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Vowing No Repeat of Iowa Caucus Chaos, Nevada Dems Say They Won't Use Secretive Shadow Inc. App

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/04/vowing-no-repeat-iowa-caucus-chaos-nevada-dems-say-they-wont-use-secretive-shadow

Geez. I guess they’ll have to find another way to cheat Bernie.
Maybe go straight to a coin toss.


WOW. Luv it

Next step Nevada - lose the Caucus thing.


Pretty sure we got vote flipping again

As a computer head with 30 years in the business
I witnessed so many ways to corrupt the tallies while setting up voting operations during Obama’s run.

Even down to swapping thumb drives if I wanted, as the sheriff escorted me to city center where I turned it in to be counted

(Didn’t trust the sleazy looking guy I gave the drive to)
(Sure as hell wouldn’t let him work on my machine)

Course there’s always the Diebold way in Ohio
Just send your tech in for repairs during the voting day
Boot into admin mode and transfer false results later

Paper is the only way now


From the article:

Shadow is owned by the Democratic digital non-profit organization ACRONYM.

What is a “digital organization”? Does it exist only in the “cloud”?

A quick look at the ACRONYM website reveals that it’s an advertising and organizing operation that uses electronic communication (rather than newspapers, radio, and TV) to mobilize - so it claims - progressive-minded people to vote.

Why is a self-proclaimed advocacy group involved in vote counting - an activity that must be nonpartisan and above suspicion? Is it just a front for the DP establishment?

The ACRONYM website is:



I found this from @Phred_Pharkel on another thread:

"New Details Show How Deeply Iowa Caucus App Developer Was Embedded in Democratic Establishment


“The Iowa Democratic Party and the Nevada Democratic Party retained Shadow to develop its caucus app. Shadow has also been retained for digital services by Buttigieg’s and Biden’s campaigns.”


It should really be oft repeated that Mayor Petes campaign paid over $40k to this ‘shady’ tech company.



Shadow Inc. was by a major Democratic dark money nonprofit called Acronym, which also gave birth to a $7.7 million Super PAC known as Pacronym.

According to Sludge, Pacronym’s largest donor is Seth Klarman. A billionaire hedge funder, Klarman also happens to be a top donor to Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar.

Though he has attracted some attention for his role in the campaign, Klarman’s prolific funding of the pro-settler Israel lobby and Islamophobic initiatives has gone almost entirely unmentioned.

Seth Klarman is the founder of the Boston-based Baupost Group hedge fund and a longtime donor to corporate Republican candidates. After Donald Trump called for forgiving Puerto Rico’s debt, Klarman – the owner of $911 million of the island’s bonds – flipped and began funding Trump’s opponents.

The billionaire’s crusade against Trump ultimately led him to Mayor Pete’s wine cave.

This is from an article at the Greyzone = ttps://thegrayzone.com/2020/02/04/pro-israel-buttigieg-seth-klarman-iowas-voting-app/


New Details Show How Deeply Iowa Caucus App Developer Was Embedded in Democratic Establishment
The Iowa Democratic Party and the Nevada Democratic Party retained Shadow to develop its caucus app. Shadow has also been retained for digital services by Buttigieg’s and Biden’s campaigns.



Even if he is announced the winner, Bernie will have been cheated.

No victory speech in front of huge crowds of Iowa voters and network cameras.

The DNC hoped someone could beat Bernie. That seems not to have happened.
But they got part of their objective – throw cold water on the Sanders campaign.


True that

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and it should not be ignored that mr bye-done also gave around 60k towards this same endeavor.

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in the end i suspect that that was always the goal, because outright cheating him from the win was not a viable strategy given the disproportionate distribution of caucus-goers whom perferred mr sanders.

even then they are still apportioning delegates in ways that are anti-democratic, with mr sanders receiving the same number of delegates as mr buttgieg and mrs warren, even though he had nearly twice as many carousers as mayo pete.

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Vowing No Repeat of Iowa Caucus Fiasco, Nevada Dems Say They Won’t Use Secretive Shadow Inc. App

They do not have to, because they will find another way to defeat Bernie!

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What about the New Hampshire primaries? Are they going to use this worthless app? Probably. Anything to stop the people’s choice for president. Because the DNC, you know, is so much smarter than the rest of us and will pick the appropriate candidate for us.

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Thanks for that link on Klarman. How in the hell do we get rid of foreign and pro-zionist influence in our elections?

Well surprise. The Guardian is reporting that Pete Buttigieg (27%) is ahead of Sanders (25%) in the Iowa caucus with 62.27% of the precincts reporting. Poor Joe Biden received 16%.


Some are saying Mayor Cheat is with the CIA. Wish we could get more evidence out there, if that’s the case. Do we have our very own Juan Guaido?

For a party that says it supports a national popular vote, and doing away with the racist Electoral College, they should practice what they preach and do the same for their primary. Plus, software with private corporations have no legit place in an election.

In some ways, caucuses when done correctly, can be an important exercise in democratic transparency and decision making. For example, you can see from social media how overwhelmingly certain caucuses went only with Bernie. So it can be harder to hide certain forms of corruption. And it’s a good experience for voters to see each other face to face, and who is really supporting each candidate, and how people are actually reasoning things out.

But maybe it is time to throw them out, if and if we have publicly counted paper ballots. Also, any delegates should include at least one delegate carrying a decimal or remainder value, so the representation is accurate. And certainly there shouldn’t be any coin tossing.

In the end, however, IMO, we should just start our own major party handled the correct way, and outside the reach of Clinton and Koch corruption.

The writing was on the wall from the start just with Mook in charge and everything that happened in 2016. Mook is like the fox running the hen house.

And while we can applaud Nevada for rejecting Mook’s app, and no repeat of Iowa, what are they are doing for no repeat of Nevada 2016? They openly corrupted and changed the legit results from Bernie to Clinton, Boxer having a hand in that, then bringing in armed police to enforce their Emperor’s New Clothing style corruption.

You had to remind us of that.
And I was shocked to discover that there are 16 caucus states. Hold on to your hats.

the only SAFE