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Voting Rights Advocates Warn of Impending 'Disaster' in Kentucky as Officials Slash Number of Polling Sites

First, Oregon and Washington have universal mail-in voting—and it seems to be popular with the citizenry.
Second, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear had mail-in voting made an option due to the pandemic—Covid-19 is still very deadly, as witness all the states who opened up everything far faster than Kentucky did. Our case numbers are rising, but not nearly as dramatically, and Gov. Beshear wants to keep it that way, rather than have to face a complete shutdown, as these other states inevitably will. He’s trying to save lives, rather than promote another debacle like Wisconsin’s primary, and he certainly is not trying to disenfranchise voters. Considering that this country faces at least another year of the pandemic—no thanks to those people who have made not wearing masks, not socially distancing, and insisting that everything be open a fight over “rights”—Beshear’s promotion of mail-in voting, with no restrictions, was and is making the well-being of the people of Kentucky a priority.
Third, several studies, including one from MIT, show that neither party benefits more than the other with mail-in voting; it’s also harder for either party to rig election results—something to consider in this shite-show election year.


Actually, according to the latest CIVIQS poll, Booker is leading McGrath—hooray! He’s behind The Turtle by about 10 points, but that may well change, as he seems to be surging.


A bit of a catch 22 isn’t it? We know, I know since virtually nothing has been remedied since the last election debacle, they are for sure not on the level. So do we still vote? If not, the opposition wins because less voters suits them just fine. After all, that’s what they’re after.

" YKCUTNEK! What’s that spell! YKCUTNEK! What’s that spell! YKCUTNEK! What’s that spell! "
This is the official new state cheer for The Bluegrass State, according the state of YKCUTNEK website. It will follow The National Anthem at all state athletic events where sports like basketball, horceracing or possum eating contests are held. Drinking a pitcher or two of Jack Daniels, or Mint Juleps, and Coke is not a requirement for attending a state sporting event, but it helps.

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The DNC will be just fine with this - it helps their (literally) hand-picked corporate candidate McGrath. They’ll get to pound their chests and rant and rave about those awful Republicans and wind up doing nothing themselves. I seriously doubt any of them will do much more than make a weak “protest”.

Remember the 2016 Brooklyn voter purge? That wasn’t the Republicans. Around 200,000 voters were illegally (the New York City Board of Elections’ admission, not my hyperbole) removed from the rolls. The Board was then sued by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. He was so tough on them, they had to say “Oopsie!” and got to go on as before. Of course Schneiderman was a big-wig in the NY Clinton campaign (and eventually had to resign for, of course, abusing women). It’s not just the big bad Republicans doing this crap.

The Republicans will do everything in their power to disenfranchise voters and otherwise cheat to defeat the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party will do everything in their power to disenfranchise voters and otherwise cheat to defeat Progressives.


Nah… those who survive, will be entirely too chronically ill from lung, kidney & heart complications; delirious dazed & depressed over the wanton murder of so MANY loved ones, coworkers & neighbors; not to mention homeless, hungry and indentured by usurious ER, ICU & PhARMA debt just as COVID 2.0 hits, to vote for criminal bipartisan murderers?

~https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/06/protests-covid-outdoor-masks.html (glib, specious non-sequitur?)


~https://www.nytimes.com/video/us/politics/100000007202285/trump-tulsa-rally-coronavirus.html (WARNING: Nazi imbecile alert)

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Is Kentucky a “Third World” State? Or has the US as a whole become a Tin Pot Dictatorship? Sure looks that way.

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Is this a multiple-choice test where two, or more, answers are true? Here’s an idea for a Basic Skills Test ?s for all USAins to answer before the 11/2020 contest. Though, the word contest could be controversial, in this context.
Let’s ask 5 questions; which are primarily about what the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and by extension The Not Very United States, still have in common with the 1750-1800 Era of the Constitutional Monarchies of England and Europe?

So that’s it. They can wash their hands and go back to bailing out the 1%, the insurance parasites, and lobbyists comforted by the knowledge that Mitch will sit on this one. Pelosi passes a lot of things she knows won’t go anywhere. How much of it got passed when they had the WH and both houses? not much. They just HAD to have Republicans or they couldn’t go there. Managed to pass the Republican health insurance plan though.

Voter suppression didn’t just start recently. It’ been going on many decades. And here we are. Other than passing DOA legislation, what are they doing about this?

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Well said.

Proggies have been clamoring for vote-by-mail, and now we have it in one more state. That’s good news, I think.

I’ll add this to your comment, celticfire:

Mitch and the Bad Guys will surely continue to look for ways to suppress the vote, even with vote-by-mail. Their misbehavior makes the recent (June 17) CommonDreams article about the “voters’ calendar” very important.


I hope that people will forward the article to everyone whom they can reach in Kentucky.

P.S. - Always remember that Democrats suppress the vote by keeping third parties off of the ballot. Both sides are guilty.


This corrupt act, is reason for mailing 767,000 absentee ballots.


Every place republicans control will have trouble for democratic voters as republicans try and steal another election.

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Can we substitute, Margaritas?

I had to stop reading this after the first paragraph and take a walk before I read the rest. I though I was literally having a stroke. I only imagine what my blood pressure was…
Now I am still filled with an impotent rage but at least my head is no longer feeling like it will explodeAt any moment. And there is no where to go with it…
I cannot imagine how the people being blatantly deprived of their right to vote must feel if I feel that while sitting in a Suburban PA district that Is so small it never has a line and is three miles from my house…

These scum clearly are trying to provoke some kind of Massive violence as they just keep twisting things tighter and tighter - murderous cops, a corrupt legal system from top to bottom, trying to deprive DACA kids from the only home they have ever know,Trying to eliminate employment security for LGBTQ citizens, keeping wages below the amount needed to live, debt peonage, plotting to cut social security, WIC, healthcare, elected officials holding federal funds hostage for various right wing agenda issues I could as we all here could, go on for days…
When the really intense and desperate violence, by those with literally nothing more to lose, finally erupts …we are all going to be put down by the rabid dogs of the police and military just like every other brutal corrupt dictatorship that has ever existed…

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This is what happens when there are no people in leadership with integrity, responsibility, or compassion.
Only half or less of that 736,000 will vote. Of that 365,000 there are mail-ins, absentee, and overseas ballots.
These are wild guess numbers for sure, but the picture would be worth many words.
If there were 100,000 voters left and standing 6 ft. apart, the line would be 120 miles long. Better bring a lunch, an umbrella, and a folding chair or wheelchair, and get in line the day before. And a long line of port-a-pottys.
If EVERYONE wanted to vote the line could be 800 miles long. Makes perfect sense to the Kentucky leadership.

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I feel fortunate as well. My polling place is about the same distance from my home, about 2-3 miles. I never stand in line for more than 15 minutes.
Is it so hard to duplicate our voting system.
We have voting by districts, and each district has a voting location.
I don’t think it took an Einstein to figure that out.

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The centrist corporate Dem machine likes McGrath. They do not want a progressive like Booker.

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Only if you say it backwards when ordering it. Backward, is the new forward, in YKCUTNEK.

Given Southron reality, those absentee-ballot coding “errors” were obviously acts of war – class war and race war combined – no surprise in a state wherein our ecogenocidal Masters will do anything imaginable to protect their superhero Mitch the Malignant.

(Also – speaking as the editor-in-chief, news editor, city editor, telegraph editor and sports editor I once was – the story should have named whichever Slavemaster President appointed that racist swine of a federal judge, Charles Ralph Simpson III.)

It took me only one click to learn Simpson was enthroned for life by Ronnie the Nazi and his Democratic (sic) Fifth Column in the Senate – which means his maliciously white-supremacist disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of voters should have surprised only the most deluded (or bought-off) members of the Moronic Majority.

How then is His Malignancy ever to be removed from office?


It’s the insultingly-contrived nature of all such putative “disasters” which keeps fueling the Floyd Rebellion, the I am so tired of this reeking bullshit rebellion. The agitprop machine with connivance from both so-called “parties” can just keep it up with their ridiculous pretenses – “Oh my! People screwed out of their franchise again! What a disaster!”

Come on, PTB! How long do you expect the people to keep dancing your stupid dance?

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