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Vowing to Deliver High-Speed Broadband for All, Sanders Plan Would Enshrine Internet as Public Utility

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/06/vowing-deliver-high-speed-broadband-all-sanders-plan-would-enshrine-internet-public


Another winner. There no quit in this guy. He just gets bolder and bolder in his announcements. The USA is lucky to have him as a potential President . That said this would make the attempts by the DNC and Mainstream media to sabotage his campaign an even greater crime against the people.


This is as important an issue as it gets, and so little talked about. I remember paying $18-$20 a month for decent speed in the first years of internet private use. Now, for a similar decent speed, i pay $70/mo. Frankly, I believe it should be free, just as the roads are. As it is a network infrastructure of virtual highways that is now integrated in all aspects of life.


That was my thought too. In Europe they still pay very low amounts for internet. In the US everything is so much more expensive.



Just reading your comment, it makes no sense. The speed you received for internet in the first years of internet private use would be totally different than what is offered today. With innovation and technological development spurred by competition, internet speed is much faster now than in years past. Turning the internet over to the Federal or local governments to micromanage will certainly stop innovation in its tracks. But that’s what happens when you nationalize an industry.

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The American public has no idea what a first class internet system would look like. I’ll finish this when my 1980’s dos (Win10) based tablet stops spooling at the amazing speed of 30mbs… Ok, caught up. The South Koreans would be in the street with axe handles if their lowest speed was below 300mbs. The only thing limiting the Chinese to 1gbs is the heat.

The only thing limiting me to a pathetic 60mbs is the cable company wants to charge twice as much as my pathetic 30mbs connection.


COMCAST just downloaded in their pants - LOL!

Of course THAT is exactly what is needed. The cable/fiber coming to your house needs to be a public utility.
Only THEN will we see the costs come down

But now Comcast will blackout and try to destroy him. How long before I can’t get CD over my COMCAST or ATT service? Or Bernie’s website for that matter.


They have higher speeds in Europe and Scandinavia and the Far East for a lot less money.

WE are getting ripped off by pure Greed


Not if its subsidized by much higher tax rates.

Bernie obviously believes it’s all or nothing. He’s taking on the most powerful politician-bribing corporations and industries.
One of the worst is Comcast, and you can bet they’ll work even harder to make sure he never becomes president.
The telecom monopoly is just as bad as the health insurance monopoly and I hope Bernie becomes president and dismantles all these monopoly industries so the public controls them instead of the other way around.


It’s easy to recognize industry shills, especially when their lies are so obvious.
Just like how Americans hate their private health insurance companies, they also hate Comcast and the other telecom companies. You know…the ones who pay you to make stupid comments on progressive website.


I’m not paid by anyone David. That’s a lazy response. Some disagrees with = ooooh, must be an industry shill.


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You’re the one who’s lazy. Only a lazy shill would come to a progressive website to defend greedy monopolist industries and corporations.
Your arguments against government intervention in telecom are so obviously specious that they don’t even need rebutting.
Why do you defend corporations that abuse their customers?


Explain to me how a telecom company “abuses” its customers.

Higher tax rates get people in the Scandinavian countries free health care and high-speed internet, among other benefits. In the US, our taxes get us subsidized bank failures and wars. Some bargain…


Those higher tax rates provide Scandinavian countries with subsidized healthcare that includes long waiting lines and rationed care. And both health care and internet lack any incentives for innovation.

However, in other areas of economic freedom, the Scandinavian countries still exceed the US, showing that while they have a bloated tax and welfare system, they are still capitalist and free market at heart.

Honey, we’re gonna get that money from your overlords, the corporations that pay nothing now, and foment wars to make more money to not pay taxes on. Whether they actually pay you or not is of no moment, but I hope they do, because if not, you let them own your ass for free. Even Killery got her whore pay.


Lovely use of the English language. Nice group argument by lumping all companies into the group that doesn’t pay enough taxes for your liking. And I guess all companies in America are tied to our military too. Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

Also no need for the condescending “honey” intro. You didn’t exactly show me you have the intelligence to deserve replying to someone that way.

That’s exactly how US insurance companies make their obscene profits–by denying claims. Nice “innovation.” As to long waiting lines, that tired old trope might work on Fox-watchers, but it’s losing its bite among the reality-based community.



The Country of South Korea has the highest average Internet speeds. Added to that they are on average about 1/3 the price to the consumer as is seen in the United States.

Before you came back with the standard industry argument that this because the USA has much greater expanses of rural areas , this advantage in speed and price exist even when comparing the entire Country of South Korea to major metropolitan centers in the USA.

The Sanders suggestions includes many of the things that South Korea implemented to ensure equal access to high speed internet along with a competitive marketplace. These measures include guaranteeing free internet access to all citizens in Public areas. Providing free and equal access to low income peoples. Ensuring that the internet remains “open and neutral” where all providers had to provide competitors access to their infrastructure. Providing public/private partnerships where the Government would also invest monies to add more infrastructure. Ensuring healthy competition unlike the USA where the providers just bought each other up leading to the point where some areas offer no choice.

The Sanders plan does not mention nationalizing the industry. It suggests that it be deemed a PUBLIC utility . It allows for private providers but under clear guidelines that this be deemed a PUBLIC good rather than just a means of generating profits for the investor class. As a Public good industry is obligated to meet Government guidelines just as happens in South Korea.