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Vowing to 'Crush Trump' in Must-Watch Ad, Climate Campaigners Mobilize for Election Nationwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/vowing-crush-trump-must-watch-ad-climate-campaigners-mobilize-election-nationwide


Trump better get Barr, Graham, McConnell and Pompeo together A.S.A.P. for an all-day meeting in the West Wing to plan their strategy to stop this nefarious plot dead in its tracks! Probably a good idea to have Eric and Junior there too, along with Giuliani, Kushner and Prince.  (The latter is needed to coördinate all of the “volunteers” that Koch et al have hired to make sure that everybody who tries to vote in person on November 3 has proper photo- and party-ID, and not just a MAGA hat, before being admitted.)   As a further incentive for all the Real Men to attend, Hope and Kayleigh will be wearing their Hooters outfits while serving the refreshments.  Anyone who shows up at the White House wearing
a mask will be shot on sight — the situation is WAY too urgent to wait for C-19 to weed out the disloyal . . .

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Good luck with that “pressure” bit - but if it works so well, where were you during 8 years of Obama - the fellow who lifted the embargo on oil exports and boasted that under his admin the US became the top oil producer. Shucks, even Carter put solar panels on the WH.

All you will get with Biden is a lick and a promise - who are we kidding. If you really wanted this stuff you should have put Jill Stein in the WH in '16

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Great ad! It’s serious & straightforward.

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The work these young people are doing is absolutely essential. I’m going to send another small donation via ActBlue from an elderly ally!

Oh, good! Been phone banking with Sunrise, even though I’m one of few grey heads. At the zoom meeting beforehand I see all these beautiful young faces, engaged, committed people, smart as all get-out, making phone calls on behalf of all of us. It gladdens my heart.

On one phone bank there were a number of eight-graders. These are the best people in the world. They had no idea what they were getting into. But our leader, just a touch older than they were, told them calmly that they would get a number of hang ups, rude people, but that it was alright, it’s all good and what they are doing is going to help good people get elected. I am in awe of these young people and donate, also.

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Why is there no movement to simply stop paying any and all taxes until there is commitment to use OUR money to meet OUR needs?

Anyone who assumes our young adults are not paying attention is misguided. Many, many are paying attention, they do the research, they are worried, their crap sorter of Internet information is more highly developed than most older Americans, they are starting to pay attention to income inequality, medical care issues, they watch little broadcast news and so avoid Fox Propaganda, and more. I taught in a High School and watched the changes, from my perspective, keep going kids.

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Not just remind them of the Most Ridiculous Narcissist’s behaviour during his pandemic and how own absurd behaviour with his infection, but that climate-catastrophe and Global Heating will not allow them to have a decent, healthy future. their lives are at stake!! :open_mouth: