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Vowing to Fight for Working Moms, Sen. Duckworth Says Even She 'Technically Can't Take Maternity Leave'


Vowing to Fight for Working Moms, Sen. Duckworth Says Even She 'Technically Can't Take Maternity Leave'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Now that Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) is set to become the first U.S. senator to give birth while in office, she is calling attention to the lack of support that exists for parents on Capitol Hill—mirrored by the absence of paid family leave laws for working Americans.


Go home. Be a mother.


Correct me please if I am wrong, but if I remember correctly Tammy has voted for many of the Republican initiatives. I need to go back and check before I call her a corporate shill like I want to…but feel free to enlighten me. Am I wrong in thinking she has been nothing but a blue dog?


What an awkward reasoning. “We need family leave not because it’s the warm and fuzzy and nice thing to do, but because it’s better for our economy.”

So, it is because of the economy, not because it is a basic humane approach to building a healthy stable society - which the rest of the world has had in place for at least half a century.


If you don’t mention money, rethuglicans can’t even hear you.


You may be okay with running your life based on a religion but that is NOT the way we run the United States. If you expect us to respect your religious views, please respect the fact that other people have different opinions.


Suffice it to say, she has been a disappointment. I voted for her because the alternative was worse. She usually votes with the likes of Kaine, Udall, Coons, Casey, and others of that ilk. And she along with her buddy Dick Durbin supports multibillionaire J. B. Pritzker for Governor, who is carrying on a who can spend the most campaign against another near billionaire, Governor Bruce Rauner. Illinois, my state, a Democratic wasteland.


Let’s not put this on religion. Let’s just look at it from the standpoint of Natural Law. In Natural Law, things function according to their structure and makeup. Thus, a dog does not swim underwater because it is not built like a fish. It is a dog, and is expected to act and function like a dog.

A woman has certain characteristics that man does not have, despite you nutty Liberals trying to blur the typology. Women are nurturers and are psychologically more attuned to child-rearing than men are. In other words sit is what they are built for!

Men are hunter/gatherers. They are the ones who are to provide for the family. In millenia gone by, they were the ones who hunted the meat or raised the crops. What men are not particularly good at is the kind of child-rearing that women can do as part of their feminine makeup.

Children need a mother to be home to give them love, nurture and train them, and to support the efforts of the head of the household. Women have no business being at war (mankind has no business making war for the profiteers in government, but that is another post, another day). It is a nation full of cowardly men (like the politicians who start wars but don’t go themselves) which sends its women to fight in wars.

There is a reason that the word “femininity” is associated with softness, tenderness, compassion, and all the other things that war-like hunter/gatherers are not. Our country should be ashamed of not letting women actually be women and do what they are best at.


Natural Law, isn’t that where men are allowed to beat their wives?
So glad my parents were wise enough to raise me with a Progressive slant.
Just a thought, you might want to consider coming into the 21st century.


I accidently hit the like button on you’re post.


“Technically Can’t Take Maternity Leave’”

The way she is describing it, it looks more like she is looking to work remotely. Not sure why that should not be possible. A lot of companies do it.

If Congress approves it for its members, it’s gonna suck next time one party is gonna try ram thru legislation while members of the other party are still on vacation. They will be able to vote remotely.