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Voting Problems Plague High-Stakes Primary Day in New York


Voting Problems Plague High-Stakes Primary Day in New York

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


I hope those lawyerly poll watchers that came out for Obama are coming out again--we need you, monitors!


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Go Bernie!


UN monitors urgently needed!


Wow. I guess I shouldn't be, but I am shocked and disgusted at the crooked NYC and Boroughs voter disenfranchisement. Shocked I guess that this could happen in supposedly liberal NYC, but then unsurprised in the crown jewel of the neoliberal dystopia, all to plan. The federal court hearing the emergency case to open the closed primary has just decided not to, instead to defer to a later date. A lawsuit and contested result should be fought tooth and nail by the Sanders campaign for these impacted voter areas. A vote for Clinton is a vote for neoliberal economics and foreign policy, and for neoconservative foreign policy of immoral and illegal military invasions. I'll never vote for any such Democrat ever. I could never vote for a Democratic candidate for President who voted for the invasion of Iraq, and everyone who does has blood on their hands. Guilty! Democrats voting for Clinton are as fact-challenged as any Republican.


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Welcome to the 3rd world. In our case we emerged in the 50's and began our decline arolund the time of the Gipper (Ronnie).


Please read this article also -- it is extremely important and, speaking as a lawyer, encouraging.


Still better than a caucus but can't remember when New York has had such problems with voting.


I wonder how long the American people will accept their pseudo-democracy. The Democratic Party has complained about election fraud, but in this primary season it appears that they have been more fraudulent than the GOP in the debate structure and obvious maneuvers to have Clinton get the nomination.


Meanwhile, everyone vote provisional, and let Bernie's lawyers sort it out.
It's the same BS that the Clinton campaign is pulling. They'll tell us HRC barely wins NY, then when all the votes are counted and she actually doesn't, well then Bernie ends up pulling more delegates than her, but after they steal his thunder tonight. If they can. But just maybe it'll be like we've been expecting, and they'll feel the Bern despite them telling us otherwise.
Come on Bernie!


"Meanwhile, everyone vote provisional, and let Bernie's lawyers sort it out" Yes! An imperatively good suggestion.


I recommend a mixed team of Albanian and Romanian monitors.


I still don't understand why America can't have a simple well run and fair democratic election system. Almost every other nation on Earth can run an election without problems but the US just can't for some reason. It makes me laugh when I hear Americans crow about their democracy as if they were the only nation on the planet that has such governance by the people. I laugh because after every US election there are accusations of election fraud, not voter fraud, election fraud! You would almost think that the election committees managing the vote were criminal themselves.


The fix is in. The right wing is correct that there is massive voter fraud. They are wrong that it rests with the 99%. It rests with the 1% fixing the laws; voter ID's, gerrymandering, registration rules and regulations, shortages of voting machines in certain areas, the federal election commission run by the two major parties, the difficulty in running for an office and many more that I do not know or remember.


Clearly the NY polling system must be taken away from the two parties and run by a non-partisan entity.


Just took a tour around some MSM sites, so far no mention of this even on the NYT site...I smell a rat.


Wrong smell, buddy.
What you smell is complacency. :slight_smile:


What throws me off is the point about "reconciling the two wings of the Dem Party." This isn't going to happen because Democrats have been profoundly divided and subdivided by class and race. It would defy all logic to expect people to vote for a candidate whose agenda will only cause them more harm.

Much of the Republican voting base deeply opposes Trump, and much of the Democratic voting base deeply opposes Clinton. "Voting problems" have become the norm, but the bigger issue (maybe) is: For whom do you vote, when no candidate, no party, represents your greatest concerns?