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Vowing No Repeat of Iowa Caucus Chaos, Nevada Dems Say They Won't Use Secretive Shadow Inc. App

Good on Nevada! This thing looked like a Trojan horse from day one! All one need to do was look at who was behind it.

I vote by absentee. It instructions say if my signature does not look like the one on file they can reject it. Who makes that decision? How would I know? Has my vote ever been counted?


But get his supporters and those on the fence in NH fired up! Here’s the note I sent those milquetoast losers Welch and Leahy when I got home from work this afternoon.

I suppose one small silver lining in the Iowa debacle is that it has given Bernie Sanders a HUGE boost going into NH and Super Tuesday. That is incredibly good news. Lets just hope that’s enough to outweigh the MASSIVELY negative optics that it gave the Democratic Party going into the November General election. Why you allow alt-right loonies like Robbie Mook to do such damage to the party I will NEVER understand!

You see it as a boost Ted, which is fine.

Others who were on the fence see it as increasing the “electability” factor for Mayo Pete.

To be honest with you I’m not sure which way it will go on that score but I am leaning more towards a boost for Bernie. My main intent though was to make Rep. Welch and Sen. Leahy see it as a boost for Bernie and thus maybe suggest to their trump over Bernie friends in the DNC that this blatant election fraud wasn’t the best plan.

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They will fix it for Pete again