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Vowing to Fight Corporate Power on Behalf of Working Families, Elizabeth Warren Announces 2020 Presidential Run


Vowing to Fight Corporate Power on Behalf of Working Families, Elizabeth Warren Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a move seen as an official signal that she is entering the 2020 contest for president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Monday sent an email to supporters and shared a video on social media announcing that she is forming an exploratory committee to examine her viability as a candidate in the next presidential race.


What needs to be done here is a no brainer. The question is, what does she want to do about endless war?


So I’m assuming (?) that her first campaign will be to dismantle “Citizens United?”…yeah right.


Warren lacks the backbone to implement real, substantive change. As Beto crashes and burns as his record comes to light, the corporate Dems will try to shove Warren down our throats who seems kinda progressive (yay lip service) but continue with the status quo.


I agree with you, but care to elaborate?


Nice Lady, works hard but she is no Bernie Sanders. I like her and some of the others but none hold a candle to Sen. Sanders. I wrote him in last time and will do it again if I have to.


Hillary found being a woman is an absolute disqualifier to be President. Hillary was transformed into a persona that she may or may not be, but which, in the minds of most Americans (including the relatively more insightful crowd here) became as real as can be. It is the power of advertising to create a reality in people’s minds. Elizabeth Warren will find herself in the same situation as Hillary Clinton in no time.
Being a female, an atheist, a homosexual, bald, very fat, very short, having a high-pitched voice, having mannerisms, being a stereotypical African-looking black man, etc, are absolute disqualifiers.


I’m going to give Elizabeth Warren a chance to grow into her role as a candidate. What exactly are her plans to create a “level playing field?” Is a green economy a major part of her plan? How about Medicare for All! Is she willing to stand up to Israel? Will she bring our troops home from the Middle East? If she tries to deliver the same DNC talking points to foreign policy issues during her campaign she will lose because progressives won’t back her, and the establishment Dems would prefer someone else.


You can add Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D. MN) to that list. Oh…and Hillary.


Sanders is an amazing man, a lovely, honest, decent, smart man. But he is a socialist. As far as the average, TV-gawking, ignorant, stupid, bigoted American (this covers the “vast” majority of the population), Sanders might as well have a sign hanging from his neck that says “I am an atheist Jewish faggot, vote for me.” This isn’t Norway, you know…


It looks alike almost every Democrat with a high profile except Chick Schemer and Nancy Pelosi will be running so why not Warren. And some Democrats who are not as well known will probably run as well. On to Iowa and New Hampshire.


I would vote for EW. She has my vote.


Liszy has not accomplished one thing she started. She’s no champion for the people, just another rich person who is out of touch with voters. She has no track record, but will tell us exactly what we want to hear using the lines from Bernie Sanders, who has a huge track record. The 2020 line up will be a Circus featuring a great side show of celebrities like Angelina Jolie to Oprah, who like Trump have zero experience as a president. We will also see the lineup of Billionaires asking for donations or actually using their own money to fund their bogus campaigns. The cockroaches will be scurrying. Lies and false promises flying. Get out your bug spray, flyswatters and buckle up. It’s gonna be a wild ride speeding through the bull shit that will be thrown at us. Hopefully, many of us will find their promises amusing and will be cautious electing the right candidate, if there is one, or at least vote “ Best of the Worst”…


I found a candidate – you can run on that platform??? Anyway your comments made me laugh


Sanders, you should know, is currently the most popular politician in America according to polls. Working people don’t give a rat’s @ss about whether a pol is Jewish, or overweight, or any of that personality nonsense - they care about being able to afford healthcare, sending their kids to college and having a living decent wage and affordable housing and they want a leader who cares about them more than Wall St. That’s why Sanders is so popular and why Sanders will win in 2020 if he isn’t cheated out of the nomination.


Besides the negative comments here, also expect Dems in Congress to turn their backs on her, along the lines of her not being as serious as Biden (for example) or understanding how the game is played. She’s already been libeled in the MSM, (especially among so-called liberal media; the right probably still assumes at this point that she has no chance anyway,) her policies are so liberal that they actually hurt the poor, she’s setting us up for a banking disaster, she’s actually racist, she’s a demagogue just like Trump, etc. etc. The only smear they won’t borrow from the 2016 campaign is she’s misogynist.

As for refusing to vote for her because she isn’t perfect in every way, if you were panning for gold and came across a silver nugget, would you throw it away?


The fact that Warren supported Hillary in 2016 over Bernie, should tell progressives all they need to know. Elizabeth, in my opinion, helped to elect Trump, because Bernie was the far stronger candidate for POTUS.


My opinion is give her a chance to at least hear what her policies and vision for the US are. I’ll tell you who I AM NOT for is Booker, Bloomberg, Giillibrand and anyone who IS NOT for Medicare for all, free State college, EFCA and a $15 min wage. We have to get back to the policies of the New Deal and Great Society or we will end up like Mexico AND it will be US citizens crossing illegally into Canada in the future.


JoeChemist, when it comes to polls, the details matter, a lot.
“popularity” is not the same as “favorablility”. Sanders is viewed as “favorable” by about half the adult population. That population includes both people who go out and vote (like suburban whites), and people who are much less likely to vote (minorities).
Trump’s favorability rating is lower than Sanders’ on the general population (by about 10%), but is much higher (by almost 20%) among whites, who are more likely to vote.
Favorability in the absence of a race is not very informative, however.
Trump has an unassailable position in that his views encompass all the sacred cows of the United States: Borders must be protected, taxes are bad, immigrants bring in crime, intellectuals are dishonest, blacks belong in jail, browns steal jobs, gays corrupt our children, etc etc. Trump is in contact with the “soul” of America, and that makes him practically invincible.
Sanders favorability will be demolished within a day of campaigning. He will be portrayed as a communist Jew. Please don’t overrate the American People, they are far more ignorant, bigoted and stupid than you imagine. No offense here, just the truth.


OK, besides childish comments, do you wish to offer a rational response?