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Vowing to End Corporate Bullying of Organized Workers, Sanders Unveils Bill to Restore Union Power


Vowing to End Corporate Bullying of Organized Workers, Sanders Unveils Bill to Restore Union Power

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new bill aimed at bolstering unions' power and ending abuses by employers was met with loud cheers in Washington, D.C., where Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and several Democratic lawmakers introduced the legislation on Wednesday.


Way to go, Bernie! Let’s go further: One Big Union!


Go Bernie!

Super video. Richard Wolff

The Federal Reserve is NOT the problem:


The profitability of the corporations comes from the exploitation of the workers by the bourgeoisie. Without that exploitation there would be no profit. It’s not that the corps don’t want the workers to make a decent wage, its that the corps want all the money and damn the consequences to the workers, their families, society in general, or the environment. The corps like having slaves and they like to go out and create wars and engage in imperialism and colonialism. They are monsters.
Workers of the world unite!


And then there is Scott Walker in Wisconsin going in the other direction. The Democrats pushing this have no power to pass it but it could be a good bill for Democrats running in working class areas to support in the upcoming election. The Republicans control over 30 states and are likely to continue the trend of undermining labor unions. Unions are definitely a key to higher wages. With the Republicans controlling the presidency, both houses of Congress, and most state governments things are almost certainly going to get worse for unions before they can get better.


The Right to join a Union is inherent in “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”.


The Reich Wing needs to understand that the Teachers were exercising their Constitutional Right to “Petition for the redress of grievances”.


But much of the problem of disorganized workers is caused by RTW legislation in many States. For some reason, unionized employees, no longer required to maintain union support through the dues structure, feel they can continue working without paying the representative union a percentage to do the work that provides union employees with better working conditions, and better wages and benefits than workers in totally non union companies.

I’ve been a union member in the construction industry since 1970 in Michigan, and retired since around the time the Republicans running the State dumped RTW on it’s workers. I made a decision to remain paying member dues to my Local Union since a weakened Union could affect that retirement income.


Bernie is operating in a timeframe where he has some chance of maybe accomplishing something. Starting a new party is so far off, time wise and in view of the massive political obstacles. Both political parties are corrupt and have erected barriers to any third party. I’m a Green and I know that they won’t have any real power in my lifetime. Without IRV, Instant Runoff Voting aka Rank Choice Voting, there is zero chance of third party success. Look at primary outcomes around the country. Winners with 35% of the vote. Maine is close to running upcoming elections with IRV. That means that Gov. LePage or any other contender would have to win with 50%+1. And that’s just one voting obstacle. Media’s demolition of challenges to their loyalties is another biggie. And there is always the Koch brothers to financially destroy any threat to their myopic plutocracy.


Again – Bernie Sanders is just about the only one discussing these issues …

The Workplace Democracy Act, introduced by Sanders in the Senate and Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) in the House, with a handful of Democratic co-sponsors, would combat wage stagnation, protect workers from being penalized for organizing activity, and streamline the process for joining labor unions.

“We must no longer tolerate CEOs and managers who intimidate, threaten or fire pro-union workers, who threaten to move plants to China if their workers vote in favor of a union, and who refuse to negotiate a first contract with workers who have voted to join unions,” Sanders said to a group of supporters and union members. “If we are serious about reducing income and wealth inequality and rebuilding the middle class, we have got to substantially increase the number of union jobs in this country.”

LABOR must be controlled at all costs in order for Elites to monopolize wealth.

In NJ, new Gov. Phil Murphy has as least moved one issue to the left … but it’s very little indeed.
Guaranteed sick leave … but you have to work 30 hours to get credit for one hour of sick leave.
Also, you can’t accumulate more than 40 hours of sick leave in one year. As I recall this from
reading it yesterday – didn’t save the paper. I think it’s retroactive for long time employees.

The hours can actually be used for parents’ school meetings, doctor appointments, etc.

We need a return to concept of a living wage – rent prices continue to rise and rise.


This is exactly why, despite the obvious serious shortcomings involved in the Democratic Party establishment, that all people who oppose what these evil republicans are doing must vote for democrats! This is a war people! We need Democratic supermajorities to push back against the overwhelming financial, corporate, and institutionalized power of the Republican Party that can outraise us with funding from billionaire donors like the Koch brothers, they can out propagandize us because they control most of the media in America, as they are buying it up and consolidating it, and due to the power of the multinational corporations, fossil fuel and chemical companies and military industrial complex that is heavily involved in our military and corrupts the military. Greens and Democratic Socialists and other third parties can only hope to garner one or two percent of the vote. This is truly a good example of the perfect being the enemy of the good.

The obvious defects of the Democratic Party can only be addressed by massive infusions of new and energized blood from left of center and even left of the Democratic Party establishment. This is already happening with the war against the DCCC. We must band together in greater numbers and do exactly what the Tea Party has done to the Republican Party by pushing the Democratic Party to the left and cleaning up the corporate corruption by enacting campagn reform, and other changes that can restore America’s crumbling public institutions and make them work once again to serve the American people, instead of the corporate oligarchs and the one percenters…

If we do not amass sufficient voter base and strength to do this by fracturing ourselves into a bunch of weak, ineffectual third parties, we will be defeated by the powerful evil forces that have been amassed against us and we could lose everything that we care about and we could even lose our freedom forever as these forces are determined to destroy our democratic republic and create an evil slave state of totalitarian oliogharchic dictatorship in America instead. United we can stand, but divided, we will surely lose.

Politics is not a game of perfection, but a game of amassing power by compromise, but compromise only in what is closest to our collective best interest. The whole point is to progressively move the ball ever closer towards the goal posts of success by whatever legal means necessary. The opposition does not play fairly or play by the rules, this is bad and gives them an unfair advantage for now, but we can reveal the truth and use this to our advantage as we take the high road to their low road. We need all kinds and degrees of democrats from left to farther left. There is plenty of room in the Democratic Party for the Greens and Democratic Socialists to help us to win. There is no point in voting for candidates and platforms that while much closer to our ideals and much less corrupt, have no chance of winning election. This is just wasted effort and thrown away votes.

Please join with the Democratic Party, bring as many Greens and Democratic Socialists as you can, bring everyone who opposes the evil republican agenda to join in this critical fight. We can fight so that your voices can be heard and your candidates can have an equal chance to get on the ballot. This fight is happening now, as we speak and the more support behind these necessary reforms, the better chance for success. It will be easier to reform and take over the Democratic Party then to start from scratch. In addition, most voters have become accustomed to either voting for democrats or republicans, rather then the more obscure third parties. Furthermore, these third parties have no hope of winning because they lack the numbers and support required, so supporting them is really pointless. Join us and make a place for yourselves among the Democratic Party. We could dearly use the help and as we push the ball down the court for democrats, you will go with us. It will also help pave the way for your beneficial and idealistic agenda to go foreword as well at the same time as campagn reforms and cleaning up corruption and big money in politics will help the democrats as well as those who go green or who believe in democratic socialism.

Don’t be so pessimistic about us democrats. Help us achieve the goals that we both share and you can help us to bring in more voters who will add to the strength that we both need to win, so that this shared agenda can proceed foreword. As we push foreword and see that greater progress towards the left becomes more achievable, more democrats will join you and add more numbers to your cause. I believe that many more democrats truly want what the greens and democratic socialists want, but they are probably too pragmatic and don’t believe that these loftier goals are possible in the age of Trumpism. However, I believe that we can prove them wrong, and as these goals come closer within our collective reach we will begin to see that they are achievable and gain more and more support.

Politics does not usually achieve results overnight without a coup or something. It takes time and lots of hard work and goals are met slowly over time. Goals can be achieved more quickly with greater numbers of supporters, as well. In America today, the first order of business is to defeat the republicans and begin pushing them back. This can only happen with massive power in numbers of voters and campagn monies, ideas, organizing and hard work. We need all the help that we can get so let’s join together! We all oppose the republican agenda, so this is the place to start first, while we come together and craft a platform that will work for all or most all of us and move our team foreword. Help us fight the corporate or bad democrats and DINOS as well.

Believe me, if the Green Party became as strong as the Democratic Party there would be GINOS that would try to infiltrate it as this is how corporate America gains control of both parties. They don’t bother with you now and you have the luxury of being pure, but if you were any threat at all you would be infiltrated with GINOS just as the Democratic Party has been infected with DINOS and corporate democrats. This is how the corporations and wealthy special interests are playing the game to win control over both parties. One way to get them out and work to keep them out is to publish the voting records of all of our elected officials and inform the voters so that the voters can vote those who do not represent their interests out in the primaries. We need to get more active in our primaries and get more people to vote in them. I wish that we could have open primaries where voters do not have to be registered to either or any party in order to vote in the primaries as we need more voter participation. The voters don’t like many of their candidates. The only solution to that is to run more and better choices in the primaries and get more people to participate in the primaries and perhaps for dissatisfied people to run themselves. This is not the time to give up on democracy, this is the time to get busy and to make democracy work. Too few people have been participating. Too few even bother to vote at all. Ninety million Americans did not even vote in 2016! Obviously, democrats do not need to get illegal immigrants to vote at all while there are ninety million legal American voters out there who don’t even vote! The Republican talking points and rhetoric is ridiculous in the face of many obvious facts like this. We must get these messages out as the MSM is not doing a very good job at all. We must work on our public messaging and public relations approaches so that we can better communicate how our ideas are actually much better for America than the sorry con job and phony baloney that the republicans spew out. This ought not to be so very difficult!

The changes in the leadership of the Democratic Party has seemed to have helped some also. We are running more candidates and more diverse candidates than ever before. There are lots of newcomers this year! This is what we need and more of it. We need more, more of everything to win. Please join us and work with us because I sincerely believe that it is the only practical route to our mutual success. I want to be a Green Party member, but I don’t see any hope that you can win so I must stick with the Democratic Party and vote in the primaries for the most progressive candidates and donate to the most progressive candidates and do whatever I can to push the progressive agenda that I believe in. Everyone who feels as I do must do the same so that we can stop the serious harms that the republicans are doing to our country and its environment before it is too late.

Bernie is being practical, rather than perfectionistic, Bernie must win so he needs the Democratic Party and its numbers and support and we must stand with him and do whatever we can to make sure the perfect is not going to prevent us from achieving the greater good.


Yes, housing is a big part of the mess. The elites have figured out how to pay the workers just enough for them to live on so as wages rise, the cost of living also rises and we never will get ahead.

We must have investment in more, much more affordable housing! We can do this, it is just being prevented from happening. For instance many areas of America are very amenable to inexpensive, energy efficient, nontoxic, ecofriendly, and beautiful passive solar adobe, cob, and straw bale buildings with green roofs. The biggest hurdles are zoning regulations and a lack of awareness of these techniques. These homes can be built very affordable with relatively unskilled labor for the most part. They have been built all over this country for over forty years with great success. We can even build homes that heat, cool, and electrify themselves, to the great chagrin of utility companies and the fossil fuel companies who do all that they can to keep people from knowing about these techniques and from building them. See Mother Earth News and google cob and adobe and straw bale passive solar buildings, you will be impressed with the beauty and uniqueness and livability and affordability of these homes. My life goal is to build one myself that I have designed.

Why is it, for instance that nothing is done about the 1.2 million or more homeless people in America when there is plenty of land available that could be used to create housing with recycled materials and just earth and straw, and the help of the labor of these wasted Human Resources? Why don’t we designate parts of every city and town and devote it to very very inexpensive low income housing, and some to slightly better, and some to slightly better than that but still affordable housing on the lower spectrum of affordability? The answer is that it is part of the plan to keep workers from obtaining savings and amassing the wealth and power that would accrue to this savings and that this would cause improvements in the life experiences of working class members for even more improvements and for their upward social mobility. This is how they keep millions of workers down and at the mercy of men with no mercy. The more wealth and power that the good people of the working classes amass, the more of a threat that they are to the absolute power of the corporate overlords who seek to control and enslave us as they take over all of our public institutions and corrupt them, even our churches, schools, and everything that once served the general public good. We must restore our public commons and protect them from privatization and plundering. Just look at how quickly the Trump administration has moved to hand over our precious public lands to Trump’s pals in the mining and fossil fuel industry!

Therefore, we must make affordable housing, and especially very affordable very inexpensive and green housing part of the democratic progressive agenda and in the mean time we can try to work on grant proposals to begin projects like this on our own. We can educate the public about green building using cob, adobe, and straw bale and other techniques and make people aware that it truly is possible to create a home that heats, cools, and electrifies itself!


Ya, Right. That will be the day. We All saw what Hillary’s supporters did to Bernie in the last round of primaries and the convention. Stop blowing smoke and get real. the Democrats ARE the problem!


Not true. The Democrats don’t control the media. The Democrats inherited everything from the GOP except the New Deal and Great Society going all the way back to Vietnam. The Democrats raised taxes on the One Percent thesingle most important action IMO before the republic can be restored, if ever. Without massive tax increases on the richest Americans, you will continue to have a fascist , totalitarian America whose propaganda organs blame everything bad on the Democrats.
The fact anyone would say and believe what you said here just shows how far down the hole we’ve gone.
The GOP is fascist. They are at this moment backing the slaughter of people around the world and seem to be doing Israel’s bidding.
I took a look at Google’s news homepage, no memtion of Bernie’s efforts on unions. Without MSM coverage, Bernie goes nowhere and unions go nowhere either. Google is not owned by Democrats.
Vote Justice Democrats.


I’d like to echo the comments of elbruco generally Dan. We desperately need radical change and end of the trump regime’s agenda. The question is how; third party? Reformed purged DP, Green Party? There is no easy answer to the HOW.
Third party is very difficult as history has shown. The DP elite “centrist” clinton/obama wing will not reform or cede power even after an utterly failed loosing “strategy” or pre-mediated agenda of complicity with big-money and corporate/banker interests - the 1% over the 99% and DLC model. They actively suppress progressive issues and candidates in favor of status quo quislings. The Greens have the platform needed (IMO) but little real electoral support, except on a local level, and even less national access to media, “debates”, candidates of integrity and vision, but little national “name recognition” thanks to the political process dominated and controlled by the duopoly, corrupt media, and BS “debate” charade.

So what’s a progressive, independent movement to do to effect the critically needed change to Congress and the WH?? Not an easy answer. As far as Bernie Sanders goes he is doing the best he can under the current corrupt “system” and would be a very much needed breath of fresh air, but he seems to believe the DP is the only viable mechanism/party to win with and he may be absolutely right…if only the DP rulers gave a crap about winning with a progressive rather than losing with centrist capitalist shills…many write the DP is dead and cannot be reformed or taken-over or back, but it once was a partial voice for the 99%…


Bless you. If only the predatory rich felt the same way about paying taxes…


Union yes!! Remember Obama’s promise long ago during his first campaign to get the EFCA passed? Big joke that was and we NEVER heard a word about unions again during BOTH his terms. The Dems have decided a while back, during Carter’s term, to abandon the working men/women in favor of Wall st and big corporations. They might well blow their chance to take over the house just because they have NO agenda for the future. I am 71 now and retired when I was 54 on a modest pension from the Teamsters. Good benefits, pay, and workplace protections.


It can’t get much worse for unions, going from 35% membership in the 50’s to roughly 10% today. It’s all the anti union laws that have been passed in the last 40 yrs that is the problem. What the conservatives refer to as the “rule of law” is just bullshit, depending WHO is passing the laws. Remember Germany after 1933, they had laws and judges too and look how that turned out.


Try that out at your job and see where it gets you.


Quite often the case today is that many public service employees are banned by law from striking. That’s the so called “rule of law” we live under.