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Vowing to Defend Ideals of Socialist Revolution, Miguel Diaz-Canel Steps in as Cuba's New President


Vowing to Defend Ideals of Socialist Revolution, Miguel Diaz-Canel Steps in as Cuba's New President

Julia Conley, staff writer

Entering office as Cuba's new president, Miguel Diaz-Canel said Thursday that he would focus his leadership on ensuring that "the revolution continues its course"—promising the modernization of the island nation's economy but making clear that he would fiercely defend its socialist system from outsiders who have pressured Cuba to change.


Quite humorous to read a Twitter post regarding the new President’s strident socialist stance. Twitter…a company created through free market capitalism.

It really is deplorable that this article inherently stands here supporting the Communist Party of Cuba. A ruthless government that has killed tens of thousands of its own people and a has reduced its populous to continuous poverty. Quite sad.


Say, can you point to the portion of the article that says the Communist Party is good, bad or anything else? Cause it seems to me that it is just an article about him and comments he has made. And your depiction of Cuba, while cute and boringly predictable, is simplistic. It has done amazing things, and some horrible things, like every other country. Many people that admire the Cuban Revolution (across the ideological spectrum) for good reason, especially in developing countries, given its foreign policy, its medical missions, what it fought for internationally, it’s fight for independence from the West, etc. Mandela, for example, spoke glowingly about Cuba and the Cuban Revolution because of the support Cuba gave to those fighting Apartheid and what Cuba did in Africa in the 1970’s. If I were to analyze the US like you do Cuba, I’d just point to what we have done to African Americans and slavery, the horrible treatment of the indigenous population, the horrible treatment of the poor, our immoral and violent foreign policy, and that would constitute the US. The US is, of course, more complicated than that, and so is Cuba.


The internet exists because of tax payers in the US funding the military. So call Twitter a result of “free market capitalism,” as if that ever existed, if you like. And please cite a credible source that says Cuba has killed tens of thousands of its own citizens.


capitalist dog


Viva la revolucion!


Would a Scandinavian style Social Democracy in Cuba satisfy both countries?


It sounds as though when your brain was washed a Brillo pad was used.


tvor –

I would be quite certain that when comparing US and its system of Capitalism
with Cuba and its economic system (which, btw, every nation has the right to
choose for themselves) that the overriding winner as the purveyor of violence
and death would be the US and Capitalism.

Unregulated Capitalism is merely organized crime.

In fact – we are talking about US having brought death very likely to the entire planet!!


There have been a multitude of articles on this website supporting the Communist Party of Cuba, and similar governments of other Latin American governments. The title of this article makes it pretty clear that it is at least tacitly supporting it.

The Cuban government is a police-state. You don’t have free speech. You’re arrested for trying to leave the country. Che Guevara helped kill thousands of dissidents:

I’ll just start there.


Can you provide this documentation of these supposed tens of thousands killed? The Cuban revolution was nearly bloodless - far les bloody than that powdered wig revolution back in 1776.

And how can any country that has had war and sabotage waged against it since 1959 not be forced to curtail certain civil liberties? Ask Eugene Debs, Big Bill Haywood, Emma Goldman, or the imprisoned people of Japanese ancestry how much freedom they had in the USA during WW1 and WW2.

Are you sure you are not confusing Fidel and Che with their contemporaries like:

Rios Montt (capitalist Guatamala)
D’Aubuisson, (capitalist El Salvador)
Somoza (capitalist Nicaragua)
Uribe and his death squads (capitalist Colombia)
Fugimori (capitalist Peru)
Pinochet (capitalist Chile)
Videla and his Junta (capitalist Argentina)
The capitalist Brazilian Junta
Papa and Baby Doc (capitalist Haiti)

Tens of thousands - likely a couple hundreds thousands were murdered by these thug governments - most of them for merely trying to organize a union or to refuse to be worked and starved to death.

But yes, since we live a capitalist world, Twitter, which like lots of the plastic crap that fills our society and we all would be better off without, is run by capitalists.


Most of those murderous dictators you cite were put in place with the help of the U.S.


“I’ll just start there.”

No, start with the article, since this thread is about that article.

I will ask again, which part of the article says anything positive, negative or otherwise about the Communist Party or Cuba’s new president? I’m waiting. As I also said, Cuba has done some amazing things, and some horrible things, as has the fucking US and most every other country. Your description of Cuba is absurd and you are the type of person that would never admit that Cuba has done anything noteworthy, which it clearly has, since the Revolution. You might want to work on more nuanced propaganda. Best.





Yes, even if the US didn’t help them. they would be no less bad. US-centrism takes many forms.


“Vowing to Defend Ideals of Socialist Revolution, Miguel Diaz-Canel Steps in as Cuba’s New President”

Yup, keep it up. Worked out pretty good for Cuba… not.


Also, Cuba has not executed anyone since 2003 (criminal hijackers who threatened ferry passengers with death), and since that execution has commuted all other death sentences. Are such few people executed in the US? This idea that Cuba has ever executed anyone for peacefully expressing political beliefs is in particular nonsense. Sure, no doubt, some outspoken dissidents did get prison terms on trumped up “treason” charges and such things should certainly be condemned. But such human rights violations totally pale next to any other Latin American country since 1950, save for Costa Rica.


Go here… life in Cuba for this guy looks pretty damn good to me.

But no doubt you will say… But he does not even have car! He rides in a horse drawn buggy for crying out loud! The misery! The squalor!

But he has:

Guaranteed food (on top of all he grows himself)
Guaranteed healthcare
Guaranteed basic income and shelter
Guaranteed basis transportation
family, friendship, kinship
A pristine unpolluted environment
And the tranquility and beauty of nature…

How many USAns have these things?


If it allows the U.S. to exploit Cuba sure.


There are those who dream of the return of “capitalism” to Cuba, as it was prior to the revolution, with casinos and whore houses and drug smuggling galore, run by the likes of Mob boss Meyer Lansky. The destruction of that Mob empire on the island lies behind much of what transpired c. November 1963 and thereafter, and is why Cuba has been treated so despicably by its Big Brother to the north. Papa Bush was in on the deal, as were others. They’re still running the show.