.

The authors suggestion is very much like “well if we vote democrat instead of Republican at least we did not step in it”


“Without lying to yourself”


If that’s your criteria, please answer the following without lying to yourself:

Is our system of voting secure and, ipso facto, legitimate?

Please answer THAT without lying to yourself.

“I don’t know” is the only honest answer, unless you’re someone willing to admit it’s not. If you say it is legitimate (all votes are counted, recorded, verified, presented accurately, and re-countable), you are a LIAR.

So the honest answer begs another question: Does participation in an illegitimate process lend it credibility?

Surely, the answer to that is yes.

So let’s forget honesty then, and tell ourselves the Emperor’s clothes are really out of style and just barely there, but he’s definitely not naked, that would be heresy.


Even if it is secure.
The Electoral college could again ensure the peoples will is not met.

We do not live in a democracy.


Dear Caroline,

Thank you for gracing these pages. Please don’t abandon CD completely.

I think there is one other difference between the Dems and Republicans. Dems are more hamstrung in their ability to bring full firepower against the people because their (phony but stated) presentation of themselves is that of a party of “the people.” So the opportunities to protest and organize without massacres are, hopefully, greater under Biden than under Trump. It’s a kind of restatement of Allen’s argument, I suppose. But we DO know that the white militias and mercenaries will be out in force working with the police if Trump is reelected.


Critical thinker:

Thank you for connecting and for your input/insights.

I lasted all of a few hours of not visiting or looking at posts on CD’s! I had to comment on ----of all things-----the boycott of the playoff game by the Milwaukee Bucks today -----commented under the hurricane article.

I am a weather geek and also . . . will admit (am setting myself for attacks by more haters again here with this admission!!) a Milwaukee Bucks fan (especially Giannis A.)

Excellent points, thank you.

We are seeing a nonviolent protest with the behavior of the Bucks today and other teams are following suit.

Doc Rivers Delivers Emotional Speech On Jacob Blake:



Yes Voting for Biden does not mean I am a fan. Just the thing that needs to be done.

Thank You for the litany of exposes. And from that view.

I think most understand that a vote for Biden does not necessarily mean you are a fan. What is in question is whether that does more GOOD for the USA then voting a third party and showing the DNC you will vote but not for them until they change.

I think my position on that well known.


A pile of "shit"s

And every one indubitably on target.

As for Tara Reade’s disappearing



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