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Vowing 'Major Decisions' Within 24 to 48 Hours, Trump Says 'Nothing Off the Table' for Syria


Vowing 'Major Decisions' Within 24 to 48 Hours, Trump Says 'Nothing Off the Table' for Syria

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a cabinet meeting on Monday following his promise to impose a "heavy price" on the Syrian government after it was accused of launching a chemical attack this weekend, President Donald Trump declared that no options—including military action—are "off the table" when it comes to a possible U.S. response.

Asked by a reporter if increased military involvement in Syria is being considered, Trump said, "Nothing's off the table."



Too bad Trump did not say: except nukes!

Folks: of course I hope like hell that I am wrong! But does anyone else see it the same way as I do? And that the U.S.A. could be on the eve of nuclear war?


It’s appearing more likely that Bolton is going to get his war to end all wars.


The long-term, bipartisan, geostrategic strategy of the USA - which ultimately relies on war and nuclear war to ensure continued US hegemony, even as the US industrial economy is hollowed out by the looting class under neoliberal globalization - is coming home to roost.


There’s no proof that the Syrian govt was responsible for this or any other of the “gassings” that are used to whip up enthusiasm for more attacks on Syria. We have been lied into every war since WWII.

It seems to be happening again. We’re seeing the crocodile tears pouring down 24/7 on corporate media, in grief for 40 gassing victims, though we routinely kill more people than that every week. Since WWII, we have killed more than 20 million people, without shedding a tear. http://www.globalresearch.ca/us-has-killed-more-than-20-million-people-in-37-victim-nations-since-world-war-ii/5492051


Only if the U.S. or apartheid Israel conducts a first strike. Throughout the Nuclear Era they have been the most irresponsible in terms of actually using nuclear weapons and/or bombing nuclear facilities. Although the other nuclear-weaponized nations have ‘tested’ thousands of nuclear weapons since the U.S. initiated Nuclear Terror in 1945.


Nails it.


As shown in this article, actions in Syria that have taken to this point in time by Washington have broken an international agreement from 2003:

The breaking of this agreement has led to much greater risks for the flying public.


The investors in the US MIC are desperately waiting for their returns…


From my perspective. Only not if; but when… the U.S. or apartheid Israel conducts a first strike!


It’s the hegemony of Israel and Saudi Arabia - who own the US politicians that is continuing. All of our wars are proxy wars for them. They don’t care if we or the Russian people are obliterated. The US is only a tool for them to buy and use.


It’s worse than that. The crazy old men in the Israel hegemony and in the Saudi Hegemony don’t even care so much about money but conquering the Mideast. They’d both be happy to get rid of Russia and the US(in a nuclear war they instigate that we attack each other) after they’re done with us. They’re only using both of our nations for their proxy wars. They own our politicians and our media(AIPAC). Syria, Iraq and Iran are not about money but very crazy men’s dominon - most if not all, at the end of their lives and will die soon anyway’s so they are more willing to go to WIII. Our politicians should be hung from the light posts down the freeways like in the Stand. They sold us out to foreign monsters.


Trump said he would leave Syria soon, so Syria used gas to keep America there? Do you believe that?


No I don’t. The timing is just a little too suspicious.


You’re correct, but if the U.S./Apartheid Israel/Saudi Arabia force Russia into a nuclear war, neither Apartheid Israel nor the Saudi dictatorship will be immune from the consequences, which will be horrendous for (and maybe the end of) humanity itself - though the Biosphere will go on in its own way.


I’m not so sure they’re not attempting to end humanity. Israel is behind that group HRC joined in the 90’s that does want the end of the world for crazy religious reason. Also - look up the Clintons and the Saud connection - it precedes Bills first presidency - they were working for the Sauds. The only reason I can think for Saudi Arabia to keep the US around is to deliver all those fighter planes and nukes that HRC helped sell to them in the biggest weapons deal in history about 3 years ago. What do they need us for after they get them? Don’t forget Israel and Saudi Arabia have a pact and are working together in this. The Mideast wars are for both of them. Both want to topple Iran and Assad in Syria. Both have a problem with Russia backing those countries. Ultimately I don’t think like us but use only us (the US.) They’re willing to topple Russia to get what they want in the mid east, why would they care about toppling us?


Whether they are intending to or not is not the problem. In their hubris, they ignore the tremendous power of nuclear weapons and nuclear waste. The Biosphere is an energy/mass that is indivisible. If I sneeze in Saint Paul, MN USA, you may catch “my” cold anywhere on Earth. Nuclear Holocaust is a tech larger than a sneeze.


Nobody has hegemony in a nuclear war. That’s the problem with a nuclear war. Everybody dies and those who don’t will have hegemony over what, exactly? A wasteland featuring slowly dying people?


No, they are not ignoring the tremendous power of nukes. They’re trying to get that result.


Agreed. +10000. However, do you think these late 80’s and 90 year olds care?