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Voting With Food and Water

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/06/voting-food-and-water

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The “gruesome logic” - so aptly characterized by the Judge - is the consequence of full institutionalization of a fatally flawed “economic theory” which is equally well characterized as predatory capitalism.
It wears seasonally changed-out high society designer veils; makes use of rhetorical grease and opaque curtains ginned up by a trillion dollar industry that specializes in manufacturing consent. And when that fails, as it is now clearly being challenged by the citizenry, it casts “Shadows”, loads voting computers with criminal algorithms, loads the dice and throws spit balls. It encircles all aspects of its operations in networks of deep, deadly moats with the saccharine terminology of “margins”, into which it casts anyone it dislikes and “marginalizes” them. Genocide by any other name remains the spectrum of spectral “Shadow” attempts to complete the “full spectrum dominance” - and it has dug in for the long haul. It is licking up to, as never before, the criminal powers of extraction, minerals, natural “resources”, planetary lungs, thumbing its collective noses at science and tipping points where the exponential function becomes undeniably in evidence.

Thank you Robert Kohler for recognizing the leaders who are “Voting with Food and Water”. And I’ll add my favorite thought from Paulo Friere: “We make the road by walking”.


There is also the undeniable question that National Parks are protected areas that require all people to respect as natural places and use. It is not necessarily humane to support something that is fundamentally human trafficking when there are different choices and human options that would and could be considered. I’m glad there were not criminal consequences for the four in this regard but neither do I regard this as sustainable based on the thousands of people it represents.