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Voting Rights Advocates Warn of Impending 'Disaster' in Kentucky as Officials Slash Number of Polling Sites

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/20/voting-rights-advocates-warn-impending-disaster-kentucky-officials-slash-number


Now, everyone knows how the turtle keeps his seat in the senate.


Useful additions to this article:

  1. Explain who specifically cut the number of polling places in the first place and why they said they did it.

  2. Assume this is the Sec of State or similar official in Ky? Dem or repub?

  3. Where is the governor in this discussion - good to know his roll (if any) and position on this too?


And just asking: is this a preview for November?


These are not elections, they’re dog and pony shows, and are not legitimate. A ruling like this makes the court it came from illegitimate also, this “judge” must be removed, by any means necessary.


WTF! This BS is “legal”? ONE polling - voting place for 767,000 people!? - “polling sites slashed from 3700 to 200 statewide” welcome to the US of official fraud and dictatorship.

" "This is going to be a disaster, author and voting rights expert Ari Berman, and People For the American Way president Ben Jealous the scenario represented “our next electoral nightmare.” THAT’S ALL they had to say?? “A disaster”?

And this weak shite: “In a joint statement state Rep. Jason Nemes, a Republican who filed the suit along with voters to increase polling locations, and Louisville Councilwoman Keisha Dorsey, a Democrat expressed disappointment with the ruling.” - that’s it? “disappointment”?
"The pair announced they would not appeal the ruling, citing fears of putting “our community into confusion over where to vote this close to Election Day.” - Yeah, confusion; the consequence of one voting place for the whole damn county!.Yeah, their “fears” of potential outweigh actuality? BS! Fuckin weak ejits!

“Judge Simpson pointed in his ruling to absentee ballots as a guardrail against voter disenfranchisement” - like those will be mailed and processed in a totally correct manner, right “judge”?

The only way R’Cons and DINO dems can win is by manipulations and disenfranchisement - purging voting rolls and making people waith in line for 5-6 hours or longer!
What a country! With liberty and justice for all - except if we (the PTB) don’t want you to…


And we will have the (lying) dog faced pony soldier himself squaring off against trump in the November dog and pony show! Greatest dog and pony show of all dog and pony shows!!

Back to Kentucky . . . . . I was actually (delusionally?) hoping for some good news with Booker potentially defeating McGrath next week.

There is a book called Full Catastrophe Living-- how to cope with stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation . . . . I have it somewhere in my attic in a box. Time to try to find it and see if I can apply some of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s techniques to this catastrophe that humans have created on earth.

Kabat-Zinn wrote it back in the good old 90’s during the time of big hair, huge houses(didn’t “flipping” and tear downs start in the 90’s?), bad music (imo),massive push of full throttle consumerism . . . . .


Voters is Kentucky need to develop a strategy to beat this, and anyone that can help get voters to the polls. The way you win is with organization and determination. Cheers, vote that sucker out!!!


A starting point toward answering your questions is to read the article!

Agreement between Governor (D) and Sec of State ® to allow expansion of vote-by-mail in exchange for allowing counties to decide to have only one voting location in their county.

  1. County decision
  2. (D) & ®
  3. Governor traded one voting location per country for vote-by-mail.
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The strategy for this fall should be to get all democrats (and independents?) to vote-by-mail.


Time to get the Supremes involved. This unconstitutional action is taking the right of people to hold free and fair elections.

The GOP limiting 767,000 folks to one voting place, is not fair at all.


That would be the best way, but for those that use a polling station there should be health precautions of distancing, hand sanitizer, and masks. Also, voting times extended if needed.

Edited: These are all just contingency plans at the moment.

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There are some that say McGrath has already won, because of mail-in ballots before Booker peaked in the polls, but I have no idea if that’s true or not. It may not matter anyway with the recent judges ruling in the state. One polling location for 767,000 people means a lock for McConnell, I would think.

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Yes, I read that the other day and have been in denial about it.

But as you pointed out, these are not----I’ll add the word—“democratic”—elections.
We need to think of something more fitting to call them, dog and pony show seems too light hearted!


And what is the DNC doing about this? Are they even opening their mouths? They never seem to even try do do anything about voter suppression and Election Fraud


Since the fix is already being played to by the judges as well as the republican state parties, I would think that it is not too early to start class action law suits against voter suppression tactics.


There a people working hard every day and highly paid with one objective in mind - to destroy any shred of Democracy in the United States. Obviously they are traitors, should be outed and treated appropriately.


Let’s see ,I just looked , the polls are open from 6am to 6 pm , Jefferson co has 623 precincts,616,523 registered voters , 354,847 dems ,
200,425 republicans,”other” 36,852 ,independent 21,950 and a couple thousand green and small amounts of other groups , about 50,000 more women than men , so that said if all voters go to polls 51,376 folks will have to vote per hour , ok so maybe half will Chance the misprinted mail in ballots , so the lonely polling place will only have to handle 25,688 voters an hour , ok maybe 20%ish wont show , still 20,000 voters an hour , ???
Oh yea if you are in line at 6 you will be allowed to vote ,maybe on Wednesday? Hmmmm shit show 2020


Last year Congress passed a bill to restore certain parts of the Voting Rights Act. Guess who’s desk it sitting on?!


USans have no recourse to the law anymore. It’s over dawg. Fascism won. Only violent revolution can save the US.