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Voting Rights Shall Not Overcome NYT Reporting Like This


Voting Rights Shall Not Overcome NYT Reporting Like This

Jim Naureckas

The New York Times' report (3/8/15) on Barack Obama's speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Selma march noted that the president called the Voting Rights Act, passed in the wake of the march, “the culmination of so much blood and sweat and tears, the product of so much sacrifice in the face of wanton violence.” With the law “weakened, its future subject to partisan rancor,” Obama called on Congress to “pledge to make it their mission to restore that law this year.”

Not so fast, wrote Times reporter Richard Fausset:


Democrats may say that voting fraud is a ruse, but how many times have they gone beyond that to highlight research like Levitt’s to prove it?

I don’t recall Dear Misleader making a prime time address on the subject, laying out the facts to put the lie to these efforts at voter suppression, do you?

(Civil rights photo opps are another matter, apparently.)

By not doing so, the party allows the debate to devolve into “we say/they say”

And you have to ask why.

Could it be that their focus is on the (overwhelmingly white) “swing voter”, and, aside from presidential elections, they could give a rodent’s rear about black and Latino turnout, which might put pressure on them to actually do something beyond spouting faux populist rhetoric, while pursuing policies designed to effect outcomes wholly other?

I’m sure there’s other research out there that could answer that question, aren’t you?